She's Not Afraid

Annie Parker is trying her best to live a sum what normal life, but for Annie normal is far from what she is. Annie is the daughter of Hades and if that wasn't enough Annie's mum possesses magic, so naturally Annie does as well. Annie is in for some wild times trying to keep her magic a secret from the rest of the kids at camp Half-Blood and also while keep her demigod secret from her magic friends. This is the story of Annie Parker.


1. Chapter One

Life as a teenager. It's hard, sure. It's fun and exciting. It's painful and like a sin. Being a teenager is hard enough as it is, but when you throw in a couple secrets, whom not a soul can know, and a few perilous adventures, then well, watch out. The years of being adolescents are some of your roughest years, though they can be fun. Sometimes you just have to keep on moving, through thick and thin. But others it's okay to fail. You can't be perfect, and I am far from it, but you can try your best. My years as a teen are hard and your soon to find out why.

Hi my name is Anubis Maureen Parker, but most call me Annie. I'm a 13 year old girl who struggles just like everyone. My parents are some people who could be some what familiar to you. My mum is Hali Parker, the famous mythology author, and my dad is Hades, yep Hades as in the god of the underworld. Both my parents are pretty extraordinary, my dad is a god and my mum is a author who is also a witch, pretty cool right... wrong. Because of who my mum is I never know how genuine a friendship is. My dad is a different story, nobody gives a crap about who he is. Most people actually fear my dad. Other than who my parents are my life is just like yours.

Right now I am preparing to start a new school year at a new school. I recently got kicked out of my other school, Hensworth School For Sorceresses. Now my mum has decided to give me a total famous life detox and is sending me to the U.K to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I knew she wants me to try harder, so that's why she is sending me away. I just have one question, what if I'm needed at home? My mum told me that the headmaster would be there for any transportation for the mere fact that he was the only one who knew of my demigod heritage. I also knew of the fact that I would be treated to a private sorting in the headmasters office, so therefore my presence was required an hour prior to the arrival of the train. 

I honestly think that this school could be different, maybe.       

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