Orphans have luck too

A 17 year old orphans named Fanar. Live with her guy friends from the orphanage. Works at Nandos. Parents died when she was a baby. Breaks rules. Makes rules. Hates girly girls. Hates skirts. She has never been loved. Has been adopted ones by abusiv people. She ran away back to the orphanage. Will she ever find love? And with who? Who is her prince?


1. Fanar Anderson/Chapter 1

Introduction of the character Fanar Anderson

Fanar Anderson

Hi my name is Fanar i'm 17 years old. My mom died when she gave birth to me and my
dad was too poor to take care of me and no one in the family wanted me because my parents
we're never married they we're both young. My mom was 17 when she died my dad was 19
when he died with a car accident. Ya it's said when you didn't even see your own parents's
faces. My dad put me up for adoption because he had no job and i was only 5 days old when
that happened. So am an orphan. I have been adopted once but they we're abusive they used
to come home and get drunk and hit me so i ran back to the orphanage and told them
everything , they toke them to jail their still there.well that's my past here's the more important
stuff about me.

Things i love:FOOD , dance , sing ,eat my best friends Eleanor , Danielle , Pierre
(their not orphans she doesn't know their famous)

Things i hate :Bugs , sluts , dolls , makeup

Birthday :August 26

favorite color : Green/ Lime

favorite food:Tacos/ Everything

height :5'6
Never had a boyfriend before well that's it about me

This is my second fan fiction hope you like it

Chapter 1 begins:

I woke up this morning sun shinning on my eyes . I walked to my 5 room mates and woke them up.
Their all boys just to let you know.
I walked to the door and opened it and went straight to the bathroom before the other guys toke it.
You see there are two floors to this building and i live on the second floor with all the guys am the oldest.
I never date any guy that is younger than me.
I would want my first boyfriend to be older muscular a little not too much.
i love it when guys have accents aughh too cute.
I brushed my teeth put my clothes on.
( [polyvore] don't mind the make up and credits go to sexonacidandpot thanks for the outfit :D)
i walk out to see 24 mad cute faces looking at me.

"What?!! a girl has to take her time " i said i flipped my hair acting like a total girly girl which i hate and walked away they all chuckeled.
i sneaked out of the building because no one is suppose to leave in the mornings but i have a job to go to.
I walked to my job it's not that far it's only 7 buildings down the rode no one really knows me.
I walked in Nandos - that's where i work- i checked in and walked behind the counter to put my rope and top on and did my job.
I work from 9:00 A.M-3:00 P.M.
I work for about 6 hours i mach enough money to eat and buy me clothes.
The guys in the orphanige let me stay there cause they know i have no where else to go.they
we're kind enough to not tell the teachers on me i still live here cause i didn't tell the owner of the building that i still live here
but i did call the cops on my abusive "parents". So am safe with me staying here with the guys.

***4 Hours later***

only 2 hours to go and i have to go back to the orphanige. I served a lot of people and i got a lot of tips for being fast
i love getting tips it makes me feel like am doing my job right. But just then those boys came in again.
They are like the best customers anyone could have, they order so much food it's amazing and that blond one eats the most
it's like his my twin brother although he dose look older and familier? mmmhm.I walked up to their table.
"Hello , my name is Fanar and i am going to be your waitress what would you guys like to drink?"i said smiling sweetly
"we will have 2 coca cola and 2 sprite and 1 water please"said one of the guys he had a birth mark on his throught
and he was British omg sooo cute. I smiled at them and said i would be back with their drinks.I got what they told me they
wanted and walked to their table
"2 coca cola ?" i asked the blond pointed to the birth mark kid and the curly head one
"2 sprite?" i asked the one with the black and brown hair pointed at each other.
"and here is your water sir" i said to the blond. his so cute.
"thanks love" he said OMG his Irish awwwwww so cute.
"No problem do you guys want to order now or should i come back about 5 minutes later ?"i asked.
"mmmm no actually we're ready ill have the fried chicken with mashed potato,and some gravy on the top,
and some rice,with potato chips"the Irish one said i wrote it down fast.
This went on about 5 minutes just writing down what those guys we're saying i had 5 pages full each
guy had their own page . Woow they eat A LOT.
i gave the orders to Fred the cook and he was done in about 3 minutes i walked to the table
5 times each time holding one order for each guy. They all thanked when i was about to walk away
one of them called after me.
"Excuse me Farnar i have a question"one of them called and he said my name wrong.
"yes sir how can i help you?" i asked nicely.
"i was just thinking can i have some paper to color on like that little boy?" the guy asked (Louis)
"umm but those are for kids sir" i said is he serious he looks like his 20?
" i know but can i still have one ?" he asked and then he gave me the puppy eyes.
he has some beautiful eyes. i nodded and walked away to get what he wanted.
When i walked back his face lit up when he saw me holding a picture of a carrot.
"yayyaayyy thank you thank you so much i love carrots thanks Farnar" he said then he .... hugged me?
"umm your welcome?" that came out more of a question that a staitment.
"oh and my name if Louis this is Harry Niall Liam and this is Zayn"he pointed at all of them while saying their names .
"and my name is FANAR "i said making sure they hear my name right.
"oh i have been saying your name wrong this hole time" he laughed. i smiled.
"it's alright well call for me if you need anything sir"and with that i walked away .

**after 1 hour and a half**
"Fanar oh Fanar we're ready to leave ohhhh Fanrrrrrrrr" Louis called across from the room.
"yes sir what can i help you with?" i asked
"well first stop calling me sir, second can we have the check please"
"sorry and yes sure umm are you going to pay in cash or card?"i asked
"cash"Niall am assuming said. i nodded and went to grab the check.
After they had paid i and they left without me giving them their change.i
walked to their table to see some extra money not from the check but some money and a note on it.
i picked up the note and read.

Thank you for being an awesome waitress
i bet you don't now us but call me and ill tell you .
you might know who we really are
we're not going to raipe you alright fine i
ll tell you we're in a band called One Direction
so call me i would love to see you again.

Niall The blond Irish


I got a number a phone number, a guys phone number. Guys we're never really into me much
but ..... his famous ... ill call him when i get back.And out of work somewhere more privet

Thank you so much for reading please comment and tell me what you think about it. lots of love thank you for reading means a lot

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