I want you to rock me

This is my first fanfic for Harry! I would rly like some fedback plz. Kik me at karbearcleve.xx.
Lexi is a slut. She sleeps with every guy that pays her.


3. Calling him

Chapter two:
Calling him
Harry's pov~
"Hazz what's on your mind you haven't move out of the poisson for about 10-15 mins." "Remember that girl who gave us that dance stuff?" "How can I forget it dude she knew how to work that pole." "Haha Lou I know right but I remember her eyes from somewhere." "Dayum her eyes turned me on the most. They are fucking hot." "And what do you mean you remember those eyes?" "I think I know her." "How?" "I don't know something at me is screaming at me because I don't remember her." "Well at least did you give her your number?" "Mhm Lou I did." "That's mah boy!" "Lou calm down ! It's like 11!"Liam yelled. "Ok sorry li li." Lou high fived me and went into his room. I got up and went to bed. I fell asleep less than 5 mins.
Lou's pov~
Dayumm that's dancer knows that pole. I mean damn. And her eyes holy shit! They turned me on so much. After my talk with Harry I went straight to bed.
Raynes pov~
I woke up to the sound of Lexi's alarm clock. It was 6:00. I forgot my clothes. I tired to wake up Lexi. "LEXI GET YOUT FREAKING ASS UP! WE ARE GONNA R LATE FOR SCHOOL!" "Five more mins." "No now!" "Fine." She grumbled. "I need some of your clothes I forgot mine at my house." "Ok just look in the closet or my drawers." "Ok." I went to go look in her drawers but all I saw was really short stuff. It isn't the first time I showed my body like this. I slept over on a school night and I forgot my clothes and the same thing happened I had to wear this crap. I got out short shorts that are black and red shirt the covered about everything except bell button and lower. I sighed and asked Lexi if I can use one of her shoes because if I wear my gym shoes ill really look dumb. She looked at me up and down. "I got the perfect shoes!" "Ok just give them to me." She hands me red converses. Finally something I like. "Can I use some socks?" "Mhm. Here." "Thanks."
-skips getting ready and ride to school.-
Lexi's pov~
I thinking telling Rayne about the whole thing that happened yesterday. She doesn't know I knew harry styles when I was younger. "Hey Rayne I have to tell you something." "Ok shoot." "Well you know harry styles?" "Of course who doesn't he is from one direction. What about him?" "Well.... I knew him... And he use to be my best friend before he signed up for xfactor..." "OMG you knew the Harry styles?!?! Oh sorry continue." "Well when I was working last night.. He and his friends came at my work and I sort of had to do my job.. On them.." "OMG you gave one direction a pole dance?!?" "Uhm yeah. And Harry gave me his number but I don't know if I should call him.." OMG call him call him call him!!!" "I don't know come over and we'll short it out?" "Kk babe." "Maybe I'll text him." "OMG yeah!" "Ok calm down haha." "How can I?!? You have Harry styles number?!?" "Shut up or i won't text or call him." "Fine." I got my phone out. "Come ill do it on the way to the classes, we are gonna be late for class." "Since when did you care if we are late?" "I don't know why actually." "Well lets just go." "Ok."
Raynes pov~
We were walking when I felt someone was about to grab my butt. Right before a guy could I grabbed his handed and twisted it. "No groping at the south equator you asshole!" "Damn gg gone bad." Someone said. "Why do people call me gg?!" "Because gg stands for goody goody." "Oh well that explains a lot!" "Calm down babe your are fine just looking sexy is all."
Lexi's pov~
Someone tired to grab Ratner ass!! Omfg! That's hilarious! I can't believe someone like that sexy stuff tired to grab a gg's ass! No defense Rayne. We walked to call. We got there early so I deiced to grab Harry's number out of my bag and text him.
-phone conv-
'Hey Harry it's Lexi.'
'Oh hey Lexi. You know i use to have a best friend named Lexi.'
'Oh what's her last name?'
End if conv-
"OMG Rayne! He remembers me!" "Calm down! Stop jumping you'll break your heels they cost like 200!" "Oh big deal I was gonna go shopping with my mom when she comes home." "You are spoiled." "Never said I was."
-skips classes&lunch-
"Hey I gotta go Rayne I have a date/ friend talk with Harry after I call him when I get home." "Ahhhh! Ok. Bye" "bye babe."
-skips ride home-
Deep breaths Lexi you can do this. Why does only this boy make you go crazy? Ok just do it.
-calling Harry-
'Hello?' 'Hey Harry it's Lexi I was wondering if you would like to go some where like a date kind of thing but its ok if you don't want to!' 'Hahaha I'd love to.' 'Oh I'm sorry for wait you will?" 'Yeah of course.' 'When where?' 'Today at 7:30 nandos?' 'Ok' 'see you then.'
-end of call-
'AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I have up call Rayne and tell her!
-Calls Rayne-
'Rayne you'll never believe it!' 'Harry said yes.' 'Wow joy killer.' 'Oh I just guessing haha.' 'Well you guessed right AHHH!' 'OMG he said yes!' 'Duh!' 'Haha is your date today at 7:30 at nandos.' 'Nice.' 'Well I have to go get ready bye!'
-end of call-
-skips getting ready-
I'm wearing black skinny jeans and a red shirt that says "bite me." I got my red high heels on and went to my car. I rode to nandos and saw Harry sitting in the back. "Hey Harry." "Hi Lexi."
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