I want you to rock me

This is my first fanfic for Harry! I would rly like some fedback plz. Kik me at karbearcleve.xx.
Lexi is a slut. She sleeps with every guy that pays her.


2. The afternoon job

Lexi pov~
I waited for my best friend Harry styles. He finally showed up and he grabbed my hand. We started walking down the side of the beach. Harry turned to face me. He was leaning in. *end of dream.* Damn I gotta stop dreaming of him. He didn't like me like that. I got up and got ready for school. I got a red thong, white super skinny jeans, a white see threw blouse, and a red push up bra two sizes small. I dint care what people think. At least I'm getting it and their not. Luckily my parents that are billionaires don't care what I look like. They even let me have sex when they are in the house. My mom is so supportive of me. I don't get why. All they really care about is my body. I mean like how skinny I was and my appearance I don't even want to mention how many times I got surgery because my parents weren't "satisfied" by my looks. Lets just say the only real things in my body or my boobs, butt, lips, and my eyes. They are like the Asians little girls eyes. I saw on Facebook there are only seven of them and stuff. But I make eight. I'm not racist it's just the only way I can explain. Well sometimes I can be racist... But I'm not now. I have really long about waist length black hair. I put my hair back and did it in a fish tail. I went into my bathroom and brushed my teeth and makeup. I don't put a lot of make up in just mascara and blush and red lip stick. I put my red high heels on and I got a sweater on and I got money for lunch and my purse. I got my keys to my convertible. I got in and put my keys in. My song came on the radio. Well I have two songs. I got them both from the strip club. I got that job yesterday and I'm already popular with the guys. After the club closed all the girls ordered food and talked. The girls made me feel welcomed. One girl named Stacy gave me to songs. They are my jumps by black eyed peas and scream by usher. But this one was my humps. Personally this was my favorite song. I started to sing it. My bestie named Rayne said I was a really good singer. She disapproves of me acting like i do. But when you get to know me know me I'm a smart, nice, flirty, and funny(not sluttly.) Sex and singing are my hobbies. Don't judge me. I just to fool around live on the wild side, plus I just really love sex and I don't know why. After I'm done fooling around with a boy i tell them to only speak of this thing around school and don't give my number to any nerds. (I only go for jocks and hot singers.) mostly when I have sex with some jocks it's a one time thing. I probably slept with about 30-40 guys and I'm surprised I don't have STD's. I never got them. Ok back on topic Rayne. She is really quite, smart, and annoying at times. But I love her. But when you know her good she laughs a lot and eats a ton! I continued to sing my humps and think about Harry because of my dream. He is two years older than me always have been. He is 18 right now. Lucky for him he can drink with out getting in trouble. Don't get me wrong Harry is a sexy mofo and I'd tap that shiz but he is my best friend.. Well old one. I had a HUGE crush on him and he never noticed. Sometimes that's the reason why I became a slut. Right at he left I began sleeping with guys and partying and drinking. I skip school a lot to. I finally pulled up in my parking spot and saw Rayne waiting for me at the side we always go in. We have all the same classes luckily I don't get why she is in such stupid classes and yet she is sooo brilliant. Maybe she likes helping me with my homework I don't know. I walked by her and pulled her in the school. "Finally about time you got here! And really come on Lexi at least use that sweater so I don't see your big boobs." She said. "Damn is someone in a mood?" I smirked. "No just on my period." "Ahh babe come by my house after school and well watch movies and eat chocolate?" "I would like that but no guys just us promise?" "Mhm just girls. Girls night!" I screamed.
Raynes pov~
I waited like 10 mins for Lexi. She is always late. I don't get why I'm friends with her. But she is a nice girl under all the sex crap. She finally pulled up and got out of her car and ran by me. I bitched at her because i was on my period. She let me come over and have a girls night. We walked to ours classes. Woohoo this is gonna be fun... Not!
-skips all classes-
Lexi's pov~
Finally some of the classes are over. It's lunch time. I got my money out my bag. I waited for Rayne because she is slow went she is on her period. We got in line and got our food. I got a salad and Rayne got a big slice of cheese pizza. We both ate when I grabbed her pizza and took a bite out of it. But she didn't care. "Hey funny question, did you see me making out in the back of the room with Cole?" "Oh yeah I did that was a bit weird Lexi.." "I know it's just I feel like a bad ass when I stupid shit like that. Oh yeah I got to tell you something! I got a job." "Oh god what is it this time?" "A cashier." "Omg really." "Yeah not its a strip club!" "What?!?" "Yeah I only work on Mondays, friday, and Saturday only for 2-3 hours and I only work poles its not like I do lap dances and other stuff..." "Ok I guess that's ok.."
-finishes lunch and skips classes-
We headed to my car and went to my house. "I can never really get use to your house its so big!" "Haha I know but get use to it ill be owning it in a bit." "Haha ok what love should me watch?" "LOVE ACTUALL!" "Ok don't need to scream."
-skips movie.-
"I got to go to work you can crash here, ill be back in 2 hours." "Ok bye see you then!" "Ok bye!"
-skips car ride-
"Hey babe you finally got here! Your 6 o'clock customer is here." "Oh ok thanks ill go dressed." "Ok bye Lexi." "Bye Stacy!" I got dressed fast and went by my pole. "Hey chuck how you been?" "I been good now just do your thing please I'm depressed and I need some action." "Mhm anything for you."
-skips customers-
"Hey Stacy I'm leaving." "No you got 5 more customers and they are famous and rich! Jus do it." "Ugh fine." I looked at the five guys walking towards me. I looked at all them. Smiling at what I see but when I hit the lay guy on the end I froze. It's Harry! Harry my old best friend! OMG OMG I don't know what to do. Mate he forgot me. Ill just do it and leave.
-skips dancing and intros-
Harry's pov~
I remember someone with those eyes! Who was that! Think styles think! I dont known I give up. Damn she knows how to work that pole. I'm thinking about being a regular customer for her. But her eyes are just like someone I knew a few years ago. Probably before xfactor. Oh well. Damn from all five of us she got a lot of money. After she was done I walked over to her and handed her my number. I four is older than 18 I think more like 17.
Lexi's pov~
I got all the money off the platform and ran for the changing room. Before I almost got there harry stopped and gave me his number. Some girls would kill for this. I ran off and went to change. U changed and got my half of the money. I handed the rest to Stacy and left. When I got home I took a shower and good some food and watched tv for a bit. I dragged Rayne into my room so she doesn't have to sleep on the couch. She is a deep sleeper. I finally got her in my bed and got ready to go to sleep. I jumped in bed and fell asleep.
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