She's Not Afraid

Annie Parker is trying her best to live a sum what normal life, but for Annie normal is far from what she is. Annie is the daughter of Hades and if that wasn't enough Annie's mum possesses magic, so naturally Annie does as well. Annie is in for some wild times trying to keep her magic a secret from the rest of the kids at camp Half-Blood and also while keep her demigod secret from her magic friends. This is the story of Annie Parker.


2. Chapter Two

I now sat in the headmasters office. My fingers were tapping on the mahogany desk. Dumbledore was 20 minutes late and I was growing impatient. Suddenly a door was pushed in and in walked Dumbledore himself; while beard and all. "Ms. Parker how are you doing this fine day?" Dumbledore asked me in a light airy voice. "I'm doing well." I told him before giving him a small smile. "Lets get on with the sorting." Dumbledore said before grasping a tattered hat and walking to stand in front of me. He slid the hat onto my head and it began to speak.

You my dear have grate intelligence, you will achieve many things. Your cunning yet resourceful, like your father. Smart and of good wit, as your mother was. Brave and strong, which comes from your inner goddess. Loyalty and compassion, traits you received from a good friend Percy. You my dear Anubis are from attributes of all the houses, very rare. Which house do you want? I want to be in the house that will help me the most in my demigod life; I thought to the hat. Hum that would most likely be.... "GRYFFINDOR!" The hat announced.

Dumbledore then removed the hat and put it back in it's original place. "Ms. Parker once the train arrives you will be expected to fall in with the students of your year and house. Is that understood?" "Yes sir." I told him before turning to leave his chambers. I wondered around the school until I found the great hall. Some how the universe was on my side because right at that moment kids were filing into the school. First it was 2nd years, then my year, 3rd.

I fell into step with the rest of the 3rd years, nobody even saw me slip into the crowd. The great hall was one word, amazing. The whole castle was done in a vintage, mid-evil theme, it was beautiful. The roof, oh my the roof, was projecting the night sky. Stars were dotted all over the roof. There were tapestries over four long tables, most likely to symbolize each house. I took a close look at all the tapestries a was able to determine the different houses.

I soon saw that it was my years turn to take their seats. I followed the other kids in my year that were heading to the table with the gold and red tapestry. I took my seat next to a boy with bright red hair. Soon everyone was in their seats and the first years started to file in. Within 40 minutes almost all the first years were sorted. There was only one left and he was obviously not a first year. Dumbledore stood up to speak, "Students, this year we have 2 new exchange students. One is already amongst her house as she was sorted prior to the arrival of the trains. The other how ever chose to be sorted in front of the entire school. Continue on Professor McGonagall." Professor McGonagall gave a brief nod to Dumbledore before announcing the name, "Nico Di Angelo."

I gasped as I watched my brother walk up to the sorting hat. The hat sat on top of Nico's head for a good while before announcing that Nico was a...

~To Be Continued~          

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