Runaway Love (Justin Bieber and Harry Styles fanfic)

Jenna and her bff Lauren move to London with Jenna's dad. He just landed a job with Sony Music and will be working with One Direction on their Take Me Home tour 2013. Lauren wasn't really One Direction crazy, but Jenna oh don't even get me started.Right now they've settled in London for a week so far and will soon meet the band and get to know them for a couple of days since the girls are going to be touring with them around the world how fun. But when they met the boys Lauren was so much more excited than Jenna, Jenna had her eye on the Canadian bad boy they seemed to have brought with them. But once the bad boy got flirty with Jenna, her dad wasn't too happy with this. To him the Canadian bad boy and small town South African girl being together was prohibited. But then 1D Heartthrob made his way into her heart... who will she pick?

*Authors Note*

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3. The Date

 Jenna's POV

I woke up with the sun shining through the window and right onto my white bedding I then knew it would be a totally awesome day. "Wake up you silly sleepy head" I said to Lauren to try and wake her up by tickling her, she's the most ticklish girl ever next to me i'm like screaming and laughing and sometimes I cry cause of all the tickling that's in our friendship, a friendship worth taking a bullet for. "Ok stop tickling me i'm awake" she said out of breath from all the laughing so then I replied with a big smile on my face "thanx a mill, we'll make breakfast now. My dad would have but he's in a meeting he say's he cant afford to be late to so I guess more yummy food for us then we gotta go to rehearsals that sound good?" "Ya good plan". We both hopped into showers and got all cleaned up and set down stairs to make some of the best traditional South African breakfast, it's quite sad it's the first time were having traditional South African food ever since we left SA I remember every detail of our life there. Calm happy and satisfied citizens living in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. We used to go shopping at sandton city and a shopping mall with the name Hyde Park, just like the park here in London. All the movies and dates we had at Monte Casino. But my most memorable memory was in 2009 Christmas time we had tickets to a Rihanna concert in the Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg, I wanted to get a drink when I by accident tripped on some cables and bumped into a tall girl with beautiful brown hair quite like myself though she had green eyes and I have hazelnut brown eyes. I was standing in Rihanna's presence and we had a mini conversation mainly her wiping my skirt since I dropped my drink on my skirt. Back to breakfast, fruit salad, homemade orange juice, toast, sunny side up eggs, boerwors, fried tomato and some tomato sauce to give it some flavor.

Harry's POV

There she was that beautiful girl and what she is wearing is just wow, some nice high- waisted shorts with a good baggy top that shows off her flat stomach with her silver belly ring and some clean white Converse shoes. I walked up to her and gave her a big hug and she wrapped her arms around my neck and I could smell her perfume it smelled like Vanilla, the make up she was wearing was just enough to satisfy me. "How you?" she asked so I replied "Good now that your here" "aw don't be all flirty now you already have my heart ever since I knew about 1D" she smiled and inside I  could feel my heart skipping beats. "So what time are we going on the date?" she asked "after we've sang Over Again, Kiss You and I would  that ok babe?" I asked "Sure that's totes awesome see you then i'm going to sort out your wardrobe for the tour with Lauren. Can't believe she's doing the bands wardrobe its so cool. " I miss you already" I said with a frown as I cupped my hand on her warm and smooth cheek "just wait we will be at the date in no time bye" she said and walked away, she walks so good and makes me just wanna kiss her so badly but I must get myself together its not worth getting the bands career in disaster.

Lauren's POV 

Jenna seemed quite anxious, she's rushing all the sorting out if I didn't calm her down Zayn would be wearing Louis' clothes how horrible yet cute. While packing all the clothes and putting them on the hanger I noticed Liam kept on looking at me in his solo's its so cute the way he looks when he hits those high notes. "JENNA! where are you running to?" as I looked and she ran right into Harry's arms as he picked her up and spun her around, they just went out the doors so fast like they had plans or something. But one question was running through my mind are they an item? 

Jenna's POV 

Its the date ah! we were walking along the lake side in Hyde Park when I noticed that I never really liked Harry, I always liked Justin... well since yesterday but now i'm totally besotted with the one direction heartthrob. This is so frustrating but i'll see who I pick in the end. "Its been a god damn awesome date" Harry said to me, we gleemed into each other's eyes and leaned into a kiss. It was a long kiss and in the middle rain started pouring and he tasted like mint and guess I did too since I had gum in my mouth and I noticed he moved the gum into his mouth. When they said he was cheeky and that he always kisses on the first date.. they weren't lying " That was one of the most passionate kisses i've ever shared" he said smiling at me "Yeah it was, we should probably go its raining but first I want my gum back" and he gave me a surprise by giving it back the way he took it out with a kiss. 

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