Imagines of Your 5 fave guys ;)

i'm basically writing imagines about our five favorite guys, i'm going to try and post a chapter everyday. please favorite/like me and i'll do it back. just comment that you did it and i'll do it as soon as i notice/ so please forgive me if it takes a while. thanks. :)


4. how he'll act toward you in public

Harry: Harry is a romantic, no doubt. He'll tell you he loves you no matter who's with you or what your doing. His favorite thing will be put his arm around yoir waist while out on a walk or hanging out with friends. He'll kiss you around total strangers and total friends, he's definitely not a shy lad.   


 Liam: Liam would show affection in public, but as for as kissing goes, he'll peck you on the forehead or the cheek most times. He tries being respectful towards others so he's alot tamer in public. But he's always holding your hand.    

                                                                                                                                                                       Louis: Louis is probably the one that would least care who's around when he goes in for a kiss. He's the most confident and after all, he is the oldest. The only time he will tone it down is around children and your parents. Otherwise he'll show you off to all his friends and make sure they know you're his.


Niall: Niall will be a bit shy, but he also won't be all over you. You'll soon find him kissing you at all the right moments. People will awe over your cute moments of affection. But, Niall says, if any guy ever looks at you or checks you out, I'm showing him the only person that'll ever get to kiss you. 

                                                                                                                                                                Zayn: Zayn seems slightly reserved and mysterious to anyone who doesn't know him as well as you. He's a total dork. When you to go out he'll kiss you whenever a good time comes and he'll protect you when fans crowd around you two. He'll be a very jealous boyfriend  always having to prove your his. But you secretly love it.

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