Taking Compass

The main Character is a portal jumper who doesn't know it until her strange grandmother shows up at her door one day . This is her story and how she deals with it .


5. Someone’s pawn


We all know of the game of chess. You have your king and queen, bishop and I am not going to pretend I know the rest. But there never is a prince or princess in chess everyone else is merely a pawn. When life gives you choices you have to decide for yourself, never let yourself become a pawn in someone else’s game.  Some times for you to remain free you have to make hard decisions, and I’m not talking about what to eat at lunch. Though at times it’s hard to decide what you want for lunch.  Do not let yourself become a pawn.


     The ceremony ended with mixed emotions nothing had ever happened like this before and no one knew what to think about it. Eveleen as she was now called was scared, and curious just like she had been in the dinner . Then it hit her, this had to be the same person, creature or being who had communicated with her before. The king decided he would move the ball to an earlier date for fear of Eveleen’s safety.  So instead of being the following week the ball was moved up to the weekend after the ceremony. 

   Ladies and gentlemen from all over the realm showed up in their finest array.  It was dark out when the coaches came to the door of the palace. A royal mascaraed, with each guest barring a mask to match their fine array of garments. Princess Eveleen also wore a mask with her dress .  Her mask was a white base with three other main colors being red , black and gold . The base being white treading off into shades of red. Gold worked into the border in a imprinted medal design. Black, gold and red around the eyes, the gold and red swirling off from the corner of the eye . With her dress she truly looked like the princess she was given birthright to be.  The dress was scarlet red inch thick straps lightly drape up and over her shoulders from the bodice. The main material was made up of Barege fabric a thin, see threw, fabric done in multiple layers. The bodice wrapped around in an overlay design and the bottom  of the dress flowed with her every movement .

    As Much as princes Eveleen did not want to have a coming out ball for her. It would be a day she would remember for a long time. It was that night that one man would walk, or ,well waltz into her life and pull on the strings of her heart. This man would come into her life like a fire and change everything she ever knew.

   He saw her from the other end of the room spinning across the dance floor with some other man. He watched as her scarlet dress made her seem like a flame. He noticed the red in her hair it caught his eye and he knew who would be in his arms before the end of the night. She had been dancing with Payton and surprisingly to her he knew how to dance . She laughed and let him wrap his arms around her. “Why can’t we be like this all the time?” said Eveleen to Payton  he looked at her and raised his shoulders as to say he didn’t understand it .  But there dance was cut short by the man who had been watching her from across the room .
     “Hello I must beg your pardon and cut in,” said the man Payton bowed to Eveleen as what was customary with biding your dance partner goodbye. “Good evening my dear , You look exquisite and I couldn’t help notice you from across the room, may I have this dance ,”said the man

    “Yes you may but it wasn’t your dance to have ,” said Eveleen not quite realizing what she had said to the stranger.  He seemed to enjoy her comment which made it harder for her to not step on his toes. He may have had good looks but he was more than too bold in her opinion. She hoped he would leave her be after one dance .

    “My dear, I do not wish to drive you mad with conversation ,But I thought it be nice to know who I was sharing this dance with ,”said the man

     “Oh I am not foolish you first, since you are so inclined to know , you are to tell me first ,” said Eveleen

     “As you wish, My name is Nicholas, And I am pleased to meet you my dear,” said Nicholas

    “Princess Eveleen is my name or tittle and name, oh I am new at this sir , and being so over whelmed , I must retire from the dance , I’m in need of a stroll in the fresh night air ,”said Eveleen  . She took off running. And as she had said she found her way to the court yard where she could gather her thoughts. She struggled to find a place to go. People where every ware.  Of all people to run into while running away from strangers Payton was a breath of fresh air. “Oh my Payton I’m so sorry I ran right into you ,” said Eveleen

    “All is well your highness , Come let us dance in the moonlight at the  center  fountain ,Letting the world around us melt away ,”said Payton Eveleen smiled and took his hand .

    Payton was her one true friend .She was over joyed he was there. She probly would have never come out of her room. She wasn’t much for dances or small talk. To her asking about the weather was pure pain and stupidity. Once again her time with Payton was cut short by the man named Nicholas. “ Princess Eveleen , I hope I am not interrupting but your father is looking for you ,” said Nicholas

    “Please excuse me Payton, I will see you around, but for now father calls,” said Eveleen She felt bad that Payton and her could not seem to have a full conversation. So again he watched as she walked away with the other guy and in this moment he realized that this is how it would always be. “I am happy for her, I honestly am,” said Payton to himself as she walked away.

