Taking Compass

The main Character is a portal jumper who doesn't know it until her strange grandmother shows up at her door one day . This is her story and how she deals with it .


4. A Name


     A Name, Do we even exist without one , It’s our Identity  separates us from other individuals who look as if they were the same being . To have a name is to have security, to have trust . It is with our name that we make and our known in history. To lose your name is to put off your being and to have never existed.

- Weather her head was cloudy, the rest of her night was a blur. But by the next day she had awoke to find herself in a strange room in an even stranger world. Her Nana walked into the room. dressed in the most ridicules outfit she had ever seen . It was like a Halloween Costume , flowing lacy wisps of colorful material . She looks like a fairy without wings. Her bodice was done up in fall leaves. Bright oranges, and reds and even some subtle dark brown leaves.  Her hair was now the color or of honey. Her eyes where surrounded by a fine blue and silver sparkle. It’s like her age had melted away. Her ears where pointed and were decorated with spider webs glistening in dew. 

                   Nana smiled at Britain “You know child here we all are youthful forever and look much different than we would in your realm , our names are also different here ,  mine is Penelope  , well your  name does not exist yet , so don’t fear if everyone you meet calls you child ,” said Penelope the enchantress .

               “People I meet, The next few days? Hold up I didn’t say I’d stay with you!” said Britain

                “The realm, The inner spark , Nature , it all brought you here and it called for you . From birth your destiny was here. Every human , enchantress , elf , and living creature must find there compass, you would never find it in that realm or any of the 7 realms  , yours is somewhere here, Because you were born here , and your future is here ,” said Penelope

    “Nana , I mean Penelope, What realm is this ?” said Britain

                          “ They call it the world of make believe in your realm , but the many creatures here call it  silver dust haven , I don’t know why they call it that  but they do ,” said Penelope

                            “So what do we do now since I have no choice in being here?” Said Britain.

                              “Today, I will show you boundaries for your safety , no realm is perfect , I want you to meet some of the people  who will be around you a lot , And we need to get you a wardrobe, for your realms cloths are not taken with welcome here except for a few exceptions which you never owned in your old realm ,” said Penelope

                              Breakfast was served eggs and soft buttered bread with a tarty juice. Britain was hungry and ate all she was given to eat.  After the meal Penelope brought in some cloths for her to wear. “You may barrow these for the day , we should have you your own cloths by the end of the day ,”  said Penelope handing over the cloths in her arms .  The dress was cloths to the same cut as Penelope’s but the design was different. This dress had blue and purple wisps of cloth for the lower portion. The bodice was a blue taffeta shimmer with strands of purls. The sleeves made out of silk. Along with the dress there were black

laced tights with rose designs . A pair a silver flats where given to her and a hair tie of silver silk.   

                     Penelope came to check on her after she was dressed.  Penelope helped her fasten up the back of the dress.  Then she admired how the cloths made Britain fit in. “You look stunning child, Ah you should just keep the outfit looks way better on you then it would on me ,”said Penelope . She brought Britain over to the mirror. What Britain saw surprised her. She loved how she looked and felt. It was the first change she felt happy with. She felt beautiful, and found herself twirling around . Her hair for once down out of a pony tail fell in ringlets on her back. She smiled at herself she felt so alive so happy. She was surprised that cloths existed that could make her feel so great.

                    “I feel so, enchanting!” said Britain

 The two of them set out. Both looked radiant and neighbors smiled at them when they left Penelope’s small home that was shaped like a tea pot. Everything was new and bright to Britain . It was almost like she could be walking in a dream.  But that itself was impossible she never had good dreams. As crazy as it seemed this had to be real.

                         The first thing they did was set boundaries to the north, east, south and west. To the North it was the wishing well .To the south it was the dark forest .To the east the edged mountains and to the west it was the sea . Places she couldn’t cross , pass , or enter for her own safety .  After the boundaries where defined and agreed to the two went shopping. The first store they entered was inside a boot, the shoes store. All the shoes where high quality, hand made by elves.  Many cuts and sizes lined the racks with colors and designs to fit the whole realms desires. The shoes where much different than the ones back home some contained magic.  Such as some could make you seem taller while others changed your skin tone or grew out your hair. Many shoes latter Britain had chosen seven pairs of shoes that would compliment her.

                   “Let me see where did I put my list ? Oh Child across the street is an eatery here is some of the local currency go get yourself some food , I can finish up the shopping cause until your known here owners won’t like you in there stores, Elves and cooks are not subjected to suspicions of new comers , I will meet you back here in an hour and a half and we will discuss what needs to be done thereafter ,” said Penelope

                   Britain took the currency that Penelope had given to her and went across the street to the eatery. The inside of the building was like none other she had seen before.  Fountains and pools of water throughout. Place to sit and eat  were giant jean buttons for tables and thread spools for chairs .   Beyond the décor was at this moment the creature culture was diverse. A real mermaid swam in a pull waiting for her food. An Elf sat by a fire   and roasted his meats and cheese over the flames . Many other creatures where spending their here eating and enjoying each other’s company.


