Taking Compass

The main Character is a portal jumper who doesn't know it until her strange grandmother shows up at her door one day . This is her story and how she deals with it .


3. Mistakes


        We all have made mistakes, terrible mistakes. They remain in our minds like blood stains on sheets. There are times when we let those mistakes come regrets. We never would go to our parents in full Joy saying “Hey Mom, Dad, I murdered the bum down the street” I’m sure they won’t respond saying that’s great. It’s hard to explain how in life we deal with those things, The mistakes we make and the hearts we break.

-          It was another terrible day in the rainy town Cascadia. An ocean set town with white cliffs that the waves crash in and the sandy beaches do not exist. In pointed rocks along the shore line, Reef life grows along the cracks in colors of bright bold festiveness. The town has a quaint beauty except for the fights heard at the Cassidy home. Mr. Cassidy is a crazy drunk ravaged with anger he becomes a fool, downing at least a two bottles of wine, in a good evening.      When Mr. Cassidy was stuck at home he took out any withheld anger         at his seventeen year old daughter. 

     “Leave me alone! don’t go telling me what to do when you don’t have a job to pay the bills and I’m left to care for you  , This alcohol dependency will stop because I won’t pay for your addiction, When you grow a heart let me know !” said Britain ,who had finally snapped .  She hated and loved her dad, Needed him to be the father figure.

      “Britain! You little brat, I gave you life and I demand respect,” Said Mr. Cassidy

       “And you have been lazy ever since , You don’t deserve respect or really want it , all you ever want is a bottle of wine ,you think just maybe it can fill the place where your heart should be , but you can’t fill a black whole !” said Britain

       “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! YOU SOULES …. UHG! Perfect waist of air,’said Mr. Cassidy .

       Britain went to her room, she leaned up against the closed door and cried , Then she became angry, in a mad hurry she started to pack up her things. Britain was done she decided she had to be gone by the next morning. She so badly wanted him, she wanted him to admit he needed her that he loved her. She realized it was time for her to move on and out. She was not about to work and make a living for someone who was supposed to be there for her, to take care of her. She wasn’t supposed to be the adult he was.  

      Her room was empty by late evening. The dust that formed on the walls and the faded paint was noticeable by the spot where posters and other wall décor once hung. The closet was empty except for a few hangers on the ground and the only real furniture in her room was that of her bed. A solid frame and an old warn mat. She turned off the light to her room for the last time. In this moment she made the first real decision in her life. She decided her life was her own.

       The back of her old pickup truck was full; she found a tarp and bungee cords to protect her things. She took with her some of her mothers and fathers things. She figured they owed her so much more anyway.  She was about to leave when she heard a knock at the door. Opening the door looking at the person standing there gasping the hearing the person speak. It was a nightmare, one she would not wake up from anytime soon. ”Where might you be going?”  Said a woman with her face covered by a hat’s brim.

        “Excuse me, why would you care, like you were ever around enough,” said Britain

              The Woman moved from the shadows and her age showed. The woman was older her hair was in thin silver ringlets and her hands where callused and wrinkled. Britain couldn’t see the woman’s face but she knew who it was the moment the old woman first spoke. “Dearie That was and is not my job, “said the old Woman

          “Why are you here, after all these years?” said Britain

            “To show you Magic of course,” said the Old woman as if it was just an everyday normal that your grandmother showed up at your day clamming she was to show you magic. “ I know I haven’t been around but we need to make up for lost time and make sure you are ready for the day of solstice power warp, you’re not a witch or a wizard those creatures souls are dark no you an enchantress, And my strongest powers will one day be yours ,” said Britain’s grandmother. Now embracing her.

        Britain made an awkward face at her grandmother then slipped out of the room. Hoping it make the old “witch” to go away. In the kitchen she started to make food for her trip and pack up any of it that was hers. Most of it was honestly hers. Even though the unexpected guest showed up she was not planning on bailing her original plan. She was done with it all the arguing, the worry, and the hurt. She pulled the wine bottles of the rack. Each one represented her hurt and she was about to change that. She hyped herself up, became angry “Lets finish this!” she said. With Multiple bottles and a fight song in her head she went into the drive way and started throwing bottles. This way, that way, everywhere it was like the dream but they were not floating in midair circling her. Bottles against the house falls, the drive way and even her dad’s car. Shattering and bursting liquid, she smelled of alcohol but at least her dad would have to learn to live without her and his wine.

           Her grandmother watched at a distance, She was disappointed in watching her granddaughter in raged. “Wicked quick mix, freeze frame to change the game,” said her grandmother holding out her hands and everything and everyone stopped but her.  Liquid and bottles hung in midair and she needed to act fast. She handed a full wine bottle to her son in law. She set him standing on the porch. So when time unfroze he could react to the scene that was unfolding.

         Time started again and the first words out where her father. Spewing hot word vomits none of which made sense, but his anger was obvious, the wine bottle flew out of his hand hit her square in the back shattering and causing pain. Britain fell to the ground in shock. There were now glass shards in her arm for where she landed on the grass and glass shards in her back from the wine bottle. She screamed out in pain.  “I HATE YOU GO TO ….” She said blood now was visible.  She cried so hard, and then got in her truck she would need medical attention and it seemed that she would have to drive herself. With every bump in the road her pain was excruciating.