     “Father you wanted to see me?” said Eveleen

      “ Yes , Nicholas please give us a few minutes , any way Eveleen  , I sent for you because there are things going on that have come to my attention as not okay,” said Raylen the king

       “What do you mean?” said Eveleen

        “Young Payton , Eveleen you’re a woman of position , Well you guys can’t be together ,” said the king

        “Just like that! Really I love him! He is the only one I’ve met here who isn’t hiding something from me or trying to change me ,”said Eveleen 

        “Eveleen, We will not be discussing this!” Said the king  

         As if a storm struck, Eveleen was out of the presence of the king within seconds. Her scarlet red dress flowing behind her, as she stormed away.  She was asked to dance by several men but she just kept on going. Somehow a mist her walking she had figured out how to travel between realms.

      When her father saw her walking by the house in the dress and mask he had to do a double take. It had been over a month and a half since he last saw her. He came running out of the house trying to get her attention. “BRITAIN ! Britain,” Yelled her father from the front step. She turned so he could see the side of her face but kept on walking.  She knew she would need to go back but walking without stop helped her to cool off steam.  And soon enough she was back at the palace in her room.

     “Glad you got my message,” said Eveleen

      “Save talk for when it is needed,” said Payton

    Payton sat down next to her on the bed and held onto her hands. He moved a few strands of hair out of her face. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips. The two sat there in each other’s embrace, with passion in their actions they made out. Payton was becoming really warm so he threw off his shirt. His figure looked defined, more than she expected. She rubbed her hands up his chest feeling her fingers threw his chest hair.  “Eveleen , we shouldn’t but I want all of you so badly,” said Payton

    “Payton I’m an adult this is our decision, I want you so bad also , Let’s just see where it goes ,” said Eveleen She kissed him some more her feelings becoming more intense .

   “What the Heck! Get out of there Boy!” said the Gates man

    “Eveleen are you okay?” said Nicholas

     “I am fine just go away! Why won’t any one let me be?” said Eveleen

     “Oh I don’t know maybe it has to do with the fact you’re a princess and you’re going through a stage of hormones,” said the Gates man

     “Okay every one out of my room! Out, out, out!” said Eeveleen

      “Evelene can I please speak with you,” said Nicholas

      “I believe I said everyone was to be out, you have five minutes starting now,” said Eveleen 

       “My Name is Nicholas which Is what you already know , So hi , I am also of royal family and I’ve been sent here to court you … “ Bold much ,” said Eveleen , Don’t interrupt please, any way I thought if I met you beforehand It would be a smoother court ship cause id know what I’d be getting into , Well I learned tonight being with you and having your heart would be hard , I want you to forget what a jerk I’ve been tonight and start over anew in a month , cause I was a fool coming here tonight ,” said Nicholas

    “Well the whole night should not have been a waste of time in your mind, I forgive you and really admire the fact that you would tell me the truth,” said Eveleen

    “No I guess it wasn’t , you know I could still use another dance with you , You should ware dresses like this all the time ,It really gives you the perfect body , Oh my I’m so sorry that was such a pig thing of me to say to you ,” said  Nicholas

   “You’re forgiven, but I’m too worn out to dance,” said Eveleen

     “Oh okay I will go then, Night Princess,”said Nicholas

 “Night Prince Nicholas, I guess at some point I will be seeing you again ,Best of Luck !” said Eveleen

      Eveleen found herself spinning darkness all around her save a small candle floating in the distant dark. She started to feel herself falling. With a thud she landed on the cold hard ground. Trying to lift her hands she found they were chained to the ground. Shadows in circled her moving about the walls. It seemed like the shadows could touch her and she could feel them like a prick on her skin. Screams of sorrow and pain began to fill the air. The place in which Eveleen now found herself became hot and beads of sweat formed on her head. She could see the flames coming for her licking at the ground and the now visible corpses. The fire enveloped itself and became a man.

       Trying not to scream, she looked the man into his piercing eyes hoping he would find her fear less. Even though the fear was choking her, making it hard to function for it overwhelmed her like a toxic gas. The being came closer and closer to her, This black clothed man who looked more like a silhouette than a man reached out and touched her. His hand started at her knee then up to her thigh, sliding along underneath her dress. His other hand came around to her back. Using his strength he picked her up. The chains just melted away caused the man no trouble at all. Eveleen was shocked into stillness, She couldn’t move even a single muscle or scream. But she could feel his touch on her skin, cold and rough. It took all her strength not to faint but her body eventually gave way to drift into a conscious darkness.