 “Miss what can I get you ,”said a little floating fairy

                       “ Cook makes the best pancakes with maple and fairy berries , if you were to get that with a glass of orange juice you would have a meal a fairy would enjoy , but I don’t know about you , You’re 

not a fairy and you might not share the same taste ,” said the little fairy

                   “ I’ll try that then ,”said Britain

      “If it’s not too bold to ask, what are you?” said the fairy

                “honestly, I’m not sure , Penelope says I’m an enchantress ,” Britain

                “Well if Penelope thinks so it must be true,” said the fairy She left then to go put in the order.

                        It was not long before the fairy returned again with her food. Britain didn’t realize how hungry she was until the food got there , warm flaky golden brown pancakes topped in a maple and fairy berry spread . She took a huge bight and her senses went crazy. She never thought pancakes could taste so good. Her taste buds where in heaven. Even the scent of the fairy berries and maple spread smelt wonderful and she savored every last bite.

                       “Have a name ? “ said the little fairy now back again this time with the bill

                          “Well yes and no , See in the realm in which I grew up they called me Britain , Penelope is related to me by how relations work in that realm , Well in this realm no I don’t have a name not yet any way ,” said Britain

                     “That’s okay kid , you will get on soon and when you do I want to be the first to know it , Oh by the way my name is Roda and count me your first friend here ,” said Roda the small fairy .


        “ Okay Roda you will the first to know , Thanks for everything ,” Penelope will be waiting for me if I don’t get going,” said Britain .

                      “ Have a Nice day kid, see you soon ,” said Roda 

                  Britain left the eatery and went to their meeting place and as she had thought Penelope was there waiting. Her arms carrying many bags. She looked like those girls, Britain saw often in the mall. Penelope sat on a wall her feet dangling, She smiled at Britain. “You’re back let’s head back to my place, you can try these things on ,” said Penelope 

                                They fit, all the outfits had easily fit Britain and she loved each and every one. They were a good distraction for all the questions she had for Penelope. As the evening came to be the distractions wore off. “ Hey Penelope can I ask you a question ,” said Britain she took a sip of her tea.

              “Yah what is it Kid ?” said Penelope

  “ How do I get my name ? If I am to meet new people what do I give them to call me if I have no name ?” said Britain 

                               “ Your name will come But it must be given to you when you become a full enchantress by the elementals ,”said Penelope .

         “When does someone become a full enchantress ?” said Britain

          “When you turn eighteen you gain your powers and become a full enchantress,” said Penelope .

           “ So In a few weeks the Elementals will give me a name to be known by in this realm ,” said Britain .

           “Yes and Well we need to prepare you to meet with the Elementals, They are the ones who wright our destinies, if you can please them they will provide you with a wonderful destiny , If you don’t the rest of your life you will be fighting to change your destiny . So there is much I need to teach you, First lesson is tonight, Manors, there different here than in your realm,” Said Penelope

            Lessons to learn; Do not speak without being spoken two. Never ever open your eyes in the presence of an Elemental they find it to be rude, Never eat or except a gift when first meeting an Elemental   and never intermarry with an Elemental.


      Britain couldn’t make sense of the roles given to her on behavior with the Elementals. Who were these beings to request such strange behavior. She was nervous more than ever that she would find a way to mess this up. She was never good with people in her realm where the only real diversities where language and culture. But here she had to check every action to make sure it was the best choice of action she could have made.

            Many times over she said the roles to herself. An hour later and she gave up for the night. She climbed into the guest bed and fell asleep.  Who knew she would find herself in another nightmare.

            The grass moved around is a pattern to the wind. There was no sun and the sky was gray. Where was she going. She couldn’t see anything Nor would she ever be able to again, that’s what happens when you open your eyes to an Elemental. She could hear their voices forever in her head cold lacking any warmth. It was like death in her ears. The girl fell to her knees and started to feel her world.  She pulled out long grasses and even without her sight she was able to weave it into a patch the width of her forehead. She placed it just below her for head and found a way to fasten it there. She would not go home in her shame until she could cover it. Now that it was she could return home. But as she walked into her village by the guidance of sound, her cover slipped and everyone saw in horror what was left of her eyes, Empty sockets of muscles, nerves, scars, and blood. Britain could see the girls face as if it where her own in a mirror. She found herself screaming when she awoke from the nightmare.

        The shined threw the window, Hours had gone by since she had woken up from the nightmare.  She didn’t want to get up with the sun she wanted to sleep all day with her loss of sleep from the nightmare. The room in which Penelope gave her to stay in was bright it was unlike most rooms because it had three windows. The room had a bed, a vanity, and a wardrobe to hold all her cloths . The bed its self was like heaven. Swan feathered mat , with Egyptian cotton sheets ,  handmade quilts , and big fluffy pillows .  The frame of the bed was oak wood with an elf carved canopy draping curtains of burgundy and white. And on this particular morning her body wanted to stay in the bed for as long as humanly possible . Penelope had different plans for Britain then to lay in bed all day.

    “Up Girly! The sun has come to bid you in your journey ,” Said Penelope .

     “ Penelope dose the sun also bid me in a nights journey ,because my natural clocks still reads night ,”said Britain .

    “Okay smarty get out of bed ! Don’t make me use magic,” said Penelope.

     “ That’s so cheating and against the free will given to us by God ,” said Britain  

“10 ,9,8 ,7 ,6 ,5,4,3….” Said Penelope

   “Great you can count Miss Penelope , Okay ,okay I’m up ,” said Britain .

