Taking Compass

The main Character is a portal jumper who doesn't know it until her strange grandmother shows up at her door one day . This is her story and how she deals with it .


2. Bottles and nightmares


     Britain Cassidy sat under the covers of her bed. Little glistening drops of sweat formed on her head. She had just been awakened by a dreadful dream. The dream was so vivid like a memory lost in time to only come back to her when she was able to understand it. The problem was she didn’t understand it. Nor did she think anyone else could understand it. For a while she just sat there staring at the wall.

      Britain tried to clear her thoughts but in frustration she threw her head back on the pillow. It was 5:00 am by now and she had to get up for work. Britain worked as a waitress early in the morning before school. Her boss was a Jerk who mad glances at her like she was his property. It made her sick to her stomach. She enjoyed the days that he wasn’t there. The customers tipped well in the early and late hours and she needed the job so she could move out in a year. 

   Britain was seventeen working on her senior year in high school.  She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous like the models in magazines.  She wasn’t ugly either; she just liked to dress as plainly as possible. She already saw herself as someone who stood out in a crowd. She didn’t need her appearance influencing more of that.  She dressed in a dark washed skinny jean, a tank top with an open, sleeved, button up top.  She wore the same high top sneakers every day. Add an apron and she would be dressed for work.

     After spilling her morning coffee she stumbled out of the house to her car. She didn’t worry about her parents her dad was probably still out, she did not hear him come home last night. Her mother, well her mother was out of town. She went to Paris, France. She was most likely in a little café, spending all the money that would cover rent and necessities. Britain’s mother when she had last seen her said “Child, I’m going away for a while your father he has grown to make me sick, and I won’t spend another minute under the same roof,” She took off at that moment like the wicked witch of the west not even looking back at what she would be leaving behind.

         Pulling up at Roger’s Pig Out Heaven. Britain fastened her apron around her waist. She pulled her long brunet hair back into a ponytail, her red highlights showed in a dysfunctional array. She ran inside trying to avoid the rain that just began to fall drenching the streets. It came fast, a mad down poor, by the time she was inside she was too late to consider if her windows were rolled up.  She started her day serving an older couple. They were regulars to Roger’s Pig Out Heaven, Ordered the same thing every time they came in. They were a sweet old couple who knew all the waitresses by name and tipped well.

        “Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Wayland, What can I get you today?” said Britain with a smile

         “Well good morning Miss Cassidy, well I think you can tell the cook it’s our usual,” said Mrs. Wayland smiling back at Britain.

       “Would you like your coffees now or with your meal?” said Britain. She thought she knew the answer but asked any way after all that was the policy , never assume what the customer wants, they have to tell you.

        “You’re so sweet to ask, we will wait till our food is ready thank you,” said Mr. Wayland

      The Morning passed by so fast, each minute seemed only a second. She had to hurry just to make it to her 10:00am class on time.  She was lucky to make it there when the school bell rang. “Nice of you to join us Miss Cassidy, please don’t forget I have a strict policy on arrival to my class,” said Mr. Hillman

       Hillman is the main science teacher for seniors at Trenton Lee high. Hillman is nothing but bad company. Students dream of the day in which one of his experiments where to blow up in his face. They would be happy if it where to put him out of work for even a week, better so in their minds if it were a month. Britain flipped threw her notes of the week before. Some of her notes were missing.  Her stress level elevated when she realized her report was due as of that very moment.  Only one thing to do now.

      “Mr. Hillman, I need to go see the nurse … sorry… about the vomit,” said Britain

          When she was three years old she had learned how to gag herself to vomit and make it seem unexpected.  It hurt every time and left her stomach in knots but it was well worth it. She had been able to get out of a lot of commitments that her father or anyone else had involved her in.  There was the one time when she was five and her mother signed up for tap dance. When her mother didn’t listen to her plea of not wanting to do it, she resorted to vomiting on the dance instructor. 

        Britain was excused from school after the nurse had heard about her vomiting in class. The school took no chances when it came to bodily fluids. After cleaning her face in the bathroom and caring for her nasty vomit breath with her just in case travel tooth brush and tooth paste kit, She left the campus in her beat up pickup truck . She hadn’t thought everything threw. She decided the only thing she wasn’t about to do was go home and risk running into her father.

      She decided what she needed for herself was to get out of the town and out to her favorite place to think .She needed to figure out what she was to do when the money ran out. Bank statements came out regularly that her mother had been making extensive purchases and soon they would not have enough to live on. The dust road wound through the hills and out of town after an hour of driving the road led up to a lake surrounded by trees and breathtaking hills that seemed to paint the horizon in glorious colors. The drive out was always worth the time it took.  It was the only place that Britain could go to calm her thoughts. She parked her pick up off the side of the road grabbed her bag and hiked the trail down to the lake’s shore.  The water rippled and danced in a rhythm it was calming to watch.  Britain wrapped her jacket around her shoulders and sat down in the sand.  Slipped off her shoes and let the water wash over .her toes.

        Britain fell asleep on the lake’s shore and once again she found herself in a nightmare … Falling into complete darkness. Then a glow so bright it was over whelming. The bottles came out of nowhere flying around circling. Minutes seem to pass and the glass bottles start to shatter. The dark place in which she found herself in became very cold. One of the remaining bottles came flying at her and broke against her back. She screamed out in pain.

         She felt the pain in her back. Sitting up she found herself still out at the lake. The wind had picked up and more water had come inland her jeans where now damp up to her knees. Britain scattered up on her feet. From her feet to her knees was numb. When inside her pickup truck she cranked the heat. She leaned over the steering will and sobbed out her eyes. Life didn’t seem to make much sense anymore. Why would she have such dreams? She wondered why she was keeping herself so isolated. Once calmed, she started back towards town.

        Britain’s second shift at Roger’s Pig Out Heaven was in an hour. Her jeans were soaked and her makeup and hair was a mess. Sliding threw the back door of her house, she tried to be as quiet as possible. Longing to get out of there fast she didn’t want to start another argument with her father.  All her jeans were filthy “Note to self I need to do laundry,” so she pulled on a black skirt one she had not worn since her interview for the job. The Interview what a day that was, pretending to be full of life and it’s a wonder she ever got the job “Oh crap I’m going to be late,” said Britain rushing from the house

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