              The silhouette man held her carefully. She was his new found prize and he didn't want her hurt.  He had known that  after her eighteenth birthday she would belong to him in dreams. So he longed for her to rest her head. If he could make her fall in love with him in dreams he could cross the realm in time to be with her.  He would have to visit her often in dreams to win her over without his looks.  For in dreams he was reduced to nothing more than a shadow of a man. 

      The travel of dreams had certain rules as to how things would come about.  The first rull applied to the dream jumpers, If you wanted to be more than a shadow of a human the dreamer would have to have seen you at some point in their lives.  Same goes for sound for your voice to be your own they had to have heard it before, they being the dreamer. 

     The elements of the dream are also portrayed to the dreamer based on their knowledge of you.  Stranger often relates with fear, and fear shows a nightmare based environments.  If the said dreamer knows you things become more lifelike and more beautiful.  Like a pleasant simple dream than a nightmare.

    For Eveleen it was one of her greatest nightmares, so dark and realistic she felt like a prisoner of her mind.  Though she had regained her functions she was not able to scream or even to speak for she was still traumatized by fear. The shadow man still holding her in his arms took her to a place where things looked less like a nightmare and more like her old life.  She saw her old house the furniture inside with no other living beings for miles. The street she had grown up on looked desolate. Even in the shear silence she found some peace of mind. 

         The shadow man carried her inside her old home set her down and found a piece of paper and a pen. " Eveleen please don't fear me , I have no voice to speak with you, So I must write to you, I am what they call a dream jumper and I have come to you,  you control what you see by knowing me and how you feel about me, So far so good I guess,  I honestly would never try or want to hurt you, " said the dream jumper

          Eveleen knowing she would not be able to respond with her voice grabbed out her own paper and pen and began to write.  " Okay dream jumper why my dream? " said Eveleen She sat there waiting for a good reply but it took a few minutes before the dream jumper would write even one word down.

         "Your dream, well several reasons, one because you’re the princess and in another realm I am a prince, Two You left your mind open and you’re lucky you didn't have a threatening dream jumper, It has been known some dream jumpers have caused on purpose there dreamer to commit suicide, yet humans are none the wiser, I've wondered if humanity is on a declining track, so there are some of the good reasons that I have for you, " said dream jumper

            "Well I guess I was lucky then," said Eveleen

                  Their whole conversation took place on paper. Eveleen looked down at her writing and watched as things started to blur. She thought to herself she must be just now waking up.  She blew a kiss to the shadow man and woke up in her bed. It was the first time in a long time where she found herself in a nightmare that only got better .

                   The sun showed through the cracks in the curtains. It was early morning the sun had barely risen in the east. Eveleen tried to stay in bed as long as possible.  She knew her whole day would be planned for her from the moment she set foot from under the covers.  Why leave the warm covers when they were so welcoming.  There was a knock at the door.  Eveleen breathed out a sigh and called out "come in,"

                   "Good your awake the first suitor has already arrived this morning, and well its time you be out of bed ,and great the day," said the king " fifteen minutes be dressed and down stairs for breakfast," said the king

                     "Yes father, I’ll be up and getting dress as soon as you leave my room, " said Eveleen The king smiled and left her there.  As she had said to her father, she got out of bed and dressed in a simple dress.  She tied her hair back.  Within five minutes she left her room and headed down stairs for breakfast.  When she arrived to the breakfast table the king and the suitor where sitting there waiting.  When the saw her they both arose from their seats and remained standing until she was seated. It was their way of being a respectable gentleman.

        She had seen the suitor the night before.  But she hadn't been able to share a dance with everyone . He was not a bad looking fellow ,but there just wasn't anything special about this guy.  He as dressed in the royal cloths of his kingdom a silver and red garb. His hair was long in leangth reaching his shoulders. His hair was tied back with a red ribbon at this time.  Eveleen was not interested in him . He was less interesting the shadow man who had visited her in a dream the night before.  Maybe because nothing seemed secretive about him  , she could not find her self interested in him.  " Good morning Eveleen,  I am prince Nessro, I am pleased to finnaly meet you, " said Nessro the prince. 