  “If you were not my granddaughter well Id turn you into an animal ,” said Penelope

  “want to tell me how that works ? Like who is my grandfather ?” said Britain

  “Would you like to meet him?” said Penelope

   “sure , but why don’t you live together ,” said Britain

   “ Well he and I well we can’t be together for my protection , You see he and I well we broke number one role Never fall in love with an elemental ! And for an Elemental they are only to love their own kind, Yes you will be the only full enchantress with Elemental blood, Your mother left here before she was given the right of enchantress, and that makes you a rare bread , “said Penelope

   “So I’m half Elemental ? “said Britain  

    “ Yes but your more than that , And that’s why it’s important we do this right , You see you are a Princess Elemental , And If you do not gain your Enchantress power you will have to resume your title , And being an Elemental has a price , I will explain more to when the time comes ,”said Penelope .

    “What is so bad about being an Elemental ?” said Britain

   “You would have to die here and you would never ever be able to leave this realm again , and you would be an immortal here for all time ,It’s a huge price to pay ,”said Penelope

   “Subject change! what are we doing today ,” said Britain 

 “We are going to see your grandfather ,” said Penelope

  “ So what I can actually look at him without getting my eyes gouged out ?”said Britain

  “ Yes you will be fine to look at him , Half Elemental makes you safe , But don’t do it with Elementals who don’t know you !”Said Penelope

No longer worried about the nightmare she had, Britain and Penelope Set out to the Land of the Elementals Or the land of the dead, Here the world met the heavens and Spirits walked and talked with the Living. But It wasn’t as though any one could just enter into the land of the Elements they rotated a gate keepers position most male Elementals had to do at one point. Unless you were the king , Britain’s Grandfather .

    “ We are here to speak with the king , It is I Penelope and my Un named apprentice ,” said Penelope to the guards men he smiled down at her but could not see Penelope’s face or her Apprentices  for they both were wearing cloaks . The guard men knew that was for respect of the Elementals. Knowing Penelope from many times before he opened the gates .

   Once inside the gates, Penelope informed Britain never to look up until directed to . Leading the way they wound through allies and up the hill sides until they reached the palace of the Elemental king. Servants of the Elemental king escorted them inside and called forth the king to an audience.  He came quickly when his head mistress told him it was Lady Penelope.

   “My dear Penelope It’s been so long since we last talked, Have you heard news of our child ?”said the king

   “My Lord In the other realms she still is, Abandoned her own family , But I have brought with me our grandchild ,” said  Penelope

   “Child remove your cloak for, I want to look upon my decedent ,” said the King

    Britain did as she was told and remained with her head down.

   “Child look at me I want to know your face ,” said the king . Britain looked over at Penelope who nodded her head in approval. So Britain looked up to see The Elemental King her grandfather. She couldn’t find the words to describe him He was the most handsome and radiant being she had ever seen.

    “Oh What a beautiful queen she will make one day !” said the King .

    “ Raylen  No one said she was here to be the next queen ! I am training her to be an Enchantress ,” Said Penelope

“ Well I have Final say in that Because if she doesn’t get her name on Her 18th birthday , She cannot Be a full powered Enchantress , And  as king I can prevent that from happening ,” said Raylen

  “You wouldn’t! She wouldn’t want that kind of life, have you even considered her?” said Penelope 

   “What about you Penelope , Did  you consider me when You took me from my realm ! I don’t think either of you have considered me!”  said  Britain

   “But your father was abusive and your mother abandoned you , I only did what was best for you ,” said Penelope

  “you did what you thought best for me but maybe you were wrong !” said Britain . She would have stormed out then but she didn’t have anywhere to go.  The king started to laugh. Britain didn’t understand why he could be laughing so she just sat down in the middle of the floor fastened the cloak and put on the hood.

   “My dear Penelope we are just as bad grandparents as we were parents ,” said The King

“I’m afraid so  Raylen ,” said Penelope

   “ My Dear granddaughter here is the deal , You have until your eighteenth birthday your welcome to visit me often , But you must decide before your eighteenth birthday what you want to do with your life , If you wish to be an Enchantress you will come and gain your name and full powers If you wish by then to become the Princess of the Elementals We will Give you your Elemental name and we will change you into an Elemental , It will be your choice ,” said the King

   “I have six weeks to decide my future , That’s  not much time , But thank you , for letting me have some choice in my life ,”said  Britain

   “My granddaughter we must be going ,” said Penelope

    “Goodbye your Majesty ,”said Britain , She curtsy to the king and followed Penelope out of the Court chamber .

    “ Goodbye my princess said the king , Penelope  you take good care of her you hear me ,” said the king who was sad to see them go .

 The day had slipped away from them , by the time they were back at Penelope’s home it was almost dark .  “ I’ll be running a pot of tea would you like some before supper ,” said Penelope

    “ Yes I would Love some tea , I think I will stay out here for a few to watch the sunset , Back home when my mom was still around we use to go out to the beach  slide our toes into the sand and watch the sun go down , And we would pretend that if we made a wish at the very moment the top  of the sun touched the waves it would come true , I guess her wish came true , She always wished she could get away from my father , didn’t think she would ever leave me though , I needed her , and when she left that day it was like she couldn’t see me , she never wrote to me after she left she never  even gave me a number to call ,” Said Britain

     “I’m so sorry ,  A promise from now on you will always have me , I should have come sooner maybe I could of  influenced her to stay around ,” said Penelope

     “Don’t be sorry , No one could have changed her mind , Her mind was made up along time ago , Before I was born even , She will always run , Never able to handle love ,”said Britain 

     The two of them sat out on the patio and drank warm tea from coffee cups. They didn’t speak during that time because all of the words Britain had shared before there tea had been finished brewing. Sip after sip no conversation came up. They had come up with an acceptance towards the silence.  Super had followed there tea. They sat in side eating by the lit fire place.  Still no one tried to break the silence.

