Not so victorious ( a 1d and victorious fanfic)

Robbie &Valerie Shapiro are brother and sister robbie is the older one and Valerie is the youngest . Beck&lucy Oliver are twins. Jade&jazmine are only a year apart jade is the oldest . Cat&nina are one year and one month apart cat is the oldest. Tori&trinity are ten months apart tori is older .andre is an only child. all of the sibling are going to hollywood arts but what they don't know is that one direction is going to . And let me tell u it's going to end with breakups, hookups maybe even becoming famous


1. New school, new me

Lucys Pov Hi for some that don't know me I'm Lucy , beck's twin sister. Beck's friends don't know about me because I was sent to boarding school when we were about nine years old.thats where my passion for performing came I loved the spotlight .now that I'm back in hollywoody tried out for hollywood arts and I got in! So me and beck are on our way right now! I'm so excited but gotta go bye Jazmine's Pov Well hello me and my big sister jade just arrived at my new school it looks awesome. By the way I was already left alone because she saw her boyfriend.Now how am I suppose to get into the school with a crowd blocking the entrance. When I finnally got inside jade interduced me to her boyfriend, beck and his sister Lucy. She looked happy maybe she was a directioner too did I mention my love for that British boyband. " Do u like 1D"I asked nicely " of coarse mostly Louis Tomlinson "Lucy said trying not to squeal. "I'm a nialler" I chuckled as i noticed Lucy was staring at something behind me so I checked it was one direction , but she wasn't staring at them she was staring at the lockers but why?

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