Not so victorious ( a 1d and victorious fanfic)

Robbie &Valerie Shapiro are brother and sister robbie is the older one and Valerie is the youngest . Beck&lucy Oliver are twins. Jade&jazmine are only a year apart jade is the oldest . Cat&nina are one year and one month apart cat is the oldest. Tori&trinity are ten months apart tori is older .andre is an only child. all of the sibling are going to hollywood arts but what they don't know is that one direction is going to . And let me tell u it's going to end with breakups, hookups maybe even becoming famous


6. You and I

Trinitys Pov 
So yesterday we skipped school. It was fun but now we"re in the principles office. One of the punishment could be suspension. The principle was telling us that it's wrong to skip and and has to call our parents. So she was talking when somebody knocked on the door.
" mrs. Helen do you want me to bring the other kids in that skipped yesterday too" the office lady asked in her annoying office voice.
" please do how many?" Helen says while she is looking at some papers.
" umm" she points at people I guess and counts them. " six but I believe one was forced to do it" somebody in the waiting room laughs at what she said. It reminds me of Harry, because he is cute when he laughs. Wait no! I can't like him. All the girls will hate me.
" that's going to be a lot of  people in one room..... Well bring them in" six people come in. Five boys and one girl. I know that girl and those five boys, one direction and lucy! Omg she is holding louis's hand! They look like they are totally in love. Very body turns to beck to see his reaction. He looked at her and shook his head. 
" I'm sorry principle Helen I told them not to but some body wanted to go to the dumb zoo!" Liam panickes. Valerie giggled at what he was doing. 
" Lucy you are becks sister right?" mrs. Helen says as she gives Lucy a piece of paper. 
"yeah" she looked at the paper" out of school suspension! For three days that's not fair." 
" it is you skip, and I punish"  Lucy groans and puts her head into Louis's cest. She gives evey body one, but one direction might not stay in this school any longer. Because management thinks they're just getting into trouble than learning. Well when we got out of the principles office our parents and Paul were outside waiting. Haha they have to deal with their body guard while we only deal with our parents." Liam why did you let them do this?" Paul shook his head in disappointment.
" I'm sorry but it's fun to cut loose sometime pauly you should try it"  I looked at Liam wondering if he took drugs or they drugged him. They drugged him because Liam would never do that. Every body came out and talked to their parents but Louis and Lucy thought about something else. They were making out! Well evey body had to go in to the principles office but with their parents. Jazmine was talking to Niall the whole time whole time while she was waiting to see helen. Valerie and Liam were talking about the new monsters inc movie. They are such kids. Nina was telling zayn about a fast way to make your hair grow. While Harry is hearing a lecture from paul he is such a loser. Oh almost forgot my self, well I'm just playing angry birds. Right now Helen is talking to Andre and his grandma. She sorta scares me. Well they came out, and she called me, tori, and Trina.  She was talking about why did we do it. And saying we could get arrested for skipping. Well I could careless for what she says. Well we said goodbye and left. 
                     Lucy's Pov 
Well trinity left then Helen called me and beck in her office. Luckily we weren't making out any more. We were just talking and every once in a while he would peck my cheeks. I got up and he told me if we could still make it to our date tonight, but I told him I'll have to check.  He looked sad at my response, but I had to leave. So we were in the office she was going about something that I have no idea about. I looked at my phone which received about twenty texts. Louis would text hearts, the little people kissing, and stuff like I love you and cute stuff like that. 
" are you even listening to me! First you skip, then you talk back and now you are not listening!" Helen sorta kinda yells at me. 
" I'm listening ok gosh just because I dont answer doesn't mean I'm not listening!'' I defend myself. So she talks to my mom about my attitude and I should not talk back. Then she talked about something else which I wasn't listening too. She lets us out but on my way out louis stops me.