        " Oh but I am not in you, " said Eveleen

         " EVELEEN!  You’re being rude to our guest ,"said the King

         "Your guest,  father he did not come because I asked him to,  He didn't come because of me for any reason, He came for you and all that you have, This is not how love comes about,  love can't be arranged,  stop playing cupid, " said Eveleen

         " Eveleen your excused,  You can get your breakfast from the kitchen,  I feel we have heard quiet enough from you, " said the king. 

         Eveleen was over joyed just to leave the room. She wasn't about to let the king know that she was happy.  He might change his mind if she did.  So quietly she went to the kitchen to find some breakfast.  The cook smiled at her and placed out a dish and silverware on a clear countertop giving the princess a place to sit and eat. 

      "Words travel fast your highness,  All the staff is already talking about how you treated the first suitor, careful princess not all of us respect that sort of strength, I do because I've seen how compassionate and caring you can be,  others may find you reserved and cold,  consider this is it better to be feared then loved? Its easy to be one or the other,  just try to be balanced is all the advice I can give you, " said the cook

    "Well thank you, you see I agree it is just when it comes to the fact of my heart and finding someone I love, well I just don't want an arranged marriage,  I need to love that person heart and soul if I am to spend the rest of my life with them, " said Eveleen

      "I understand where you are coming from your highness, but it will be a challenge for you to fight for love,  I will try to be of help to you as much as I can,  but for now let's get you fed, " said  the cook

            The cook laid out an aray of foods.  Fresh baked breads,  goat cheese,  a stick of freshly maid butter for the bread,  honey,  tea,  fresh squeezed orange juice,  eggs boild , eggs scrabled, fried eggs,   bacon fresh and still sizzleing, and fruits such as grapefruit,  grapes, canalope, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.  " cook , this is way to much,  specially cause Iv'e decided Im going to go explore, "said Eveleen

     " Here is the deal, I will pack what you don't eat ,for you to take with you,  That way if you get hungry and you haven't made it back for lunch or dinner if you happen to need it,  child I just want to say before you go you can't run from all the suitors," said the cook

     " I hear you,  I will consider that but it doesn't mean I wont try," said Eveleen

      Eveleen spent her day out of the castle grounds she visited the market square and other parts of the kingdom. She felt traped behind the walls so she whent to the gates so she could wonder the realm. "morning gates men,  let me pass, " said Eveleen

      " sorry princess,  no can do today ," said the gates men

      "No that's not okay you can always open the gate for me when I wish to travel in or out, " said Eveleen

      "King's orders my lady,  He say to me don't let her go running off when suitors are here, " said the gates men

      "This is so unfair,  I am a prisoner to my own kingdom, " said Eveleen

       " Im so sorry princess, but orders are orders, " said the gates men

           The princess now more angry then ever stormed back to the palace.  " father!  speak to me now! I know what you did and it is uncalled for,  a prisoner in the kingdom unlike a princess, " Eveleen

           "What has made you so cross that I supposedly have done? " said the king

      " I am not to leave the gates! How is that okay? Am I animal on a leash?  bade me stay , call me come,  tell me fetch,  am I not a princess but a royal pet? Or is it all a game?  chess perhaps you have the king that's you,  the queen you have but unofficialy , and what of the princess oh that's right if they existed in chess there the nobody pawns, "said Eveleen

          " calm down Eveleen, I understand you are maden by the choice I made , but that doesn't make you a pawn!" said the king

          "Oh but it does and I wont play a game where I am a pawn," said Eveleen and she rushed up to her room. Penelope had gone home .The only person Eveleen would want to speak with right now was on the other side of the gate .  Then Eveleen remebered she was part enchantress , she used her mind to try to conger up a phone.  After several desprate attempts she was successful.  She dialed Penelope's phone and waited for an answer.

         " hello who is this," said a voice on the line

          " This is Eveleen, Is this Peneolpe I am speaking to? " said Eveleen

          " oh hello Eveleen , yes it is I Penelope , You have never called me before so I did not know how you sound when talking ove the phone,  any way what do you need to talk about, " said Penelope

        " father has made it so that while there is a suitor around ,I can't leave the kingdom gates,  I feel like a prisoner in my own kingdom,  or a pawn in some one elses game, "saide Eveleen

         "so why did you call me when you could have transported threw the phone?" said Penelope

         "One I didn't know I could,  Two It took me forever to conger up a phone , three I wouldn't know how," said Eveleen

          "Its real simple,  one dial the number for destination,  pick up the receiver,  wait one ring then in your mind firmly say transport, I’m going to hang up now and I want you to try it," said Penelope she hung up the phone and backed away from it knowing full well a new transporter can be real clumsy. 

