I want you to rock me

This is my first fanfic for Harry! I would rly like some fedback plz. Kik me at karbearcleve.xx.
Lexi is a slut. She sleeps with every guy that pays her.


1. Into

Name: Lexi ocean hair color: black type of hair style: curly eye color: blueish crystal weight: 85-90 pounds parents: Ruby and Max ocean best friend: Rayne Flower fav color: blue and purple fav food: everything fav animal: dogs and cats birthday: February 14. Description: shortish/tallish in the middle, black haired, blue eyes, skinny, slut.
Other people's description : slut, whore, hot, booty call, boy friend stealer, bitch etc..
Name: Rayne Flower hair color: dirty blonde type of hair style: straight eye color:green weight:95-100 pounds parents: Daisy and Frank Flowers best friend: Lexi Ocean fav color: red fav food: pizza fav animal: tigers birthday: may 3. Description: small, skinny, blonde haired, green guys, wears glasses but uses contacts sometimes, likes to follow the rules. Other people's description : quite, shy, smart, pretty, whore, gg "goody goody", smart ass etc.
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