How to Say Goodby

Start date July 17th 2012 –
©2012-2013 belonging to Brittany Miller and ShadeStar Rimmer . Bend , OR

Authors Note :
To all my readers this is an unusual story, Of love , Knowledge , Dedication , youth ,Trials , Dreams and Curses that last a life Time . The Main Character Serina Embarks On her first chapter of her last year as a teenager and her first year as an adult. She faces decisions that could change her life in an Instant.


2. Hannah

Serina was fast asleep . I looked over at my friend then to the clock on my desk . Three am it showed in bright red digital numbers . I stretched my arms up over my head . I groaned softly . The frustration was real . I couldn't calm my thoughts to sleep more then a few minutes at a time .

So I climbed out of my bed and crept quietly down the hall . Mom always kept a few night lights around the house so we wouldn't have to turn on a ceiling light to find our way from room to room.

My feet made soft patting sounds on the carpet . Once in the kitchen I slid from one side of the kitchen to the other because my socks had little traction on the hard wood floors. I poured my self a glass of milk and placed it in the microwave to warm up.

I was about to take my milk out when some one flicked on the over head light . I almost jumped out of my skin !

"Couldn't sleep kiddo ? " asked my mom leaning on the countertop .

"No, I hope I didn't wake you ," I said

"No Hannah , I couldn't sleep either ,"she said walking over to the fridge "I over heard you and Serina talking earlier , you know I'm going to miss her two ! She is like a second daughter to me , I was having a dream about the two of you just before I came in here to grab a drink ,"

" oh , what about us exactly ? " I said taking a few sip of my milk I waited for her to answer

" I don't know exactly I guess it's a montage of all the mile stones you could have shared as sisters ," she said

" mom can we talk about something else ? Cause I'm already tired of missing her ,"

"Go with them Hannah , I have a year left on my degree , I'll find my way to you in two years tops , your dad can start making the arrangements , his active service might help in this case , I know what it's like to miss some one everyday , like your dad we both miss him , but this could be the start of a great adventure for my two beautiful girls ! I'm sure Serina's parents won't mind , I'll call them first thing today after we get some more sleep ," she said

I didn't give her an answer then , cause I didn't have one , I just trudged my way back to bed . Serina was still asleep when I got back to my room . I envied her ability to sleep no matter what had been on her mind

Earlier. I lay back down and find a few more hours of sleep before the sunlight through my window wakes me. The sleep is not enough and I wake up groggy but so does Serina . " rough night " she asks

I nod my head in response . In the early morning mayhem my room looks as though a tornado hit it blankets and cloths and pillows all about the floor and bed . Serina and I make quick work of tidying up the room . That's when last night really hits .

" Hannah I guess we should start figuring out who borrowed what ," said Serina holding up a DVD that had been laying on my night stand .

The movie was hers , I knew it ,she knew it . But it wasn't the movie that got me all emotional . It was the thought of my everyday space being completely void of her .

" I guess , maybe we should ," I said

" my boxes are not packed yet , you could come over help me so I don't miss anything , then we could come back and work on your room" she said almost like it burned her mouth just to say it .

I drive us over to her house in my lemon of a car . Most days I figure the car is more rust then car . Dad was suppose to take care of it before I got my permit and license. Yet dads been on tour after tour of active duty . I can't remember the last Christmas that we spent together . Either way the car gets you from point A to point B almost every time .

I take the drive slow not wanting to rush the time we have left . I've driven these roads a thousand times in the past few years and I've never felt this lost . We pass by our old high school , the old cinema where we worked our first summer jobs ,and the old ballet studio where we first became friends at the age of three . The whole drive Serina sat quietly as if in deep thought .

She gave me a look of curiosity when I pulled off the road and into the parking lot at ridge park . "Swing with me " was all I said before hoping out of the car and taking off towards the empty playground area. When I looked back I saw her jogging to catch up . When she reached me a smile spread across her face . "Your crazy ! " she said taking the swing next to mine .

"What does that say about you ? You followed !" I said

We spent the next few minute in silence,aggressively pumping our legs and arching our backs to quicken our pace and gain height . I watch as Serina spreads out her arms like a bird in flight . "I'd say I'm soaring , but mostly it feels like falling," she says "Hannah why did we stop here ?"

"I don't know , aren't you going to miss this ? I know I will !" I said

"You can come back here during your breaks from college," said Serina

"It's not the same , without you !"I said

" no it's not ," she said

Three months ago we sat on these very same swings thinking of the amazing summer ahead of us . We had just graduated from high school and called it quits on our part time jobs . I had been working at a local coffee drive in and Serina had been busy working weekends and after practices at a the oldest hotel in town . We had the whole summer ahead and we were talking about a cross country road trip with our savings .

My mom had already given me the green light to the summer of my life . Serina though was still working on convincing her dad . He didn't like the idea of us taking my old car on a long road trip . He kept telling us that it might give out on us along the way ,with no way for any of them to leave work to come help us.

We left two weeks latter tent and luggage in tow . Spent four days on the road driving from Oregon to Dallas ,Texas . In Texas my old lemon popped a tire . So we had to stay in Texas for an extra unplanned week while we waited for the mechanic to get around to replacing it .

Most of that week was spent in our hotel room because there was an AC . And if we had been out side the sweltering heat would leave us in pools of sweat like a melted Popsicle . We wanted to get back on the road so badly . When our car was finished we made our way right away with the evening setting sun . Drove for another to days ending up in Georgia . That's when Serina's dad called to say it was time to come back home.

I didn't find out till later that he had called because Serina's grandfather had taken ill . Upon arriving home Serina was gone again her family had a scheduled flight ready to head for Ireland to visit with her grandfather before he passed . Serina was gone for three weeks and came back a mess it took countless days before she was back to her old self . We spent the rest of the summer going back and forth between my house and her's . It wasn't until last night that I learned how much things had changed and would change in the coming weeks .

Serina suggested we make our way again to her house cause it was already noon and we hadn't got anything done today . We arrived at her house be one and got to work right away taping boxes and organizing them by areas of her room . I found countless things of mine but I didn't want them back , I hoped most she could take with her at least her space wouldn't them be completely void of me .

" don't you want this back ?" She said pulling a jacket out of the box I had just put it in .

" it's always looked better on you !" I said not making eye contact

"Hannah stop your giving me too much ! " said Serina

" that's okay cause your only getting the essentials back from me," I tossed more of her cloths into a box.

She smiled and gave up the battle. I wasn't going to let her off that easy .As my best friend I deserved something that was a reminder of our friendship just as much as she did .

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