           Eveleen redialed the number, waited for the first ring. In her mind she firmly said transport. She felt herself become absorbed into a portal of bright swirling colors like a long to or channel.  But it worked because the next thing she knew she was in Penelope's living room. Penelope smiled at her and said "congratulations on your first complete transport, I suggest you don't tell the king about this, " said Penelope. Eveleen smiled nodded her head and sat down on the floor next to the fir place that was lit and giving off warmth in  Penelope's small home.  Penelope offered her some warm cider and Eveleen thanked her and took a sip. She felt warm and comfortable with Penelope that her body drifted off into sleep.  Penelope carried her to the guest bedroom laid her down on the bed and covered her up with the bedding.

        Eveleen awoke to the morning sun shining through the guest bedroom window.  She realized then that she had not gone back to the palace that night and the king might be out of his mind in worry.  Then she heard the knock at the front door.  She heard Penelope's foot steps and the door swing open.  " Penelope I must speak with you ," said Payton "its urgent,"  Eveleen had not heard this for she had rushed out of the guest bedroom when she heard the door open. 

              " come in Payton, I've just started breakfast would you like to join us, " said Penelope

              " us?  who is us? " said Payton

              " Oh yes well Eveleen stoped by last night "said Penelope

               " What how did she get past the gates? "said Payton

               " Why don't you ask her?  Eveleen darling time for breakfast, " yelled Penelope down the hall. Eveleen came out in a night gown her hair pulled back in a ponytail. 

               " Oh Eveleen, how did you get around the gates? Oh the king is in an uproar searching for you, "said Payton

              " forget not that I am an enchantress,  I teleported here because I felt imprisoned there, I won’t go back until I am ready, " said Eveleen

              "Oh no you must come back with me! Or teleport back now!  people will die if he doesn't find you, He is that angry,  All the watch men and gates men have been taken in for questioning, " said Payton " If you don't come back now things will get even worse for you and the people of the kingdom, "

              " Penelope your phone! Payton don't worry I'll fix this ," said Eveleen . As soon as she had the phone dialed a number she was gone just disapeared infront of their very eyes.  Payton gasped and Penelope smiled.  

         It had worked,  Eveleen was back in her room at the palace.  She heard a loud knock at her door she ran into her bathing room and pretend as though she had been in the bath all morning. "privacy please guards," said Eveleen. One of the guards yelled down the hall that they had found her and the king came running.  " what is the matter?" asked Eveleen

         " We have been looking all morning for you!" said the king

         " why? because I didn't come to breakfast?  I've been in my room all morning well back and forth between the bathing chamber of mine , and the sleeping chamber, "said Eveleen

          " I am relieved, when you did not show up for dinner or breakfast, Well I got worried something happened to you," said the king

           " I am fine I hope my spending time alone caring for myself didn't cause to much trouble, " said Eveleen

            " sorry for the invasion on your privacy, I will see you at the noon meal ," said the king and he let her be. 

           Eveleen was relieved that the king believed her,  She didn't want him knowing she had the ability to come and go as she pleased. He would find every way to stop her if he had the knowledge of her abilities. After her short cold bath she dressed in a long sleeve blouse a pair of riding pants and a long sleeve open front wrap around sweater.  She slipped on a pair of gray flats that matched the sweater and joined her father and the suitor. 

           " My dearest princess even in commoners cloths you look amazing said Nesso

           " please can we eat in silence, " said Eveleen. She didn't like the suitor and she would be happier if he knew that and would just go home.  But he didn't and at the end of the week he proposed to her and she had to turn him down.  For she didn't even come close to loving him. The king rolled his eyes at her.  He knew full well what she was up to.

      " Eveleen can you at least try to get to know and like some of the suitors," said the king

      " Can you at least not force me to marriage at such a young age? " said Eveleen" the answer ,I know is no and that is my answer to you as well, "

      "We are definetly  related! I see my stuborness in you!  Fine here is the deal,  I will draft up all of the possible suitors unto a disc with picks and general info you must pick five to come and stay with us for five months,  each month you will let one go the one who survives five months you will marry,  you decide who goes, " said the king.

  " fine deal, you have to take a month though to draft up the canadates,  and in that time The gates will be open to me,  once the suitors arrive I can only go out of the gate in the company of you or one of the suitors, that is the other half of the deal!" said Eveleen.

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