Young Love

It's like Crystal's "Teenage Love"

Asara (me)
Crystal (sister)
One Direction (One Direction)



1. Moving in with Crystal

Asara's P.O.V (link for clothes in the comments!:)


Finally, it's the day I get to move in with my sister Crystal. All my stuff is already over at her place, now all I have to do is move in there. All the boys are over there, they said they were going to help me unpack and organise my room. All the boys were really nice, I liked Niall the most. I've only ever told Crystal. I pull on some of my ripped Supre denim jeans, I get them for free because I work there. The top I pull on is my blue Africa batwing top (also from Supre). And my Kristina Suedette Lace Up Back Platform Shoe Boots (from I put on some light-medium makeup, and then get in my car and head to Crystals.

Crystal's P.O.V

I'm just waiting for my younger sister Asara to arrive at my place. I have a couple of friends coming but I don't think she will mind. "Hey BooBear" I mumble into Louis' chest "Hey Crissie Pie" Haha, Chrissie pie is my nickname. 'Crissie' is only short for Crystal. Everyone calls me it. It came started from my mother Joanne. Sadly she passed away 2 months ago. Me and Asara miss her dearly. "Hey Nialler, Hazza, Dj Malik and most important Daddy Directioner!!" I give them all a hug "Why is Liam so special?" Louis says fake crying "Because he has to look after all of you!" I giggle. 


I hear a knock on the door "ASARA!" I yell! We haven't seen each other 'face to face' in AGES! I cant believe were gonna have TONS of fun! More fun when she meets her idols!

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