Young Love

It's like Crystal's "Teenage Love"

Asara (me)
Crystal (sister)
One Direction (One Direction)



2. Meeting my idols.

Asara's P.O.V

"ASARA" I hear Crystal yell. "CRYSTAL" I yell back. She had 5 guy friends there, I knew one was her boyfriend, or fionce or something. I secretly liked Niall. "Hey boys! What's up?" I say, as they squeeze me into one big hug. "Oh my god. Your squishing me." I say through breaths. They all just laugh at me and pull out from the hug.


Niall's P.O.V

(30 minutes later, getting to know Asara)

"So Asara, where did you live before, what was your life like?" I ask, because we were all getting to know her, and we could all ask 1 question. "Oh um, I lived in California. And um, my life before..yeah, um-" Crystal cut me off by saying "Drinks anyone?". I think only Crystal knew what her life was like before because she gave Asara the "don't tell them yet" look. Crystal got us our drinks and we had a little house warming party.

There was about 50-100 people there. It was really fun, but I kept thinking Asara and how beautiful she looked tonight.

"Crystal!" I yell over the music Harry was playing. "Yeah?" she yelled back, we were standing right next to eachother, but it was really loud. "Um, can you tell me a little bit more about Asara?" I yell, again. "Yeah, what do you want to know? Come over here and I'll tell you". She took me inside, into Lou's and hers room. Where we couldn't hear the music, but we could hear each other. "So what do you want to know?" she asks me. "Oh, you know, just a little bit more about her, like her age and why is she so beautiful?" I say, slightly blushing. "Aw, Ni! Do you like her. You know your blushing!" She says as she pinches my cheek. "NO! Um-maybe-yes" I say, nervously. "Ask her out, trust me!" She said, then she left. So I went back outside.


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