    “ I’m off to bed now been a long day and honestly I’m done thinking about all of it , I’m warn out by it and  I need to just let time heal wounds and let time write my destiny ,”said Britain

    “ Night Kiddo , I hope Your grandfather didn’t add to much stress , I never realized what baggage you carried with you because of your mother , Just know I love you , Night sweetheart ,” Said Penelope

    “ Night Grandmother,” said Britain

  By Morning Britain felt much better. She took a long bubble bath, in the morning before breakfast, It calmed her and refreshed her scenes. A good breakfast never hurt anyone.  By noon she felt like she could concur the world .  “ Good afternoon Penelope , I was thinking maybe I could go to The Land of The Elementals this afternoon , Stay the night and see what life there would be like ,” said Britain . 

      “You may go because it’s only fair to let you observe both worlds, But If you could be back tomorrow evening ,There I things I wish to share with you ,” said  Penelope .

        “I can be back then,” said Britain 

       “Don’t forget your cloak! You may be welcome without it in the palace but not in the village,” said Penelope She hugged her granddaughter goodbye. “Oh and tell the gates men, you are my apprentice seeking Audience with the king,” said Penelope

      “Yes Grandmother , I won’t forget , seen you in the eve of tomorrow,” Said Britain  Then she was gone on her way once again to The land of the Elementals .

       The gate keeper saw her at a distance. It was the same gate keeper as the day before. When Britain got closer to the gate she spoke to the gate keeper. “It is I Penelope’s Apprentice, I seek an audience with king ,” said Britain

       “Welcome back Apprentice! The King will be told of your arrival, Go on your way to the palace ,” said the Gates keeper

        The gates swung wide open and She was escorted to the palace by the Gate keeper’s apprentice. “Your quite beautiful and mysterious for an apprentice,”said the boy  he smiled at her and took her had .

       “That’s saying something!  I am as I claim an apprentice I’m learning at the feet of an enchantress. I have no name in this realm for I am not a full enchantress yet, So apprentice fits me,” said Britain

      “You say in this realm, have you been to another realm and been called by another name there?” said the boy

        “In all truth yes, It’s hard to get use to the change,” said Britain

         “What did they call you?” said the boy

“They called me Britain Cassidy,” said Britain

“May I call You by that name until you get a name in this realm?” said the boy

“You may,” said Britain

“It was nice to meet you Britain Cassidy apprentice to the Lady Penelope, We are here and I must part from you,” said the boy. Britain found him to be charming.

     After the boy had left she wondered inside the palace to the court chamber. The king of the Elementals already sat there on his throne. He smiled at her as she walked in. “Good afternoon my dear, What can I do for you? I was not expecting you,” said the king

     “Good afternoon your highness, I thought about it last night and if in sixth weeks I’m to make a decision for my future, I need to understand fully both of my options, I thought maybe I could spend tonight and some of tomorrow with you here, I am not sure of all of what I can learn in that time, but at least it’s a start,” Said Britain

     “I would enjoy your company, While we have dinner I’ll have one of my servants fix you up a room , Anything you need just speak with one of my servants ,” said the king

     They ate their evening meal in the dining hall, A long table stretched across the room, It was the size of her own home in the other realm times four. Tapestries hang from the walls. A huge candelabrum hangs from the ceiling thousands of candles light up the room. Shadows cast all throughout the chamber. The table its self was set with fine silver, and a hand sewn border of the table setting. Meats and breads, fresh cheeses, deserts, pastas, fruits, and vegies all prepared that afternoon for the evening Meal.

      It was some of the most bountiful and delicious food she had ever eaten, By the end of the meal she thought she would never be able to eat anything again. After the meal The two of them when to the kings Library books upon books reaching up to the height of the ceiling. One of the servants brought wine for the king and A glass of fresh cider for Britain.  The king sat in a rocking chair and Britain sat on a sofa, she was too tired to read so she tried to make small conversation.

     “How should I address ?” said Britain

     “to my kingdom , I am Father , Brother ,and Friend , As I am family and your grandfather you may call me father for you exist by my daughter and your real father is a disgrace , And until you have a name, I will call you my child,” Said The king

“ well then father , I must be going to bed soon , I am in need of rest, Is  there any way I can be shown to my room?” said Britain  

      “Yes I can take you myself, I figure it will be quicker for me to show you then if I called for a servant to do so,” said the King

      The two of them walked together down a long stretching corridor to a room with big cream colored, gold décor, arched doors. Swinging wide they opened up to a palace luxury. But so enveloped in the fullness of her stomach and the warmth of the room she fell straight into the bed and slept peacefully in the cloths she had warn that day.  She was already asleep before the king had been able to wish her a good night. He smiled at the most beautiful and mysterious child he has ever known, And he couldn’t help but love her and she brought up bad memories of his little girl who would never ever come back to him again .

