I want you to rock me

This is my first fanfic for Harry! I would rly like some fedback plz. Kik me at karbearcleve.xx.
Lexi is a slut. She sleeps with every guy that pays her.


14. Taken by the damn waitress part (2/2)


Harry's pov~

i got a text from lexy saying the waitress took her? that jealous one oh god people these days. i tried tracing the text but it didn't work. i was telling the police information about the waitress when my phone rang. i answered it thinking it was lexy.


me: hello lexy?!?!

unknow: not lexy but shes next to my nearly pasted out.

me: don't hurt her you bitch!

unknow: to late if you want her to actually to live then don't involve the cops and follow these inrustions. 1. go to 4546 street ave (made up) 2. leave your phone and anything sharp 3. don't tell anyone.

me: ok I'll do it but if you kill her I'll end you.

unkown: understandable but you couldn't catch me if you tried.

end of conv-----------------

Lexy's pov~

I was losing blood fast. My vision was blurring. I was slowly slipping unconscious. 'No no we have to keep you alive.' She put pressure on my leg. I screamed awaking up more. 'If you die I die, so don't.' I laughed thinking seeing her dead. But it was to late I slipped into a deep sleep, not really caring when to wake up. I felt multiple things happen to me. I felt being slapped, water splashed me, and more pressure on my leg. I smiled in my sleep thinking the thought of her dead. I was slowly woken, not completely, by yelling. 'You bitch I told you she has to be alive.' 'Harry?' i said weakly. I heard the screaming going on. I pulled all the strength left in me and yelled Harry. The yelling stopped. I heard a thup, and foot steps running up stairs. 'Lexy?' I heard the voice. I was possive that was Harry. 'Harry in here hurry.' I saw the knob rattle but it was locked. I closed my eyes one more time. I jumped up when i heard the door being broken down. I saw Harry running oveer to me. 'Babe, what did she do you.' 'Just get me out.' i said in a deep raspy voice. He untied the ropes and picked me up. 'Come on Lexy stay with me.' 'I will just take me to the nearest hospital fast.' 'Ok, hold on babe i got to lift you up. 'Do it the faster you do it faster the pain goes away.' I smiled weakily. He picked me up and ran to his car. Don't get me wrong it hurt like a motherfucking bitch but held it in for Harry so he doesn't feel bad. When he laid me in the back I pasted out from all the pain.

At hospital---

Harry's pov~

I picked Lexy out from my car and into the entrance. I keep calling for help until someone put her on a bed and rolled her away telling me I can't follow bond the doors. I started cring and bawling like a little kid. The lads showed up trying to help me get my stuff back in order. --Hours later and after 3 surgies-- 'Harry Styles?' I jumped up and ran to the doctor. 'I'm sorry Harry but  I don't think she'll make it.' I lost it then, and went crazy.


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