She's Not Afraid

Annie Parker is trying her best to live a sum what normal life, but for Annie normal is far from what she is. Annie is the daughter of Hades and if that wasn't enough Annie's mum possesses magic, so naturally Annie does as well. Annie is in for some wild times trying to keep her magic a secret from the rest of the kids at camp Half-Blood and also while keep her demigod secret from her magic friends. This is the story of Annie Parker.


3. Chapter Three

I gasped as I watched my brother walk up to the sorting hat. The hat sat on top of Nico's head for a good while before announcing that Nico was a... Gryffindor. The hat was taken off of Nico's head and he began to make his way to the Gryffindor table, towards me. "Brother." I greeted as he took a seat next to me. "Sister." Nico greeted me in the same fashion that I had him. "What are you doing here?" I asked in a low monotone. "Business for father, of course." He said with a simple smirk on his face. "No need for me to ask why your here." Nico added as an after thought. I was about to respond when the ginger that was seated next to me spoke up.

"Urm, excuse me, but who would you be?" The ginger asked. The question was obviously meant for me. "Annie, Annie Parker." I answered in a bored tone, "Who might you be?" "Ron Weasley." The ginger replied, not even a bit fazed by my attitude. "Are you two siblings?" Ron continued on. "Half." Nico answered with a slow drawl to his deep voice. "Same father or same mother?" Ron asked. This kid is obviously very curious. "Father." I told Ron before deciding to fire my own question back. "Any siblings?" I questioned. "5 brothers, 1 sister." Ron answered before for asking another question, "Any other siblings besides each other?" I looked over a Nico only to see him shake his head no, meaning he wanted me to answer. "Yes, her name was Bianca." "Was?" "She passed on." I responded before turning my head to Dumbledore. 

After I turned away Ron stopped with the question's. I was silently awaiting Dumbledore to finish off his speech. Dumbledore soon finished and dismissed us to eat, which I did. The food at Hogwarts was rich and moist. While I was at Hogwarts I was not required to give up offerings to the gods as to keep a low profile. So for once in a good long while I got to eat my full meal. Once I finished I placed my utensils on the edge of my plate and waited to be dismissed by Dumbledore. As soon as we were dismissed to head off to our common room I stood up to leave, only to realize that I did not know the location of the common room. 

I looked around the room to see a boy in Gryffindor robes. The boy was quite handsome. He had tousled black hair and emerald green eyes, and perched atop his nose were a pair of round glasses. I walked up to the boy and tapped his shoulder. "Excuse me would you be able to show me where the Gryffindor common room is?" I asked. The boy turned to look at me. After quick scrutiny he replied, "Sure." I smiled and gestured for him to lead the way. He gave me a small smile before leading me towards the common room.

"What would be your name?" he asked me. "Annie Parker." I responded. "Harry Potter." The boy, Harry, stated. "Year?" Harry asked. "3rd, and you?" I questioned. "Same. Any siblings?" Harry wondered. "1 half-brother." I responded before asking him the same question, to which he replied none. By time Harry and I had reached the common room we knew quiet a bit about each other. When we walked into the common room I saw my brother was sitting on a couch talking to a girl with bushy hair.

I began walking over to Nico, Harry at my heels. "Hello Nico. Who's your friend?" I asked. "Annie this is Hermione and Hermione this is my half-sister Annie. Your turn Annie." Nico said while nodding towards Harry. "Brother this is Harry and Harry this is my half-brother Nico Di Angelo." I told Nico with a scowl on my face. "Well I shall be retiring to bed." I commented before heading up the stairs to the girls dorms. This year was going to be a long one.     

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