          As it always does night fades to day and with each morning The Elementals wake, and sing the song of the dead. It was the first time Britain had ever woken to such a song. It was luring and creepy, She awoke with a sudden alertness. One of the servants to the king was in her room, the servant had brought in some fresh cloths and drawn up a bath for Britain, It was creepy having woken up with a servant in her own room. It was a new change she guessed was normal for those who lived in the palace. Wait she thought to herself who else lived here besides the king and his servants. What a lonely place the castle could become.

    Now dressed in the royal garb she felt more lost than ever, she couldn’t understand who she was any more.  Her brown hair with the red highlights were fastened in a braid. Upon her head be wore a silver and gold leaf plaited band  It was a sign of a princess . Her hands where clothed in white silk gloves and her dress was a ball like gown tight bodice and flowing skirt.  She had chosen to go barefoot even though the servant suggested she ware shoes .

      “good morning father ,” said Britain

       “Good morning my child , my you look glorious , How did you sleep last night ,” said the king

    “I slept well, but are servants in your chamber when you wake up common that’s awkward,” said Britain

“ I can ask her not to , but it is common for servants to wake you and help you get ready ,” said the king

  “Well no don’t change anything for me it’s not decided weather I will be around, I haven’t decided yet who I will become ,” Said Britain

  “I know child I just wish you would , My heart breaks at the thought that you would leave my life forever like your mother ,” said the king 

   “May be I should leave now, I don’t want to hurt you but over the next few weeks I need to decide,” said Britain

    “If you must go that is what you must do,” said the king  

   “I’m so sorry but I’m not ready for this,” said Britain barefooted she started to run. She didn’t stop running, kept going out of the gates of the Elementals and she didn’t stop not even when she passed by Penelope’s house. She ran west to the see and on the beach she fell to her knees and started to cry. It didn’t last long she was back on her feet in seconds realizing how dramatic and pathetic she looked.  

   “Hey Kiddo, what happened?” said Penelope She walked up to Britain wrapped her arms around her. “You want to tell me what happened?”

    “ It was all just two much , I mean look at me , He wants me to see myself as a princess , I don’t know what I am going to , Maybe going there just made things worse ,” said Britain

   “I think If you let time be the deciding pawn, you will be okay, You will know eventually but you’re scared and your rushing things,” said Penelope

    “I think I just might know what I must do!” said Britain “ I know we had plans for this evening ,But I need to go speak  with him and it might take some time ,” said  Britain

   “That’s fine go to him then let me know!, No matter what you do I will always be here for you ,” said Penelope

   “Oh you are so not help, but thanks no one has ever said that to me,” said Britain

      Once again Britain found her way back to the land of the Elementals. The gates man did not need to ask her for Identification seeing her cloak and garb he let her back inside the gates. “Britain Cassidy, Wait may I walk with you?” said the Apprentice boy

“ Oh hello, it is you , yes you may come with me , But I must warn you I don’t have much time to talk as of now , but for sure we will have to spend a good afternoon in talk ,” said Britain

    “That is fine with me, any time spent with you is a joy even in silence,” said the Apprentice boy

   “Oh! You know me by a name but what am I to call you if I ever see you again as I hope to,” said Britain 

    “The idea of introducing myself left my mind the other day , hello my name is Payton ,” said the boy

    “Well I hope to see you again,” said Britain 

     “Good day my friend ,” said Payton he bowed to her with a smile on his face and left her there at the palace.

     The King ,Raylen, saw her coming from the tower and went to greet her . “ Darling child what are you doing back here ,” said the king

   “ Well we need to talk father , You see I ran and ran , and just kept on running and that got me thinking , Now we need to talk ,” said Britain .

   “Okay let us talk then ,” said the king

  “We can make it all work , I’ve figured it out , Okay so just listen to this , you see I have a blood of an enchantress and an elemental , Can’t I do both and have two names after all Its who I am being both , Why not have a princess and future queen who can come and go and work in harmony with the other kingdoms , I could be what has been missing ,” said Britain

   “Kiddo we can talk to with the court , I like the Idea I just don’t know how the people will feel to that kind of change ,” said Raylen the King .

   “Well If  I were to be bound here in death of life I don’t think I could do that , I will role but I need freedom at the same time , I’m not in fear to die to be an elemental but I don’t want my life to be gates ,” said Britain

      “So will you be staying my child?” said the King

      “Yes Father , I will remain here and take on my role as princess of the Elementals , for I will take my freedom also , If by my 18th birthday my freedom can’t be given to me , I will give up my birthright to the throne,” said Britain

“Then we Must to speak to the, council as soon as possible, and get you your name,” said the king

       The council was split on the idea, Many were unsure about whether or not they should allow the king his request , But at the end of the long blistering day  in a hot court room the men had decided that  they could allow this change after all they were blood related it wasn’t a commoner to take the position of the royal family but one of royal decent and with that they voted in favor of the kings proposal . and as soon as the decision was past the weeks blew by fast . Britain did notify Penelope about the news , But she had not left the gates since she arrived to tell the king of her Idea.

      “ Father my birthday is in a week , I want to let you know I’m heading out to invite Penelope over for a dinner on my birthday , I want both of you around for my eighteenth , I was thinking I could bring the Gate man’s apprentice with me as an escort ,” said Britain

    “That would be fine by me but be back in a daytime, We need to get you ready for the gala ball for your birthday and the passing of the name ceremony,” said the king

    “Yes father I’ll be back soon ,”said Britain she kissed him on the forehead ,wrapped in her cloak she left the castle . She walked the city streets till she got to the gates where she invited Payton to come with her with the consent of the king.

