I want you to rock me

This is my first fanfic for Harry! I would rly like some fedback plz. Kik me at karbearcleve.xx.
Lexi is a slut. She sleeps with every guy that pays her.


4. A wonderful date

Chapter three
A wonderful date

Harry's pov~
I got text from a unknown number but it was the one and only Lexi haha the stripper! We talked for a while but she stopped replying I think he had school. But I doubt she stop texting because she is a bad ass like one of those people who doesn't give one fuck. I told Lou that she texted me and stuff he went crazy. Lou told me to invite her so he can get a free lap dance. I laughed really hard at that one. The boys and I went out and ate and shoppe and got modded by fans. It was about 3:30 the time we got back at our house. I was staring off into space when my phone was vibrating. I answered it.
-skips conv(u already know it)-
Yes! I have a date with her! "Lou!!!!!! Hurry coke down here!!!" "What my brother?!?" He was running down the stairs and then slips! I started cracking up. "OMG Lou you sure know how to make my mood a lot better." "Glad I can be your joker." "Guess what!" "What?" "I have a date!" "With who?!?" "Guess?" "That stripper?!" "Hell yeah!" "Nice bro nice!" "Haha dude you sounded American there." "Haha that's bad!" "Ok so when is the date and where?" "Well it is at 7:30 at nandos." "Haha lets go get you ready!" "Lou we have like 3 hours." "So you'll just sit there anyways." "True true lets go."
-skips getting ready and it's 7:20-
"Bye Lou!" "Bye hazz! Go get her and I mean both was!" "Oh god Lou okkkk." When I was in the car scream by usher came on. I started singing It. I got there and went in. They knew who I was so they let me sit in the back. I waited for about five mins then I was a stunning girl walk in. I looked at her up and down. She had a shirt ok that says "bite me" and black skinny jeans on and red high heels. From my point she looked stunning beautiful. I waved at her to let her know I'm over here. She walked by and sat in her seat. "Hey Harry." "Hi Lexi," I smirked. "So no long no see." She laughed. "Haha yeah." "So Lexi tell me about yourself."
Lexi's pov~
"Well what's there to tell? I'm 16 turning 17 on February 14, I have two jobs but no one knows my second job. My just job is at the strip club and my other job is a model. Sh no one knows that except me and you. I have two load parents that aren't home like ever. My favorite color is blue and purple. My favorite food is everything. I only weight about 85-90 pounds. And I think that's it." "Wow that's a lot." "Mhm now Harry tell me about yourself." "Well I'm in a band named one direction. I bet you already knew that. I am 18 . My birthday is February 1. My parents are divorced. My favorite color is green. My favorite food is tacos. I weight 150 lbs. and that's pretty much it." "One part you left out." "Oh what is that?" "You are sexy." "I know thanks for telling me again." "Anytime styles anytime." "OMG YOU ARE HARRY STYLES!" "Yeah now be quite love please." "Sorry, who the hell is this whore? You can do a lot better Harry." "Don't talk to her like that." "It's okay Harry I can handle myself I'm a big girl." I winked at him. "Read the shirt. That's right bite me. Now take our order or go away before I really get mad." "Fine miss bossy pants. What would you like Harry? Uhm coke please and you whore? Sprite bitch." I smiled at her. "Bitches these days god and I though the boys at my school where bad. I guess I was wrong." "Haha so I guess you can handle yourself?" "Yep I lived on my own for a long time. So I know how to handle myself." "Oh that's nice." "Here's your drinks what would you like to eat? Peri peri chicken half please and me to." "Ok ill be right back." I smelled my drink just incase she did something to it. "Harry does this smell funny to you?" I handed him my drink. "Yeah it does ill order another one be rift back." He said. "Ok." "Here." Thanks Harry." " no problem love."
-food gets here and we ate it-
"So harry I would like to see you again." "Me to." "How about Thursday at 7:00?" "That can work." "Ok thanks Harry bye." "Wait let me walk you out." "Haha ok." "Ok here's my car bye Harry." "Dang nice wheels." "Thanks Harry bye." "Bye love." When I got home I ran into the shower and got my pjs on and called Rayne.
'Omg how was it?!?' 'Amazing we are having another date Thursday.' 'Awesome!' 'Well I give you more details tomorrow I'm tired' 'ok bye baby' 'bye
-end of conv-
I fell asleep five mins after I talked to Rayne.
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