Runaway Love (Justin Bieber and Harry Styles fanfic)

Jenna and her bff Lauren move to London with Jenna's dad. He just landed a job with Sony Music and will be working with One Direction on their Take Me Home tour 2013. Lauren wasn't really One Direction crazy, but Jenna oh don't even get me started.Right now they've settled in London for a week so far and will soon meet the band and get to know them for a couple of days since the girls are going to be touring with them around the world how fun. But when they met the boys Lauren was so much more excited than Jenna, Jenna had her eye on the Canadian bad boy they seemed to have brought with them. But once the bad boy got flirty with Jenna, her dad wasn't too happy with this. To him the Canadian bad boy and small town South African girl being together was prohibited. But then 1D Heartthrob made his way into her heart... who will she pick?

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6. Phone Call

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Jenna's POV 


Its 9 am and we've just finished our breakfast, french toast with bacon and syrup yum!. "So what we doing today Jen?" Lauren asked "I'm not sure but i'm going to meet up with Justin before he jets off to Utah" I explained "SHHHH! what if your dad heard that he will kill you but most probably kill Justin first" She said whilst putting her hand on my mouth "*licks Lauren's hand to get it off from covering my mouth*" "EW I swear the things we do make 3 year old's look more mature than us" Lauren said while giggling but I answered her earlier explanation "He's at work he will only be back at 1:30 am later so were cool and he left his phone so we wont be getting any calls from him if he's concerned about us" "Ok phew so how about we hit a club tonight?" Lauren asked "Why don't you go ahead with Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn i'm going to Harry's place we made a movie date were gonna watch bambi and make some food for when you guys get back you'll probably be hungry when you do" I said "Your watching bambi a disney movie?" Lauren asked with a raised eyebrow "Yeah its happy and sad and when its happy you giggle together and when its sad you cuddle together *Phone rings* I gotta take this hold on" and I went outside on the balcony to take the call.


On Phone Call:

Christy: Hello, No i do not wanna buy your cookies

Person: Hi and I only sell Taffy but I went out of business cause of incidents

Christy: I'm sorry who am I speaking to?

Person: My name is Hannah Georgia Levis

Christy: Hi Hannah why did you call?

Person: Just to say that if you lay a hand on Justin I'll lay a hand on you!

Christy: Listen sweetie pie cut the attitude I don't touch him he's the one touching me ok you got that bitch a babye *Hangs up*

"Jenna you got mail" Lauren said yelling from inside "K K K will be there now" I said running towards her in my slippers shaped like a dog that woof on every step you take."Yeah" I said out of breath cause its big for a penthouse. I look down and one is from Harry a little poem he wrote me and some chocolates and roses with my name on them so I pick up all the things from Harry and leaving the other delivery on the floor and start to read the poem.  


I  love to look into your eyes 

I  love to feel your touch

 When were apart I sometimes feel I love you far too much

for your the  sunshine in my heart

The stars that light the sky

my love is yours my darling...


And at that moment I felt all warm inside not paying any attention to the other baggage so then we left home and I dropped Lauren at Liam's place and I went to Justin but for some reason I felt like I was being followed was I?



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