Runaway Love (Justin Bieber and Harry Styles fanfic)

Jenna and her bff Lauren move to London with Jenna's dad. He just landed a job with Sony Music and will be working with One Direction on their Take Me Home tour 2013. Lauren wasn't really One Direction crazy, but Jenna oh don't even get me started.Right now they've settled in London for a week so far and will soon meet the band and get to know them for a couple of days since the girls are going to be touring with them around the world how fun. But when they met the boys Lauren was so much more excited than Jenna, Jenna had her eye on the Canadian bad boy they seemed to have brought with them. But once the bad boy got flirty with Jenna, her dad wasn't too happy with this. To him the Canadian bad boy and small town South African girl being together was prohibited. But then 1D Heartthrob made his way into her heart... who will she pick?

*Authors Note*

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2. The Car Ride Home

In the car after a long day of chilling with 1D and swimming my phone started to vibrate so I looked at why it was vibrating and saw I had 3 text messages, 1 from Justin, 1 from Harry and 1 from Zayn... which was weird cause Zayn didn't even talk there today probably tired or something. But what was kinda freaking me out was how did they get my number I mean I was with Lauren the whole time so she didn't and my dad would't give my number to Justin, he hates Justin but maybe he gave it to Harry cause my dad loves Harry and right now is totally mumbling about how Harry and I should start dating I mean I like Harry, he is my type but I just can't picture him as anything more than a friend. So time to reply to these texts....

On Screen:

Harry: Hello :D I was wondering if maybe  you would like to get some drinks or something together tomorrow after rehearsals?

Jenna: Um.... hmmm i'm not too sure maybe I don't know how much do you want me to come :)?

Harry: A lot I really like you, your eyes are beautiful and I love your accent haha ;)

Jenna: Oh its South African and I like you too. Ok fine I guess i'll go out with you :{)

Harry: Yay!, see you tomorrow love bye. xxx

Jenna: Bye xoxo :)

Justin: Your paps doesn't like me does he?

Jenna: No he said your a troublemaker :(

Justin: Well I am 

Jenna: Haha I know you are xxx

Justin: So on Friday there's this mask ball do you wanna go? the band and I are wearing the same masks they're so cool and since its only Tuesday you have time to get a pretty gown.

Jenna: I'd love to, but what about Lauren?

Justin: Liam is asking her anyways so yeah... I gotta go Scooter needs me to discuss the acoustic album bye baby xxxxxxxxx.

Jenna: Sure bye. xxxxxx

Zayn: Hazza is trying to get hold of you thanks

Off Screen:


Dads POV

I don't like that Justin, why can't she just be normal and like Harry ? If that boy lays an eye let alone a hand on my daughter there will be so much trouble I mean she's only 18 and he's like 16 he's like a constipated chipmunk when he sings well time to sleep!


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