Runaway Love (Justin Bieber and Harry Styles fanfic)

Jenna and her bff Lauren move to London with Jenna's dad. He just landed a job with Sony Music and will be working with One Direction on their Take Me Home tour 2013. Lauren wasn't really One Direction crazy, but Jenna oh don't even get me started.Right now they've settled in London for a week so far and will soon meet the band and get to know them for a couple of days since the girls are going to be touring with them around the world how fun. But when they met the boys Lauren was so much more excited than Jenna, Jenna had her eye on the Canadian bad boy they seemed to have brought with them. But once the bad boy got flirty with Jenna, her dad wasn't too happy with this. To him the Canadian bad boy and small town South African girl being together was prohibited. But then 1D Heartthrob made his way into her heart... who will she pick?

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4. Different Opinions

*Authors Note*

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Dads POV

Where are the girls I keep asking myself that all the time so i'm just gonna sit in the dark on this rocking chair like they do in the olden days, damn! i'm already saying olden days look what teenagers have done to me!. Maybe I should start being more protective I mean they're 18 it's not like they're gonna get boyfriends, have sex, drink, strip and do drugs... what am I saying they're sweethearts but maybe too sweet. I'm making myself worried, I do this a lot... Hope they aren't with that Justin Bieber cause he's just trouble.


Lauren's POV

Can't believe they KISSED my bestie and Harry Styles KISSED ah! wait how do I know this? "I WASN'T SPYING" I yelled out of nowhere, Jenna replied with a straight face "what do you mean Lauren have you been drinking?" "NO WHAT?!" then I felt guilty cause Liam did buy me a couple shots I just can't remember anything that happened this afternoon not even if I was spying on the KISS or not. I'm such a mess but then again a hot mess, right now i'm putting all different types of weird looks on my face Jenna must be so curious and think i'm out of my mind but who cares? cause right now i'm pretty sure I am ot of my mind!


Justin's POV


What's wrong she hasn't been returning my calls I miss her like crazy and I just have to kiss her before the Believe tour 2013 starts and that's soon now I feel empty all my other girlfriends made me try be sweet and not bad at all but Jenna I can just be my bad boy type around her and she doesn't mind at all. WAIT! she's going to South Africa to visit her cousins in Joburg in May and i'll be doing a concert there on the 12 of May at the FNB stadium maybe I get her backstage passes and she chill there  with me and maybe she can be the girl I bring up on stage and sing to!


Harry's POV

All my life I've dreamed of my passionate kiss in the rain and it happened but with a girl I would never have guessed it would be with, I thought it would be with Taylor since she is my girlfriend. OH SHIT! TAYLOR IS MY GIRLFRIEND AND I KISSED ANOTHER GIRL AND ENJOYED IT!. Ok calm down Harry how can I just pick one girl I mean Jenna is sweet, hot, pretty, ambitious, out going, caring, hot wait I already said that, and Taylor is well blonde I need some rest I'm going to sleep.

Jenna's POV 

Ah! we kissed that was amazing I kissed a one direction member. But now I have to face my dad so i'm gonna be chill and just go up to him and say dad I kissed Harry... wait then he'll tell Justin oh dear ok I've still gotta drive home with Lauren for a 30 minute drive so I guess while driving i'll come up with ideas wish me luck.


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