    Her arm and back where burning, When the hospital staff saw her wounds they became worried. Infection would start soon, and they would need to get the shards out fast. After the doctors had been able to patch her up, the nurse asked her questions for the medical report. “Where the wounds self-inflicted?” said the nurse

          “No they were not inflicted by me,” Britain responded

         “Was there an abusive dispute with a family member?” said the nurse

         “No comment,” said Britain

           “Did you take part in throwing wine Bottles? Is there anyone else hurt?” said the nurse

             “Yes I threw Bottles at the drive way, the car, and house, but not at any other human! No one else was hurt but me,” said Britain 

              “Thank You for your corporation!” said the Nurse.

                “May I leave?” said Britain but there was no reply

                Britain sat there on the medical bed not knowing what to do. People passed by often but no one said anything to her. It seemed like forever passed before any one said a word to her. And it wasn’t just anyone. It was a uniformed officer. She thought to herself oh crap they involved the police.  

               “Miss Cassidy I need to speak with you,” said the officer.

                “I guess,” said Britain

               “Would you want to file claims against your father?” said the officer

                “Claims? What is that and what would happen because of that?” says Britain

                “It would be to report your father for child abuse and your mother for abandonment,” said the Officer

               “What would happen to me after that? “Said Britain

                “You would live with your grandmother or try for emancipation but it would be harder to get granted to you,” said the officer

                “How long do I have to think this threw,” said Britain

               “Well you don’t really have time a report will be filed, its weather or not you will stand on trial against your father, and mother, but you will be living with your grandmother either way until your eighteen,” said the officer. 

                “I’m not sure what to say,” said Britain

                 “Your grandmother is here to sign you out and take you home,” said the nurse

                   Britain was brought to the front desk, her grandma was there to bring her home but she had no home and she planned the minute that she is out of the hospital to take off in her truck. When she got to where her truck had been parked it was gone. “Where the heck is my truck!” said Britain

                  “My house!” said her grandmother she leaned on her red slug bug vehicle “Hop in kiddo,” said her grandmother. 

                She needed her pickup back, so she had no other choice but to go along with her grandmother. She needed a new plan, and she needed one that wouldn’t fail. It seemed like the rest of her plain had failed quickly. Her stomach rumbled and she would need to get a bite to eat before she did anything rational or irrational.  Her stomach made another grumble and she felt like she might pass out if she did not eat anything soon. 

               “I know I’ve caused enough trouble for you but I need to get some food,” said Britain breaking the dead silence in the car.  Her head throbbing and her stiches itching she waited for a reply.

                “Yah Let’s stop off somewhere, I could use a good meal right now, said her grandmother 

                They stopped off in a small town diner. It was one of the old rustic 50-60 dinners. Red leather seats with silver trim. A juke box blares Elvis, Neal Diamond, and other rock and roll artist of that era. The whole structure of the building is the old dinner style arched still roof and inside long extending counter and a few window booths. The two of then slid into one of the window booths. Sitting across from one another they skimmed threw the menu. They couldn’t find any words to really say to each other.

          “How may I help you?” Said the waitress.

            “Can I get a coffee and your soup of the day ,” Said  Britain’s grandmother she looked over at Britain “ you order darling, I will cover it,” she said to Britain

            “Can I get a hot coco with whip cream and your chicken strips basket,” said Britain

         “sure can, the drinks will be right out, the food will take a good ten to fifteen minutes,” said the Waitress .

            “that is fine thank you ,” said Britain’s grandma

              “Where are we going exactly after dinner , I don’t know where you live , or even what to call you for that matter,” said Britain .

                “ I can’t explain where I live Its quite hard because on a map it does not exist , You can call me Nana , short and simple , tomorrow we will start your lesson,” said Nana

                  “I never agreed to that, I don’t even think I will be staying with you that long , I will try for emancipation , You need to know that I don’t intend to live with you ,and honestly don’t want to ,” Said Britain

            Their conversation ended there, they sat in silence eating their meals. Britain’s phone began to vibrate she look at the screen a text message from the unknown. “You are making a Mistake!” it read. Perplexed and almost scared she searched threw her mind for a name to match the number. Messages came in fast if written out all together this is what they were to be read as , “ Stop trying to guess my Identity , It’s not that simple, see you don’t know me ,but I know you , And you and I, well we are going to be seeing a whole LOT  of each other, I can’t wait supper excited , see you in death ,” As strange as it was Britain was fascinated by the messages . She so badly wanted to meet the disturbed person who would write them to her. 

               She decided to respond “Okay you have my attention when can we meet?” typed Britain she sent the message and waited for the response. It wasn’t much longer before she received her reply.

                “Britain My answer to your question is a question in its self, Have you desire to die? Are you ready to die?  Do you believe in destiny? I know what your future, is you may not believe me but one day you will see,” said the response from the unknown messenger

                 “Death is a topic you desire is it not? I don’t know the answers to those questions? I’m starting not to trust that you are real,” said her reply

                    “That’s the thing; I’m not real, just as you were a mistake not meant to exist!” that was the last message shared between unknown and Britain the rest of the night.


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