Taking Compass

The main Character is a portal jumper who doesn't know it until her strange grandmother shows up at her door one day . This is her story and how she deals with it .


1. Intro


The whirligig spins so fast it’s hard to make sense of it. That my friend; is called life. It’s a circular like motion some ones living, and someone is dying. It is so fast it’s like a blink of an eye sends you spinning and twirling beneath the shadow of your own mind. Life; for years people have tried to capture it on film or in photos, but it is impossible to truly capture life. You cannot bottle it up into a potion and make it turn out like you have dreamed. Life carries you along and it knows the ultimate path but you chose the little shifts in direction.

      It’s in how we handle life that effects our paradigm of it, Most of us share the same biggest fear, when we grow old we don’t want to regret our choices in life. Some of us over compensate for that fear and face it head on taking whatever consequence. These are the dare devils, the extremists. There is also the other side of that that undercompensate for their fear. The people who do this usually live their lives in a figurative bubble. They have many little fears which keep them from living a happy healthy life. Then there is this group in between who carry some fears but they try to make the best of every situation. They have their flaws and may spend a night crying in their rooms but overall face life with an open mind. With their open minds their lives make up the greatest of stories. 

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