You and Only You

When two girls named Roxanna who is almost 18, and Abbie who is 17 get the surprise of their life. Okay so you know there is a surprise. read and find out what the surprise is.


1. about 5 months

                                                                      "Only You"

*January 6, 2013*

Abbie's P.O.V.

It was just a normal day in Sand Springs Oklahoma. My best friend Roxanna was about to come over to hang out for a while. I was about to sit on my bed when my phone rang. It was Roxanna.

" hey girl, im on my way ok and by the way my mom and ur parents want to talk to us about something so my moms gonna be coming in with me when we get there ok. " she said.

" ok, i wonder what it is?? ok anyways just walk in when u get here ok." i said. " ok see u in a min." "ok bye".

I hung up and proceded to sit on my bed.

Roxanna's P.O.V.

I had just hung up the phone with Abbie. My mom and I were in the car, on out way to Abbie's house when she broke the silence.

" so what are you and Abbie gonna do today?"

"i was thinking we could go to the movies or something. just for us to hang out together"

"sounds good to me, what movie are you gonna see?"

" I was thinking The Guilt Trip"

"ok well u better tell me what its about."

"ok i will" i said as we got out of the car and went inside abbies house.

Abbie's P.O.V.

I was in the middle of watching 'Jersey Shore'( my favorite TV show)

when I heard the door open. So i got up and walked to my door and put on my Justin Bieber perfume 'Girlfriend'. I walked into the living room humming to the song 'Live While Were Young' by One Direction. Roxanna was sitting on the couch as was her mom and my parents. I glided over to the couch to sit like them.

y mom was the first to brake the silence. " So we have some good news that we think u might wanna know" Roxanna nodded and looked my way with a puzzled exprestion. My mom continued. " we have been thinking that you to have became very mature and responsible, and we have decided to go on Vacation and see if u really are mature and responsible like we think you are."

Roxanna then said " ok so how long are you gonna be gone?"

" well that would be around 5 months" said her mom

I finally spoke up " woah, thats a long time, dont you think? I dont know if i can handle Roxanna all that time." i laughed and so did everyone else.

" well you gonna have to because, Abbie, Your staying at Roxanna's and Tracee's while were gone, and we get home the house better still be here!!"said my dad. everyone laughed.


Srry about the short undescriptive chapter, just keep in mind that this is the first chapter of our first book so give us a chance.

Anyways, i hope it gets better and i hope u like it. ENJOY!!!


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