What is love?

Love is a 4 lettered word that comes between 2 people but can last from moments to forever.
This love story is between Niall Horan and Jamie Steele, a typical 17 year old teenager who spends all of her time working or at school with the boys. Niall and Jamie have been friends for years. Could things possibly heat up and blossom into something beautiful?


1. Ballet shoes and golden moments

Another day, another dance lesson. Another moment I would spend staring at my best friend, wishing things would change.
I'm Jamie. 17. Senior year, blahblahblah. And my best friend is Niall Horan. Well scratch that, my life.
I live in London with my parents, Carmen and Ross and my 16 year old brother, Keith.
I'm not originally from London. I'm American but my dad moved us here looking for adventure. He's such a kid.

"Jayyyyyyy! Wake up! We're gonna be late. Harry is outside in the car."
Oh what a beautiful accent. It only belonged to one Irish person in my life and that was Niall. Niall lived next door. We moved when I was only 12, you know. That awkward stage in life.

My blue eyes focused on his face. Oh that face.

"Niall, leave me alone. I don't wanna go to class today. Let me be a bad kid and skip!" I pouted.
I almost forgot to tell you. We don't go to a normal school. We go to a performing arts school, where they focus more on our talents than our brains.
"Jay I totally would let you skip but you have important stuff to do today. Like not skip." Niall said pulling my blankets off of me. I could feel my black hair sticking to my face. After another twenty minutes or so of arguing, I gave up. I jumped in the shower and brushed my teeth. My hair is naturally wavy so I didn't mess with it, and make up wise, a little mascara would do the trick.
I put on some sweat pants and a big tank top with my vans, since I had a hip hop workshop today.
Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. I'm a dancer and have been for a couple of years.

Nialls pov-----
Jamie finally came out of her room dressed and ready to go.
" You look good kid. Now hurry up and get in the car! Harry and I can't be late of Zayn will kill us!" I said throwing her a breakfast bar.
We finally got in the car and sped off. I like how Jays eyes go good with her shirt....no wait what am I saying?! She's my best friend. My little sister, I can't look at her like that. Our families have been friends for years and I don't wanna ruin that.

Jamie's pov----
We finally got to school with only minutes to spare. "Bye guys! I'll see you later! Love you." I yelled running to my class.
Please don't be late. Please don't be late. I finally found my dance studio and as I stepped in the bell rang.
'That was close..' I thought to myself as I sat down next to my friend Elle. Elle was rather skinny, but it was all muscle since she's been dancing all of her life. She had her blonde hair up and the greenest of eyes that could melt your heart.
The instructor came out and said the workshop has started.

Nialls pov---
Jamie ran off to class and Harry and I just went to find our friends since our class didn't start for another ten minutes. Zayn, Louis and Liam were sitting near a tree when we got to them.
"Aye guys. What's up?" I said throwing my stuff down.
"I'm just teasing Liam about his little crush on Jamie." Louis said evilly smirking.
When he said crush I froze for a second even though I've known about it. Liam has always had a thing for Jamie, but she's never returned the feeling. I'm kinda glad.
"Awh why don't you try asking her out again?" Harry said.
"She might reject me again." Liam said depressed. He's tried asking her out so many times I've lost count.
Right when I was about to say something, the bell rang.
Time to get to class.

Fast forward to lunch>>>>>
"JAYYYYYY GIVE ME MY SANDWICH BACK BULLY." I said trying to reach for it.
"YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE EATEN MY CANDY YOU ASS. I was really craving it!" Jamie said eating my sandwich. Usually I get mad when people touch my food, except for Jamie. She was an exception. The boys laughed as I sat in horror. My tuna sandwich was Gina in mere seconds.
Jamie's pov----
Niall and I always joked around but today I just wasn't feeling it much. I mean I still smiled and acted happy but deep down inside I was just sad.
" I think I'm gonna skip last period and just go home. I don't feel like dancing or seeing people much. I just wanna sleep!" I pouted getting up with my things and walking off. I lived like 10 minutes away but it was an easy walk.
At least I didn't have to walk through hills and stuff. I wasn't even off campus when I saw a car pull over in front of me.
"Wanna skip class together??" Nialls head popped out of the window. I smiled. My best friend knew how to raise my mood.
I got into the car and we drove off to my house, blasting the radio and singing along.

When we got there, nobody was home. Usually my younger brother is home but I guess he's hanging out with his new girlfriend.
This was perfect. Alone time with my best friend.
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