I want you to rock me

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Lexi is a slut. She sleeps with every guy that pays her.


5. Breaking up or another amazing date

Chapter 4

Lexi's pov~
I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock beeping. I got up and turned it off. I didn't feel like dressing dirty so I just put my baby blue skinny jeans on. I got my purple and blue striped bra on put on a gray tank top on. I curled my hair better and put a banish winter hat( which is the ones that hang off the back of your head.) I put my mascara on and did a smokey eye. After doing my makeup up I went downstairs and got some cereal. I ate it fast and brushed my teeth. I went on my phone and download one directions new album take me home. When I got in the car I played 'she's not afraid.' I got to school it all songs downloaded. I saw the Rayne waiting by the door where we usually go into school. I parked my car and walked over by Rayne. 'Hey today you actually don't look like you work at a strip club.' She laughed. 'Haha I know I was to tired to get all them tight clothes on.' 'So tell my about you and Harry! Did you tell him that you are his best friend from a few years ago?' My phone started to vibrate. 'Hold I got to answer this its Harry be right back.' 'Ok.'
Harry:hey Lexi i never got your last name.'
Me: oh it's ocean.'
Harry: Lexi ocean I know that name. OMG Lexi!?!'
Me: hi harry.'
Harry: well this is a bit awkward.'
Me:yeah. But you liked it I know harry.'
Harry: ok maybe a little now we need to catch up want to still go on that date?'
Me: I'd love to.'
Harry: ok see you then Lexi. Bye'
Me: bye.'
End of conv.
I walked back over by Rayne. 'Hey guess what.' 'What?' 'Harry knows.' 'Knows what?!?! 'That I was his best friend and that now he knows still offering a date with me to 'keep up.' 'Fun haha come on we imma be late.
Raynes pov~
I was waiting for Lexi to get off the phone with somebody than she told me she told Harry that she is her best friend blah blah blah blah. I got kinda jealous because no one likes me.... I'm just a gg that no body likes. We walked to class and listened to all the teachers boring rubbish. I almost feel asleep. What is happening to me? I never fell asleep in class. Maybe I should stop being friends with Lexi. I mean look at all the bad things she does. Before I met her I was to deep down in work and shy. She helped my come kids unshy I guess. But I'm not as shy as I was. I don't know if I should because she helped me thought a lot.
Lexi's pov~
I was looking at Rayne. She was falling asleep!?! There has to e something wrong she never fall asleep. I took my phone out and texted her.
Me: hey r u ok u r falling asleep?'
Rayne: I don't know I'm just bored.'
Me: u r bored?!! Is the whole coming to a end?! U always pay attention!'
End of conv-
I looked at Rayne she just shrugged and looked at the teacher. She must be thinking or doing something she never like this what is happening. We finally got to lunch. I didn't want to bring up the whole sleeping in class thing because she still looks like she is still thinking.
'Hey Rayne are you ok seriously you don't look to well and you have a fever.' I told me hand off if her head. 'I don't know honestly.' 'Ok babe we are taking you to the nurse.' 'Why?' 'Because you look like crap now grab your food and get up.' She did and we talked by the nurses office. I told her everything. She said she could be depressed but she has a cold it something. 'So can you write her a note to go home and ill drop her off and ill come back?' 'Uhm sure ill write you a late notice to.' 'Ok thanks bye.'
-got to my house-
'Hey Rayne are you feeling any better?' 'No.' 'Ok take some medicine.' 'Ill be back when school is over. Call me if you need me text me every 20-30 mins please ok bye love yah get better.' I got in my car and drove back to school. All I could think about is Rayne. A hour and thirty mins later school finally ended. I rushed home. When I got in a saw Rayne asleep on the couch. It was 3:30 so I decided to go get ready for my date with Harry. I took about a hour shower. I texted Harry asked if we were going anywhere special he said yes and to dress nice. I look in my closet and found a real dress that has tail kind of thing on the back hanging down farther than the front. I got my silver high heels out of my closet. I dried my hair and straighten it. It was about to my waist. I did my make up which is not a lot. I texted Harry my address and told him to pick me up. It was about 6:50 so I got a piece of paper and wrote on it "went on a date with Harry babe. Feel better soon<3"
I got tape and tape it to her forehead so she knows where it is. I waited about 20 mins when I heard a honk. I walked out out off my house and went by Harry's car. He opened the car door for me. 'Well thank you kind gentleman.' 'No problem ma'ma.' We both laughed. 'You got a nice house there.' 'Thanks I know you should totally see my walk in closet and where are we going?' 'To Nana.' 'Omg Harry you don't have to take me to the most romantic and most expensive.' 'Its the least I can do I have a lot of money and don't know how to use it.' 'Fine lets go.' We got there harry RSVP for us so we got a table really fast. We order out drinks and started to walk. 'You do know you look stunning in that dress.' Harry said. I blushed and smiled. 'You don't look to bad yourself.' When I smiled at him again I realized I have to get braces tomorrow. Oh well. 'So what would you prefer on this menu Lexi?' 'Uhm probably the steak its really good.' 'Ok than. Waiter we are ready.' 'What would you like?' 'To steak both medium rate right?' I nodded. 'Oh and ill have a side salad please.' 'Oh course.' We talked for a while when our food came we ate as talked some more about how we were over the past two years. He told me how he met the lads and how his mum misses me and stuff. I took him more about y life and stuff how my parents are never home and I'm not a virgin an some other stuff like how I met Rayne and I don't have a boyfriend etc. we split a ice cream. We both we feeding eating other. Face close to each other. 'Lexi will you have the honor of being my girlfriend?' He asked. 'Yes.' I said smiling. 'Lets make it official. We were both leaning in and.....
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