     “Oh I’m Over Joyed your highness! One reason being is I get to leave the city, secondly I love spending time with you and it has been quite some time,” said Payton

      “Well we need to leave now night will be soon upon us , We need to get to Penelope’s tonight,” said Britain

       So the two took off for most of their walk they didn’t speak much. Payton was busy taking in the Atmosphere. He had never been outside the gates more than a few feet. So things were new and different to him. It was like his world and his knowledge were being tested and pure sunshine field his soul.

    “Thank You Britain, For bringing me with you ,”said Payton  

    “It’s better than traveling alone,” said Britain

     “I wish you were not a princess ,” said Payton

  “Payton that was beyond random,” said Britain

   “What is it wrong for me to have feelings for you? The kingdom council would say yes , they say royalty and commoners don’t mix ,”said Payton

   “You have feelings for me?” said Britain

   “Yes! I’ve had feelings for you since the moment I laid eyes on you , I find you to be enchanting , mysterious , beautiful ,kind , strong ,determined ,and every one of those thing and many other things about you I have come to love ,” said Payton   

   “Awe Payton , I care about you and I know it is not the same , But with my past I have never been able to open my heart to any one , I wish one day soon I will learn to , And it will hit me like a brick cause you  will be the first one to fall into my heart , for I keep you so close to it , But stuff like this will just leave us hurt in the end , Cause the council as you said would never ever let us be together beyond friendship ,” said Britain

   “I know, That’s why Penelope … Never mind that’s border lining on too personal,” said Payton  

   “That is why Penelope and The king were never wed , I know ,” said Britain “Love never comes easy , it never will , That why love is treasured, Nothing ever just given to you is valued as high as that which you have to fight for , I Make this promise to you Payton , That one day as the future queen I will  change things between royals and commoners , I will fight for the love that mankind and well elemental kind strive for ,” said Britain

  “Britain just be the best person you can be, Because I know you’re not perfect and you make mistakes, But you will make a beautiful changed to the kingdom ,” Payton

   Payton and Britain arrived at Penelope’s right before dark .Penelope was inviting brought the both of them into her home and served them a warm dinner of clam chowder and rice. Penelope had always been welcoming but for a citizen of the elemental kingdom they often where not welcome in homes outside of the gates.

   “Lady Penelope you have been so kind to bring me into your home and to fill my stomach,” said Payton

   “ Payton the world outside the gates of the Elemental kingdom is far more wonderful then you have been raised to see , Yes some of the people who live close to the Elemental kingdom treat you bad , But their scared terrified , They have no defenses  and they only wish to not be harmed , They don’t intend to be cruel , Fear changes people causes them to do things  the heart wouldn’t , “ said Penelope 

“I’ve begun to see this ,” said Payton

      “Penelope, I would like to invite you to a dinner on my eighteenth birthday , The king is planning a gala ball , and of course at some the points the ceremonies of the names , I want you there if possible you are family , and I don’t know how things will turn out after all is said and done , But one day when I come back here and I’ve changed in stature and appearance I want you to know me by my name , “ said Britain

      “I wouldn’t miss it for the world! We will all go back to the Elementals kingdom tomorrow, Payton I will find you a place  to rest your head , Britain  you need to go to bed , the room has been waiting for you since you left , Good night child , Follow me Payton ,” said Penelope

     Britain went off to bed in the guest bedroom. Payton did as he was told and followed Penelope. She brought him out behind her house there she had assembled an emergency bunker in a back yard cellar. “I am so sorry, it’s not much, and I hope you find some rest to night,” said Penelope

    “No, it is fine Penelope ,  I couldn’t ask for more , Having been able to leave  there for this short time and experience another world ,Can I ask you something ?” said Payton

    “Sure Payton, what is it ?” said Penelope

     “How would you feel if I told you, I believe I am in love with Britain?” said Payton

     “Fight for her! Something I never did for Raylen , I don’t want you to lose her if you truly love her , love is the greatest magic boy , as an enchantress I know that you can’t put love in a bottle ,We have tried , She needs love , Payton her dad was abusive , and her mom abandoned her , She needs the ability to open up her heart,” said Penelope

    “ Thank you , I love that you are honest with me , And I will  be honest with you , I will fight for her , I would die for her , For I love the princess and My heart will lead me in destiny ,” said Payton .

   “Take care of her when I can’t, I must go to rest my head now, good night my young friend ,”said Penelope She tried to hide the joy she felt . She no longer felt worried for Britain she knew someone behind the walls would be looking out for her.

   Morning came fast sun rose to the east over the edged mountains casting early morning shadows. Payton was the last to awake. Having slept in a cellar with no windows the sun had not awoken him when it rose in the sky. But his body awoke him his natural clock chimed to him it was time to arise. When he had first woke up he had forgotten where he was at but within seconds he was his normal functioning self.

   “Morning Ladies,” said Payton as he walked into the kitchen .Penelope wore an apron around her waist. She had started a batch of fresh home maid biscuits with the help of Britain. Britain was smiling, her hair freely down, the red highlights standing out beautifully against her more simple travel cloths. Britain surprised Payton when she had taken a handful of flour and threw it in his face and they all started to laugh. That though was only the beginning to painting Penelope’s kitchen and themselves white.