" can you come tonight?" Louis asks before pecking my lips.
" mom can I go out with him tonight?" I look at my mom and she smiles and nods her head! eeeekk I'm so excited. "well Louis I gotta go!"
 " bye love see ya tonight'' he kissed me before I left. 
 Louis's Pov 
After Lucy left Valerie talked to Helen then Nina. Then the only people that needed to talk to her was us the boys of 1D. Paul told us that he wasn't going to tell Simon, because he saw how the girls made us feel and act. When she called us in I was scared. She is loud and mean. One day I saw a girl crying because of Helen. She talked about suspension and how it's illegal to skip  school and other stuff. I was excited for tonight. I'm going to ask Lucy to be my girlfriend. She is special and caring also just like me! After all the talking we went home. Harry was helping me decide what to wear. " do you think she'll say yes?"
" dude your louis Tomlinson of course she'll say yes" Harry says. Well I settled for red jeans, red and black stripped shirt, and black toms. I got her a dozen pink roses and a teddy bear that looks like me! I looked in the mirror one last time before heading out, I swear I feel like zayn right now. I got in my car and drove to lucy's house.
          Lucy's Pov
" mom do you know where my pink handbag is!" I yelled from inside my room.
" under your bed on the right corner sweetie!" my mom yells from the bathroom. I checked and it was there. Oh my life is safe. I'm wearing a pink skin tight dress with one sleeve, some pink 5 inch heels. My hair is all curled expect my bangs. I was really nervous about the date. " oh sweetie you look beautiful" my mom looked like she was going to cry. " do you have condoms on you?" in a serious voice.
" mom I'm not going to have sex! I'm in high school!" I look at me and her in the mirror and run to my bedside table and got a condom.
" what happened to you were in highschool?" my mother mocks me while I put on another layer of lipgloss. 
" well I look good and always be prepaired" my mom wips her tears and hugs me like no tomarrow.
" aren't you on the pill though?" I gave her the shut up look. 
" yes but I have a plan B" I got a text from Louis saying he was outside. "bye mom love you Louis is here" I tell her as I walk out the door. When I get out I see Louis holding a build a bear and a dozen pink roses. I was in awe! He was so sweet! 
" hey Lou are those for me?" I walk up to him and he gives me a peck on a cheek. 
" no it's for the girl I love"  he smirks and gives me the roses and teddy bear. He is so sweet! 
" haha then why did you give it to me?"  he looks at me anyd smiles. He never said anything until we got to his car. 
" you look beautiful by the way, did you put lipgloss on it'll be messed up by the time you come home?" he winked and opened the door for me. 
" will I come home is the question" I  wink at him and get into his car.
" Ohh so your testing me now, are ya?"  he looks at me with a devilish smile.
"hey now I said will I come home not lets have sex!"  I buckled up and pecked his cheek.
" I never said anything about sex you said it"  he is really annoying me. 
"ok whatever Louis" I gave up. 
" well your going to have lots of fun tonight'' he winks.
" stop winking your making me nervous" 
" I make the rich girl nervous really?"
"just drive" well it started out kinda bad. 
      At the date ( Louis Pov) 
Well I drove for a while and we got to olive garden. " wow Louis you didn't have to bring me here!" Lucy's says in amazement. 
" only for the one and only" we sat down ordered our food and talked. After a while I couldn't take it! I had to say it. " hey luc I love you" 
" I love youtoo" good now I have a better shot at her saying yes.  It's now or never the moment in time. 
" Lucy will you be my girlfriend?" I looked straight at her when I said it. Never leaving eye contact. She is worrying me maybe she'll say no or worse have a boyfriend! 
" I would love to Louis!" I see her smiling and I reach across the table to kiss her.  When I kiss her I always feel fireworks. She an amazing girl. 
" we should get going love, your mother might be getting worried"  I stand up and pull out her chair and help her up. As we walked out I reached for her hand, when we touched sparks lit up and I was on top of the world! Perfect girl, perfect friends, perfect school, and a perfect family! What could go wrong.

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