Imagines of Your 5 fave guys ;)

i'm basically writing imagines about our five favorite guys, i'm going to try and post a chapter everyday. please favorite/like me and i'll do it back. just comment that you did it and i'll do it as soon as i notice/ so please forgive me if it takes a while. thanks. :)


1. how he'll tell you he loves you.. (4the1stTIME)

Harry: Harry is very traditional and romantic. He'll take you on a romantic date once he knows he loves you. He'll show up to your door with roses and give you a cheeky smile and say, "You know what?" and you'll look up at him waiting for the answer. "I love you."       

Liam: Liam tends to be very shy about things, and he knows you know that. So one night when he asks you to come to one of his concerts, he'll pull you up onstage and say, "________, I love you."

Louis: We all know Louis' type, loud, funny, yet extremely kind. Louis would take you out with friends and they would give him banter, which seems to make him blush. There's a secret they say he hasn't told you yet and you want to know. "Spit it out, already." you say. He takes you and your hand outside the shop. "Lou what are you doing?" you ask. "The secret is I love you, _______." "Funny, that was mine too." you say.                                                                                                                                    

Niall: Niall's less confident than the other's, but you may say his feelings are twice as strong. No matter what I right there's no way to avoid that this will have to do with food, maybe it'll be in a small way? Niall tells you to meet him at the park you told him awhile ago would be romantic for a date. Of course he has a picnic set up, but when you get there he sings you your favorite love song and says, "know why I sang you that?" he asks. You shug sarcastically with a big smile on your face. "because... I love you."                                                                                                                                              

Zayn: Known as the 'mysterious' and 'bad boi' has asked you to help paint his grand mum's house, yeah. So it's you two alone for the weekend. You two successfully just finished painting the empty living room  Both of you are wearing your most casual of clothes and are covered in playful marks of blue paint. Zayn tells you to come see how far he's got in the other room. You come in to see, you guessed it. 'I LOVE ________" is painted on the wall and you run up to hug him and say it back.

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