   The three of them didn’t even bother to change before they left the house. Covered in flower they journeyed back to the Elemental kingdom. The Gates men when he saw his apprentice, Penelope, and the Princess he laughed so hard he fell out of his seat. He of coarse let them in knowing full well who they were. “Oh Princess you are a joy to have around ,  This kingdom will gain  so much from having you around ,” said the gates men

   “Well you do so much for the kingdom there is no way I will ever be able to surpass your greatness,” said Britain who was as kind and honest as she was joking. As far as the gate men was able to tell the citizens of the kingdom seemed quite taken with her.

  “I am sorry princess but I must steal back my apprentice from you ,I need him to do some deliveries for me today ,since he missed yesterday ,” said the gates men

   “Everything is well , he is your apprentice after all , On a side note I will have both your names written down as guest to the ball  the king is planning for my birthday , I do hope that you both will find a way to come ,”said Britain

    The men nodded in response to her. The Penelope and her continued on to the palace. The king also laughed when he saw the two of them walk into his court room like ghostly figures. “Awe I see I need to update myself on the latest trends,” said the king

  “Hello father, did you know flour is a fun way to paint yourself and any surrounding surfaces, found that out this morning,” said Britain

   “Well child, I just love how you decided to ware it like a badge of honor all the way back to the kingdom , bet the guards men fell out of his seat when he saw you ,”said the king

  “He did,” said Penelope and Britain in sync with one another

   “I love my girls, never a dull day when they are around,” said king

   “Penelope we should go get cleaned up for dinner , There is an empty bed chamber next to mine as in no one is staying there, Your welcome  to freshen up there ,” said Britain

    Britain prepared herself a bubble bath with lavender scent .She hated to have servants in her chamber so she took care of her needs for the most part. Slipping off her filthy travel clothes she jumped into the bubbles, The bath was the size of a pool and could be used for that purpose, But Britain swam around in bubbles up to her chin. Baths always made her happy it was her favorite way to relax and well bathrooms carried great acoustics. She sunk below the water to remove the flour from her hair.  She spent so much time in the bath she was almost startled when she heard a knock on the door.

    “Who is their?” said Britain 

     “It’s Penelope , You are  going to grow scales if you spend any more time in there ,”said Penelope

      “One moment please, I’m getting out,” said Britain 

      After having dried off she dressed in a black cocktail dress and red flats she with the help of Penelope she was able to get her hair braided, And tied up around her head. She added a red flower to her head. She was ready to go to dinner. “Penelope, How do I look?” said Britain

       “Your stunning, We need to be heading to the dining hall I am sure Raylen is awaiting us,” said Penelope

       The dinner went by with a blur and the evening passed into night. siting in the  Library drinks where served and conversation when on .Most of the conversation was of the ball that would take place in a week . “We need to find you the perfect dress for the gala and We need to decide décor and other elements for the night,” said the king

       “I honestly don’t want really anything,” said Britain

        “That is not my concern, see you are a princess and there is an image that comes with that ,”said the king

           “Then I have a very serious question for you, Am I just a face or am I here to role and Help better the kingdom ?” said Britain

         “ Both , You need to set an expectation of yourself up  that the people are to know you by , Once they are comfortable with you and your husband as rulers  , Then do you make changes to better the Kingdom ,” said the king .

           “Husband ? Do you expect me to wed at eighteen?” said Britain

            “Well not eighteen, but its required you marry by your 21st birthday or denounce the throne,” said the king

“I don’t suspect that I will be able to marry just any one, Will I?” said Britain

            “I am afraid not, suitors will start coming around after next week for weeks at a time until you have chosen one as your husband and our future king,” said the king

            “This is too much for me to think about right now,” said Britain

             “I know this must be hard for you to take in but this is something even I can’t change, If I could have Penelope would have been my beautiful queen,” said the king

             “I can’t breath, The news is a suffocating weight, Please excuse me father , I need to go for a walk in the gardens, in hopes of clearing  my mind,” said Britain

             “You may go, Let me know when you are back in from your stroll,” said the King

    Britain didn’t wait a minute longer. Her feet carried her fast, down hallways and out into the crisp night air. The garden was an expansive area of cobble stones paths that surrounded the garden life. There were arched passages of stone where ivy grew and wall flowers where in bloom. Fountains spewing water, lights luminescent, some along the paths some lining the fountains. In the center of the garden was a huge fountain like the ones seen in Rome that are a bus length in diameter. Near that fountain and its glorious carved artwork there is a gazebo like structure. White pillars, cloth in closures, lights, and a benched carved of marble. Within this beautiful haven Britain walked to try to clear her mind. But in time she gave up walking about and sat down under the gazebo.

