I want you to rock me

This is my first fanfic for Harry! I would rly like some fedback plz. Kik me at karbearcleve.xx.
Lexi is a slut. She sleeps with every guy that pays her.


10. Please stop/ because of you part 1

Lexi's pov~

I woke up to the smell of food cooking. I was always the one to cook because my mom and dad are never home. I threw the covers and ran downstairs. I saw Harry cooking pancakes. I ran up behind Harry. He didn't seem to notice me so I hugged him from behind. 'Yummy! Pancakes my fav!!' 'Yup,' haz said making the p pop. 'Thanks i haven't had anyone cook for me in forever! He laughed and nodded. He flipped the pancakes one more time and threw them onto two plates. i had three because I have a lot of cravings for pancakes. I put a boat load of syrup on my pancakes and began eating. 'We need to talk,' 'your 'job' called today and asked if you can come in, please stop this job, I don't want to compete for you I love you Audi want to be with you.' 'I forgot aut that! And yes I will. We'll go shopping time for me to be getting rid of those sluttly clothes.' He smiled and ate the rest of his pancakes. I feel like my old self now that harrys back. I feel like I'm changing all over again.

Harry's pov~

i finally had her all to myself. I'm going to ask her to come to London and met the boys the right way. I doubt she needs her parents permission. No offense to her parents ruby and max but they really dont care what she does. I love them both a lot there like my second parents. But they just don't care. I'm  truly madly deeply in love with this girl. 'Hey I have a question lex,' 'what??' 'Uhm will you come back to London with me?' 'YES! But I want the boys to meet me first and then I have xfactor additions.' 'We can met them at the mall and I can fly you to xfactor.' 'Don't need to fly me because they are holding it in London.' 'Ok I'll call the boys now.' 


Lou: ellooooo!!!!!

me: hey Lou I got a question.

lou: what's it haz?

me: do you guys want to come to the mall with me and Lexi.'

Lou: hold let me ask. "Background" 'Oi boys do you want to go met Harry's girlfriend!?' They said sure.

me: be there at 12.

lou: Kk bye haz.


i told Lexi to get dressed and hurry because its 1130.

-at the mall-

lexi's pov~

we waited for them at the entrance. They finally sowed up five minutes later. 'Hello I'm Liam he's Niall he's Zayn he's Louis and you know Harry.' 'Hi I'm Lexi.' They said hi and we began running around buying clothes and doing things. 'Holy carrots! Look at this boys! We walked over by Louis and saw he was holding a huge carrot. We all laughed went he bought it and started to eat it. Me direction wmyb came on in the mall and we began singing it like retards. Oh god i could live with these boys. 


ill add another part later tonight feedback!


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