Nerd Girl

Jaida was considered a nerd. She liked Dustin. She thought her best friend Megan was trying to get them together, but one day Megan told Jaida she was dating Dustin. Taylor and Justice. They were also considered nerds. Justice was Jaida's TRUE best friend. She liked Alex. Alex didn't like her back. Taylor was just sort of that awesome friend that is always there. ALWAYS! She is sort of like that friend that you SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE stalks you. But she's freaking epic so no one really cares.... This is the life of nerd girl and her best friends. :)


2. Justice

Hey der! I be Justice Lakes! I'm Jaida's best friend! Haha I'm a "nerd" too! I like to act crazy and random and stuff! Yay craziness! So um if Jaida ever needs me, trust me, I'M THERE! Omg. Alex. Most perfect boy in the entire WOOOORRRLLLLD! And Jaida likes Dustin. And I want them together so bad. Dustin told me he kinda liked her and not to tell her. I mean I did because she's my BEST FRIEND! No joke we've been friends for years. Love that girl with all my heart. I'd even dump Alex if she needed me too. But that's only if he liked me... Point is I'd do anything for Jaida. :P

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