   Slow footsteps, quiet as possible. What was he doing here in the royal garden? Well even he didn’t know. He watched her from a distance and could tell something was on her mind. He knew that whatever it was she was struggling with it. Payton moved closer to her so she could be hearing distance from him. “Britain Cassidy, I don’t mean to disturb you but I was wondering if I could be of help,” said Payton

      “Are you good at just listening? I just need someone who will listen,” said Britain

      “Yes, I’m ready tell me what ways you down,” said Payton

       “Well In A week I will be eighteen and the king is throwing a huge coming out party, I don’t mind having friends and family but he is inviting almost the entire realm, Second of all The week after the coming out party suitors will start lining up to try to win my heart, every week a new suitor till I pick one, I have to pick a husband and be married before my 21st birthday, It’s all so over whelming, My heart it doesn’t want to settle for a suitor , It has made its way to belong to some else , But as a princess I will not be able to marry for love . It’s like love does not exist in this kingdom, Payton my heart is yours, you are on my mind and in my heart , I love you ,” said Britain

   “But we can never be,” said Payton he stood and Britain stood also.  She fell into his embrace. Payton did not want to let her go. He kissed her on the forehead. Britain smiled up at him and he came closer and kissed her softly on the lips. And soon enough Britain kissed him back and they exchanged many kisses. “your highness , my heart will always belong to you ,I love you and I want you to give your heart to whoever the lucky man is that gets to spend the rest of his life with you ,” said Payton

    What seemed like forever they held each other. They cried at fate and kissed while they still had the moon and the moment. “I must go, they will wonder what has taken my time,” said Britain. She wiped her tear soaked face on her sleeve backed away from the man she loved. Hoping he would disappear so she wouldn’t long for him or hurt if she ever was to see him.

    Payton stood there and watched her walk out of his life. He wished with all his heart he could steal her away and make her truly happy. He wanted to show his love to her. When he saw her all he could think about was how he had never found any one he loved more and could see marrying and growing old together. As he watched her walk away in the moonlight his heart broke. It seemed to shatter in his chest and burned like a flame that would scar his soul or absolute being. He didn’t enjoy watching as she walked away but he loved her and he didn’t regret coming.

      After Britain pulled herself together, She found her way back to the library. Penelope and the king where still in conversation when she returned. They both smiled at her return and continued threw there talk .When their talk was calmed down, Britain began to speak. “Thank you for excusing me, I needed to go and clear my mind , and I can handle this as a mature adult ,”said Britain

     “well my daughter , you need to go off to bed with all we have to do this coming week its best if your well rested,” said the king

    “Night then Father,” said Britain “night Penelope,”

      Britain went to her room, She thought she still had energy, But when she laid her head on her pillow she was out for the night. And for once in her life she had a nice dream, this time of her and Payton. The dream was like none other she, Had wished in the morning the sun had not awoken her from this one.

   In her dream she met up with Payton in the forest and together they walked the lake shore. His hand in hers and they walked until they reached a little rowboat. The boat was white and blue. Payton helped her in they spent the afternoon out on the lake. When the wind had become too strong they came back to shore and had a candle light dinner on a blanket in a cabin. Britain had not been able to see the ending to such a wonderful dream just like she would never know before time how her life would turn out. And because of the unknown she would spend her life searching for answers. Not knowing gave her the will power to achieve her goals. Her first goal, being, just to make it through the week.

    On the morning of her eighteenth birthday, Britain was allowed to sleep in. Her father had brought breakfast of eggs and hash with orange juice. Along with having her breakfast her father had brought her two roses in a vase and set it on a stand for her to wake up to. In bed she ate her breakfast. It wasn’t till noon time that Britain got out of bed and was dressed and out of cloths she would ware to bed. 

    “Good afternoon Britain, Your grandfather asked me to bring this dress to you , He said for the traditional naming ceremony it wouldn’t matter but since you’re a rare case getting two names, for the ceremony to work right you need to ware this dress, and the band he gave you that you wore about six weeks ago,” said Penelope .

      Penelope helped her get dressed. She helped with Britain’s hair. Penelope escorted the new eighteen year old to the naming ceremony. Were as an enchantress she would be known under one name and she would be given another to be known by in the kingdom. They had decorated the court yard and brought out an old dusty book. “What is it?” said Britain who was looking at the old rusty book.

      “It’s the ceremonial book, It helps chose your name, well in your case both of your names ,”said Penelope . 

       The ceremony was a small gathering of people at sunset, Torches where lit to light up the place. Britain looked like a bride in the ceremonial dress. The king was the head of the ceremony, He opened with a speech. “As we gather here on this momentous occasion we celebrate the coming of age, As the grandfather of this beautiful child I am proud of how she has grown  into a beautiful woman , and as a future grace and queen  she deserves a name of eloquence and beauty , With the greatest joy that has come to my life beside her existence we begin the ceremony and a new age ,” said the King .

     The area grew silent as the old rusty book was opened. Britain was brought up to the peddle stool. Her mind was spinning as if her inner being was being changed. She heard whispers voice that became an echo of sorts in her mind. They became light and easy to understand. She heard it her Enchantress name . Her name it had a sort of ring Eveleen. “Child can you here the name yet?” said the king “here is the pen once it’s been written down as an enchantress you will be known by this name,” And there it was scrawled out on paper with her eyes closed Eveleen. There was more than that, a middle and last name. In lasting script a full name for the newest enchantress Eveleen Rose Merit.

     “It has been written! Eveleen Rose Merit,” Said the king “Now for the name to given to her as the future princess and queen of this here kingdom,”

         A similar process took place, and once again spirits spoke to her and she was to write it down. And when she did the strangest thing happened it disappeared of the page and letters shift to form the name the spirits had tried to get her to hear. And across the page only one thing was written and it was not what the spirits had tried to say . Eveleen  Rose Merit is mine ! 

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