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Kaitlynn was best friends with Louis Tomlinson, since forever. Louis comes back from tour a year later after their shared twentieth birthday, and Kaitlynn spends some time with him in boys, falling in love with Lou's guy best friend.


1. Hello Again

Kaitlynn's POV


Gah, he was finally coming home! My best friend. I thought of Louis as a brother, we were inseprable since we met at age four, fighting over some legos at the day care. Our mothers were surprised we didn't grow up and fall in love, and I think our dads were just surprised that we didn't grow apart.

I was the type of girl who kept a diary, who was outgoing, and only told my secrets to my best friend, and I wouldn't trade my life for the world.

Louis was super outgoing, and was always smiling. He cracked jokes at the best times, and always new what to say, unlike me. Everyone liked him, yet he never had a full on girlfriend. He was never official with girls.

Lou was a softy. He never broke anyones heart, and they always broke his. Louis didn't get over things fast. That's why we are so protective of each other. We are both sensitive, and never once had we gotten into a  fight. With Lou, theres no drama what so ever.


I smiled to myself and took my vibrating phone out of my pocket, seeing smiling Lou's picture. Putting the phone up to my ear, I answered it.

"Hey Lou!" I exclaimed. I was overjoyed and couldn't keep it in. From the sounds of it, so was Louis,

"Hey Kaitlynn! Our plane just landed! Meet me at the airport?"

I smiled and said, "Of course! Can't wait to meet the boys!"

Louis chuckled, I knew he had his big goofy smile on. "Louis!" I heard in the background. I heard another voice saying, "Harry, you can't talk to him now, he's on the phone with his girlfriend." Louis groaned into the phone and then there was a silence. A wincing sound came from the background. I knew exactly what happened, and I laughed with Louis.



"Kaitlynn!" yelled Louis as he ran to me picking me up and embracing me with a warm hug. I grinned and pulled back, looking at Louis' face. He was home. Finally.

Louis put my down, and picked up his luggage, as I lead him and the boys to my car. I never got a good look at the boys, but when I finally looked at them, my eyes widened.

Why are they all so gorgeous? I wondered.

Halfway back to my flat, I turned around at a red light and said, "And for the record, I'm not Lou's girlfriend." The boys oohed and looked at the one with black hair, the one I'm guessing that called me Louis' girlfriend. Giggling, I turned around and hit the gas, going back to my place.


At my flat, the boys put down their bags and sat on the couch, all but Louis that is. He went to the fridge and got some carrots. Of course I stocked my fridge with his favorite food, we were best friends after all.

"Gah, I missed you so much Lou!" I exclaimed pulling him in for a hug. We went out into the living to see all the boys on their phones. Sighing, I sat on the chair next to the couch, and to my surprise, Louis came over and started throwing carrots at me.

I stood up laughing, and grabbed some carrots of the floor. The carrots started flying at Louis, and a couple went behind him. The boys all looked up from their phones, and were watching us with smiles.

Louis bent over with his back to me, so I took the chance and ran over to him jumping on his back. He was surprised and accidentally ran us into a wall. I fell backwards off his back and fell on the floor, laughing my head off.

I missed this.


Authors Note

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