How to Say Goodby

Start date July 17th 2012 –
©2012-2013 belonging to Brittany Miller and ShadeStar Rimmer . Bend , OR

Authors Note :
To all my readers this is an unusual story, Of love , Knowledge , Dedication , youth ,Trials , Dreams and Curses that last a life Time . The Main Character Serina Embarks On her first chapter of her last year as a teenager and her first year as an adult. She faces decisions that could change her life in an Instant.


1. The News

The waves wash over my feet as I stare out into the clear water . Tiny waves push against the rock beds inches from my toes . The little red rocks are so clear to me . I am almost transfixed by there beauty as it occurs to me that my life now is the clearest I've ever been able to see it . I wonder if my life has always been this clear.

The noise around me is a hum of people closing car doors , laughing and talking over there picnic lunches . Yet I am utterly alone finally able to think . Well maybe not so much alone .

"Are you coming ! Everyone is ready to sit down and eat ," said Hannah

My best friend was facing me strait on her blond hair pulled back from her face . She looked fierce and yet casual as she stood before me in her yellow ruffled top , small white shorts and sunglasses atop her head. Her eyes where set on me waiting for a response .

I needed to tell her ! If not now I didn't know when . It had been over a month and as my best friend she deserved to know . "Hannah, before we head over to join up your family I need to tell you ..."

" can we talk latter ! I'm starving " said Hannah

"Uh yeah latter ... When's latter ? " I said following after her .

" tonight ! Stay over at my house , will watch old black and whites with an assortment of all the best !" She said looking back over her shoulder and I had no real response for her cause I knew she had presented me with my only chance.

We took our seats at an old wooden table under massive redwood trees . We were the last to sit down . I had always been close to her family but today I opted to sit in silence and just listen to the chatter . My name came up a few times and I would shake my head in agreement or disagreement based on what was said , but I never felt like saying anything further . Hannah nudged me in the side a few times trying to get me to cheer up . I would only end up with a bruise a few days latter .

The drive back to her home was not much different then that of lunch . I sat in the passenger seat staring off into the distance. I wanted nothing more then to sleep , with my head pounding and the anxiety of what lay ahead .

Hannah lived in a beautiful Victorian style house . It was painted last spring for the 5th time . I remember the shock when they announced they were going to paint it lavender and honeysuckle yellow . But in the evening with the sunset behind it I had to admit it looked beautiful.Please don't think of the house with a striped paint job ,only the shutters were painted with the yellow.

The front pathway leading up to the door was cobble stone and the lawn was a vivid green always maintained to the height of one and a half inches . Along the property line willow trees arched up over the white picket fence in strait lines around the perimeter . Well except for the side facing the road.

I had spent many days in her yard helping to plant the flower beds and the garden every spring , spending summer's sunny days floating in their pool , the fall helping harvest and the winter making snow angles and snowman in her back yard . We had grown up together here and she was just as familiar with my home .

Standing outside of the park car I prayed that one day I'd be able to come here again one day . But how do you tell your best friend goodbye . It use to be able to say goodbye at the end of the day cause I knew I'd be there again soon if not see her in a few days . But not this time !

"Hey weirdo come on ! Nothing's changed here since last week stop staring at my house and come inside , " Hannah yelled from the porch

I didn't feel the need to rush . So I moved like a sloth to the door . Hannah was already prepping the living room for our night of old films .

"I figure we could do a night of Audrey Hepburn. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" , "Charade" , "funny face"", she paused " Kind of like the one your wearing now ! " said Hannah

She was laying out pillows and blankets on the couch along with pulling things off the coffee to make room for our movie time treats . Bowls were placed on the table , each a different color so we knew what we were eating while the movie played . Hannah had this theory the colors were subconscious and even with the lights out they would help us grab the right snacks.

I always tried to prove her theory wrong ,but some how it always worked . After awhile it just became habit anyway and I stopped questioning the power of color.

Red bowl for red vines of corse. Blue for our favorite Derito , pretzel, sun chips, and Cheetos mix . Yellow for kettle corn popcorn while orange for the Chicago mix popcorn . Green for the Orange jellybeans , Purple for the dr.pepper jellybeans, and last but not least pink for the Oreos !

Movie nights were always worst for our health . But we always made up for it the next day going to the gymnasium to practice our gymnastics routines and then coming back to Hannah's house to swim laps.

No movie night is complete without the right beverage . I always chose a store brand orange juice while Hannah spent the whole night drinking coffee. It was more like half coffee half flavored cream . Either way I stood in the living room watching her lay out everything on the coffee table .

We spent the next few hours laughing and quoting the movies. Audrey Hepburn had been our child hood role model and made sure to over exaggerate our favorite lines.

"(Reggie Lampert: / Audrey's character in charade ) Of course, you won't be able to lie on your back for a while but then you can lie from any position, can't you?"

Or her character from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Holly Golightly: It should take you exactly four seconds to cross from here to that door. I'll give you two.

We had finished all our regular films by nine thirty . Hannah felt we had time for another so she started listing off films we hadn't seen for awhile. This was my moment to finally talk to her about what had been on my mind all day .

" Hannah before we continue , we need to talk , if we wait much longer I'm afraid I'll never say what's been on my mind ! " I said pulling my legs up tight around me

" okay Serina shoot !" She said

"Hannah I'm moving ! My grandfather died last month and left his estate to me ! We found this out just recently from distant family in Ireland, my parents want us to move right away after all they are the ones who will be taking care of the estate till I turn eighteen ," I said

Hannah just sat there staring at me. It was almost like she was empty shell. She didn't move only sat there, I couldn't tell if it was the shock or the anger that kept her frozen.

"Serina , what am I supposed to say?how long have you known?"said Hannah

" in all honesty he I've known for about a month, I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how, how do you say goodbye to your best friend? Someone you've known your whole life ,I could just write a letter and send it to you, A text would've been plain rude, I really don't want to say goodbye , but we leave for Ireland in a week," I said

"I know what you're saying, but it's hard, what do you expect me to say back to you? I don't want to say goodbye either, " said Hannah

" Don't say anything, I just had to let you know though, I couldn't leave without you knowing ," I said

"that I don't want to know, let's pretend you didn't say anything, that way you can't leave!" Said Hannah

I could only hope for such luxury . I wanted so badly for it to be that easy! We tried to avoid the awkward silence by popping in another DVD. After a few minute we decided to turn it off and call it a night . We changed into our sleep wear , brushed our teeth , and gathered all the pillows and blankets together carrying them back to Hannah's room.

Falling asleep was easy ! After the day that I had . I don't recall dreaming or even waking up to Hannah's late night walk . I was lights out for the next eight hours .

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