Runaway Love (Justin Bieber and Harry Styles fanfic)

Jenna and her bff Lauren move to London with Jenna's dad. He just landed a job with Sony Music and will be working with One Direction on their Take Me Home tour 2013. Lauren wasn't really One Direction crazy, but Jenna oh don't even get me started.Right now they've settled in London for a week so far and will soon meet the band and get to know them for a couple of days since the girls are going to be touring with them around the world how fun. But when they met the boys Lauren was so much more excited than Jenna, Jenna had her eye on the Canadian bad boy they seemed to have brought with them. But once the bad boy got flirty with Jenna, her dad wasn't too happy with this. To him the Canadian bad boy and small town South African girl being together was prohibited. But then 1D Heartthrob made his way into her heart... who will she pick?

*Authors Note*

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7. Camera Action With Justin

I'm finally at Justin's hotel, I knocked on the door and it was open so I walked in and there were old cameras on the floor leading to Justin's room so I went there and he was taking pictures of me so I picked up one of the cameras and did the same then we were giggling, we fell onto the bed together and he was playing with my top then we went in for a long kiss whilst he moved on top of me and was still taking pictures of us and he was just so warm that he took his shirt off and I felt his abs against my skin and the way he took breaths in between the kiss and once we were finished our amazing kissed he started to draw on me and write words such as sexy , sweet , moving and really funny doodles and lips on my arm but what made me laugh so hard is when he drew an arrow pointing to my ass and underneath the arrow it said "Property of Justin Bieber" it was so cute we rode bikes all day kissed in public didn't mind people taking pictures and asking questions we just pretended it was only the two of us on earth. He took me up to his room whilst carrying me on his shoulder and I started to notice it was quite late in the evening and I was supposed to be at Harry's house and just as Justin was trying to untie my shorts I stopped and ran to the car and just left I just couldn't  believe I was about to have sex with him my dad was right he is trouble i'm dating Harry and that's that but I like Justin... what do I do now?

*Authors Note* Sorry its short Cupcakes my hands were sore because I also have a blog on a different website and I need to keep that going.. will update in a few minutes.. i'm adding a new character so if u want her name to be urs just put ur name in a comment HURRY! i'm checking I wuv u- Christy

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