Not so victorious ( a 1d and victorious fanfic)

Robbie &Valerie Shapiro are brother and sister robbie is the older one and Valerie is the youngest . Beck&lucy Oliver are twins. Jade&jazmine are only a year apart jade is the oldest . Cat&nina are one year and one month apart cat is the oldest. Tori&trinity are ten months apart tori is older .andre is an only child. all of the sibling are going to hollywood arts but what they don't know is that one direction is going to . And let me tell u it's going to end with breakups, hookups maybe even becoming famous


4. The date

Lucy's pov. I found out that Harry&trinity are both perverted. Niall&jazmine both love to eat. Liam&valerie love Disney movies. Well zayn wasn't there so I couldn't get to know him but supposedly he loves his hair. Well supposedly to jazmin me and Louis are both hyper but really that's not me I'm a more calm girl. "sweetheart your friends are here" "ok mom,wait why?!" Well their here for the movies and ur brother is going too" " but mom I don't want to " Well invite your friends" But mom it's only my friends" "and some boys " "ughhhh Fine" I said as me and beck walked down the stairs. I saw Louis, it sorta maded me smile. "remember I'll be there all the time" beck whispered in my ear . I can't believe my mom is making him come . Well jade is here so he'll have her at least. Once we got in the car Louis held my hand. Awww. "umm does your bro have to come with us?" " just cause guys were coming" " oh you look pretty by the way" he said looking at me really quick then looking at the road. "thanks but why we are alone?" "every one else had their car so they drove plus I wanted to do this" he stops the car and grabs my head and kisses me. Talk about pushy "see if your brother was here he wouldn't let me do that right " "yup I guess" I was speechless Louis tomlinson just kissed me. At the theater " let's watch monsters inc!" Liam said " no we're watching paranormal activity four bitch!" Louis said paying the cashier. " exuse me mister what did you say " Liam said pointing at him. "I said no" he was still holding my hand. I'm sure beck noticed because he was staring at me a lot . "hey lucy why are you holding his hand?" beck said pointing at our hands. Louis lets it go once he said it . Was embarrassed of me. We were watching the movie which was gay. Me and Louis ended up making out for last ten minutes. I know because Harry interpreted us. "umm I'm trying to watch this movie and you guys sucking each others faces don't help" "come mAte let them be" Liam said After the movie ended we all went home and I went with beck because he didn't trust me. Great day right. I got a text from Louis. Hey I wanted to ask you a question. Meet me befor school k? I responded k see ya later

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