Not so victorious ( a 1d and victorious fanfic)

Robbie &Valerie Shapiro are brother and sister robbie is the older one and Valerie is the youngest . Beck&lucy Oliver are twins. Jade&jazmine are only a year apart jade is the oldest . Cat&nina are one year and one month apart cat is the oldest. Tori&trinity are ten months apart tori is older .andre is an only child. all of the sibling are going to hollywood arts but what they don't know is that one direction is going to . And let me tell u it's going to end with breakups, hookups maybe even becoming famous


5. Ditch day

                                        Jazmine's Pov 

  When I woke up I saw I had three texts. One from Niall and two from Lucy. Yeah we just met but we're like best friends! I texted Lucy telling her if she could pick me up.  She texted me back that me that she'll be here in ten minutes. So I hurried out of the bed and got dressed. After ten minutes she honked her horn. I walked out side and her and beck were arguing about something. " hey guys whatcha fighting about?" I said as I got into the car. 

"well beck told my mother that I made out with Louis" Lucy stated and pointed to beck. 

"maybe if you didn't freaking make out with him this wouldn't happen!" beck yelled in her face.

"guys stop fighting we'll be late for school!" I tried to stop them but they just fought. I went inside and got jade." hey jade can you  stop your boyfriend and his sister stop fighting please!" 

" why should I ?"

" because I'm your sister and I'll pay you ok"

"how much?"

I checked my Pocket and got out ten dollars then she took it. There goes my lunch. " guys stop fighting jade is coming" but of course  they still fought. Jade came out pulled their hair and bam! They stopped fighting.
                     At school 
When we got to school, Lucy literally jumped out of the car. I walked out and saw Niall. I waved at him and he waved back. Then I saw Lucy and Louis talking, I waved at them but Lucy only waved. " hey jazmine come over here we need to talk" Lucy yelled me to come over. I walked over and she pecked his cheek and linked arms with me." so what did you want to tell me?"
" ok are you ready!"
"ok umm Louis asked me on another date, but we have to be alone" 
"so a real date?"
"yeah duh but don't tell my brother Kay?"
" don't tell me what" beck came into our conversation 
" about stuff ok?  Stay out of my bisuness!"
" ok why are you so mad!"
"because your always in my bissunes!"
"fine when he breaks your heart don't come crying to me!'' 
" let's go jazz I still need to tell you something." she grabbed my arm and pulled me into the janitors closet. 
"so what do you want?" I asked 
" ok so Niall and Louis want to do a double date" 
" but you told-
"I know but I only said that because beck was right there!"
" your a smart girl"
"Yes or no?"
"Yeah I guess" she hugged me and opened the door. Louis and Niall walked in with smirks on their faces.
" what the hell do you two losers want?" I said 
" we wanted to take two pretty girls to class" Niall winked at me. Louis and Lucy looked at each other and laughed. Then they walked out.
                Lucy's Pov 
Me and Louis walked to class, when we got there beck wouldn't stop staring at me. Well I was holding a superstars hand. Not just only a super star, but Louis Tomlinson the guy that I'm falling for.
    Trinity's Pov 
Well looks like love is in the air for Lucy and jazmine. I wished Harry liked me like Louis likes Lucy or Niall likes jazmine. I want to be loved like girls in movies or my life to be like a movie. Right now im in my creative writing class, and the teacher is talking about a project and partnering us with other people. And blah blah blah......
" trinity.. You are partnered up Harry styles" the teacher said. I was so pumped but a lot of the girls groaned it's most likely because he is a super star." why does that slut get to be partners with harry?" I heard the girls in the back whispering. " I bet she is going to have sex with him and tell the world" I felt tears forming and I couldnt take it. I walked out to see Nina walking to the bathroom. " hey Nina whats up?" I tried so hard to fight the tears. " trinity are you crying?" I broke down right in front of her which I rarely ever do.
" how about after lunch we skip and invite the girls?"
" only the girls" I said while I wiped my tears.
" why are you crying by the way?" 
" umm I got partnered with Harry for something but these girls kept saying stuff like I was going to use him" 
" well the bell is going to ring in one minute so let's gather our stuff"
"yeah we should and thanks by the way" I got up and walked away 
      Valerie's Pov 
At lunch I was sitting with the gang or that's what Robbie calls it. He annoys me but not as much as his dumb puppet. He is always hitting on people it makes me mad. Then I saw in their table, on what I call them trouble makers. ONE DIRETION. They were throwing food at each other, but my luck it missed and hit me in the face, but it gets worse it was spaghetti. Talk about embarrassing." Val do you need sauce with that?" rob tried to joke. But I was mad so I threw some of it at him. " hey the sauce burns my eyes" I started ignoring him. Then out of the corner of my eyes I saw the hot Liam Payne walk towards me.
" I'm so sorry about that my friends are 'idiots'" he said idiots louder so his friends could hear. " we are not idiots at least me and Niall can get girls and you can't. Who's the idiot now!" Louis yells over." well bye see ya later ok" then he walked off before I say bye! How rude.  
                Lucy's Pov 
When me and jazmine, Nina, trinity sat at the table. Valerie and Robbie were fighting. " hey any one wanna ditch school for the rest of the day to go to the beach?" Nina asked causing Robbie and Valerie's beckering to stop.
" today?" beck said
" yeah we're tired of school" said Nina 
 '' but we'll miss classes" 
" beck who cares! Get the stick that's up your butt and pull it out!" I yell at him.
" who is going?" Valerie asked narrowing her eye brows. All of the sudden pudding was in the back of my hair. It wasn't the most greatest feeling in the world." they got you too"  Valerie asked me.
" those little evil British boys!"  I said 
"oh my gosh my sorry! It's all my fault" Louis came and helped me get all the pudding out of my hair.
"it's ok, you don't have to help me."  
" ummm it's really stuck in there"
" ok guys we're trying to eat here" Andre said with his mouth full. Talk about gross.
" let's go to my table and eat" Louis said. Also grabbed my wrist before I could get my tray. We walked over to the table. I was nervous, what if they don't like me? My heart was pumping millions miles per hour. Well not a million but you get my point right? We sat down and the boys  stared at me.
" any one wanna ditch school today?"
" yeah we will love" Louis smiled after Harry said that. 
" it could be our second date yeah"  Louis said.
" guys uncle Simon won't be happy" liam said.
" Liam you can hang out with my brother he won't ditch school"   I said  
" come on daddy direction! Oh Boys they wanna have fun!" niall begs Liam. 
" fine...... where are we going to go" Liam asked
" the San Diego safari zoo" I suggested.
" are there lions"  Louis asked pointing to me. 
" yeah duh they're huge"
" well we should get going right?" 
" yeah it's a long ride so let's go" I said as I walked away. After we all packed up we went to the zoo.

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