Imagines of Your 5 fave guys ;)

i'm basically writing imagines about our five favorite guys, i'm going to try and post a chapter everyday. please favorite/like me and i'll do it back. just comment that you did it and i'll do it as soon as i notice/ so please forgive me if it takes a while. thanks. :)


2. what he loves about you

Harry: He loves your the way your eyes sparkle when you smile hence he also loves your smile. He's obsessed with your hair and how soft it feels on his fingers. He also loves the way you look when you're angry with him, he thinks you look so cute when you're serious about a silly argument. 

Liam: He loves the face you make when your focusing on something, he's admitted you look like a child does when your drawing or making a shopping list and you know you forgot to put something. He loves your eyes and often times you catch him staring at you because shocked at how beautiful you are.

Louis: He loves the face you make when he surprises you. He also loves how you act with small children and how patient and sweet you are. He loves how content you always are and whenever your not happy, he knows and won't give up on making you happy until he succeeds.

Niall: Niall loves making you laugh and smile, because he loves the result. He loves when you get along with his friends and don't ever seem like you loath being around them. He loves when your hungry because you get angry and he knows how to fix it. He loves singing you to sleep.

Zayn: Zayn loves the way your eyes look at him right before a kiss. How grumpy you get when he wakes you     up so he can give you kisses until you smile. He loves dancing with you and how you beautiful you look in the rain. He loves when you make silly faces at him when he's trying to be serious.

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