Not so victorious ( a 1d and victorious fanfic)

Robbie &Valerie Shapiro are brother and sister robbie is the older one and Valerie is the youngest . Beck&lucy Oliver are twins. Jade&jazmine are only a year apart jade is the oldest . Cat&nina are one year and one month apart cat is the oldest. Tori&trinity are ten months apart tori is older .andre is an only child. all of the sibling are going to hollywood arts but what they don't know is that one direction is going to . And let me tell u it's going to end with breakups, hookups maybe even becoming famous


3. Will you?

Lucy's Pov That question stuck to my head like I wanted to in but it sounded desperte you know. "sooo Will ya please" I thought yes yes like serious say yes already. "of coaurse I mean I'll love too like what the big deal" I said trying my best to look not interested, but he cought me."really well tommarrow at eight" and he left just like that. After class it was lunch I was with jazmine, Valerie, and trinity. We were talking about my date and now they invited there's self to my house tommarrow. "has anyone seen cat?" Robbie asked while sitting down. "no wait red head and short" ally said "yes that's her" "no haven't seen her in life"we all laughed. " hi may I sit here with you ladies" Louis said "I am not a lady!" Robbie almost freaked out."I was't talking to you"We laughed even harder " oh almost forgot what I came here for umm may I have your number" " yeah it 503- 321-4867" (it's a fake number I just maded it up) "thanks and jazmine? Right well my mate wants to ask you on a date so will ya" "which one?" jazmines says jumping. "Niall, Niall horan" he's response ". Ok yeah I'm cool" "Sit with us come on " pointing at three cute guys. Then thinking to my self where's zayn? Zayns Pov Well I left the table because Louis was bringing his friend who had cute friends but not my type. So I'm in the front of the school and yes the fans left . I was just sitting waiting for lunch to end. But I couldn't help but notice two girls running in the school . A red head like seriously red an a brunnet. That girl cought my eye . I don't know why but I need to talk to her so I did. "hey what's ur name" "umm Nina what's ur's" "zayn Malik so my friends might invite their friends to the movies wanna go?" "about that zayn I really don't know you do how do I know it's safe " "trust me please" Fine but when us this date "tommarrow at eight" I winked at her so she'll think about it. " I'll go but just as friends" "wow.. Fine" " gotta go bye, see ya soon" " bye love see you soon" We walked into different directions

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