I want you to rock me

This is my first fanfic for Harry! I would rly like some fedback plz. Kik me at karbearcleve.xx.
Lexi is a slut. She sleeps with every guy that pays her.


9. Forgetting

Harry's pov~
It's been three days since Lexi's been in the hospital. I really want to know what made her do this. It just doesn't seem to add up. I finally got the courage to ask the doctor what happened because they know what happened. Why she did this. 'Ello doctor can I talk to you?' 'Sure son about what?' 'What made her do this?' He face was shocked. 'Well last night we uh called her and told her that ranye didn't make it.' No wonder why she did this her best friend died. I felt so bad for her. 'Oh ok tanks doctor.' I walked back in the room. I sat down on the chair and grabbed her hand. 'Please Lexi I just got you into my life again please don't leave me I need you ill be your rock protect you from everything, I do anything for you I..I..I love you Lexi.' I started to cry. I felt my hand her Squeezed my hand. 'Doctor! Doctor! She squeezed my hand!!!' They came running in. 'Keep fighting Lexi.' I bent down and pecked her lips. I squeezed her hand. I looked at her face and saw her eyes open wildly. 'Where am I? Harry I haven't seen you in former why are you here?' She questioned. I was confused. Oh no oh no this can't be happening. She lost some of her memory. 'Where's Rayne?' She questioned with a confused face. 'Why am I in a hospital?' 'You don't remember us Lexi? Rayne uh... Didn't make it.' 'Didn't make make what?!' She started to go in shock. Her heart Monitor went crazy. 'Stand back son.' They got the shock things and placed it on her chest. I'm such a idiot I might have lost the one loved again. I looked at the heart monitor and saw it was back to normal. I smiled and looked at her. Her faced showed co fusion, sadness, and love? Why love? Did she love me when we you get? I had all these questions spinning in my head.
Lexi's pov~
I didn't know where I was. Why was Harry here? He left for X factor. What happened to ranye? I want to know. And I also want to know why I'm in here. The doctors pulled Harry out into the hall. I got off the bed and went into the bathroom. I sat down on the role it and pulled the dress hospital skirt thingy. I sat down and went pee. Then I was about to wipe with I saw a bunch of stitched on both of my higher calfs. Is this what I did? I looked every where else on my body. It was just on my inert thighs, higher thighs, and my ankles. I wiped myself and wales back out. 'Oh thanks god I thought you left,' Harry said and hugged me. 'Why am I here Harry? Tell me please.' 'Last time I told you something you went into shock and almost died.' 'Please harry I beg you please tell.' 'Ok ok, you found out Rayne didn't make it and you got so upset you cut yourself and blacked out and was sleep for three days.' Wow I did all that? 'What happened to her?' 'We don't know, we were on a date when we walked into your house and we her face fury on the floor.' I began to cry. Wait me and Harry? Since when? What? I didn't think he would like me like that. 'How long have we been dating?' 'About week or two.' 'Oh ok.' 'When can I get out?' 'The doctors said in two hours.' 'Ok can you get me food? I'm starving.' 'Sure be back in thirty.'
Harry's pov~
The doctor took me out into the hall. 'Harry you have to tell her everything, it will only help her understand everything, she might get her memory back we aren't a 100% sure she will or when she will, but she will mostly likely get it back. She only lost up to a four weeks of memory. Now Harry we need you to keep a close eye on her, of something happens like this again her parents will do something and shell not make it. Understand?' 'Yes I do.' I walked in and looked for Lexi. She wasn't there. I hear the toilet flush and out walked Lexi. I thought she left. She aside done a bunch of questions. The doctor just said to tell her everything. So I did. She looked a bit shocked at first but the. She go use to all the new knowledge she got. Sheave me run down and get her food. I order McDonald's and I drought it back up. We ate and talked for a while. It was time for her to leave so I signed her out and took her home. 'Hey Harry tired can you carry my up to my room.' I did but I Accidentally hit her head on the door fame. She was out for five minutes or less. 'Omg lexi I'm so sorry.' 'Its ok harry I remember now.' 'Remember what.
?' 'Everything.' I got up and Passionately kissed her lips. We didn't stop until one of us need a break. We Eventually fell asleep.
Guess! I need a co author! Things I want in a co author: had at least one- two books, has Experience in writing and why u want to be.! Ok guys ill when I get some people who want to be ill pick the winners and I want feedback!
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