Nerd Girl

Jaida was considered a nerd. She liked Dustin. She thought her best friend Megan was trying to get them together, but one day Megan told Jaida she was dating Dustin. Taylor and Justice. They were also considered nerds. Justice was Jaida's TRUE best friend. She liked Alex. Alex didn't like her back. Taylor was just sort of that awesome friend that is always there. ALWAYS! She is sort of like that friend that you SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE stalks you. But she's freaking epic so no one really cares.... This is the life of nerd girl and her best friends. :)


3. Dustin

Hey. I'm Dustin Campbell. Uh, I'm a normal guy. I play baseball. Football next year. And basketball when I'm just messing around. I have a couple friends I hang out with on a daily basis, Jaida and Taylor being those two. I think I'm starting to develop a crush on Jaida. She's so cute, but uh..don't tell her I said that okay? I have a dog, his name is Cookie. Jaida hangs around Megan a lot though, and Megan is sorta always in the way when I try to tell Jaida my feelings. We've been friends since 5th grade, so I don't know when I'm going to get the guts to tell her, hopefully soon.

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