There He Is - Larry Stylinson AU

When Harry met his dream guy, his idol. The last thing he expected to only get 4 words said to him. since that day he can never listen to his music, see him on tv or even hear his name mentioned without feeling cheated and broken. Unable to escape him, he goes accompanied by his bestfriend to his uncles for the summer, and finds his uncle already has a guest staying...


3. Unison

Rather dissapointed with this one, mostly a filler though :)

Oh god. I wish (so, so wish) that I replied to that with something intelligent, witty and dam right awesome.

“Buuuuh... whaa-t?” I mumbled, snapping my mouth shut and screwing my face up in shame. I was struggling to process the words so apparently it was impossible for me to form my own.

With Liam’s eyebrows quirked up, my aunt’s silent laughter, and Louis apparently frozen ‘what was that’ expression I crossed my arms on the table before promptly shoving my head in them. My aunt’s laughter became audible and an unrecognisable chuckle joined in. Peering out of my arm cave, I saw Niall. Niall Horan.

Was he here the whole time? How did I not- I mean I? Oh shove it. He’s laughing at me anyway. If I had a list he’d be below Tomlinson. Actually. Yes, that’s what I need, a list.

Standing up, my mind set I walked out the kitchen. Skipping up the steps and reaching the second floor I turned to go down the hallway. Just to clarify, it wasn’t, like, little girls skipping. I meant missing steps, skipping a few to get up quicker. I have never skip-skipped up the stairs, I'm a dude.
I don’t skip.
Maybe once or twice I have skipped.

“Why were you happy-skipping up the stairs?”

“I was not skipping”

“You were. I know what skipping looks like, girls do it all the time”

“Liam. I was not skipping. Moving on, do you have any paper?”

“Were so, and yes why?”

“Gimmie it!”

Liam huffed and stalked into the room and dived his hands around his suitcase. Reluctantly giving me the paper he sat down next to me on my bed. Opening the bedside drawer I found a pen that I put it there when I was 6. The power ranger’s pen had served me well when I was six. Taking off the cap and putting pen to paper I wrote:

List of people I don’t like -
Louis Tomlinson
Niall Horan


“Are you seriously writing a list that is so childlike!”

Liam Payne


“Oh I see how it is Haz! Rude” Sticking my tongue out in response I struggled to add anyone else to my list.

“You going to tell me why you’re angry about one of the stars you loved are in your uncle’s house?”

“Yeah… I guess so” exhaling and turning round to face Liam, legs crossed on the bed spread “Remember when I got to see him for my birthday, the signing? Well he just, let me down I suppose. Only thing he said to me was ‘have a nice day’ and you can tell he didn’t mean it!”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me? I mean, I just thought since you’d met them your obsession just died down and you grew up...”

Looking down to my lap, I felt like I couldn’t tell Liam that I just didn’t really want anyone to know. I felt stupid about it affecting me so much and I just tried to block everything about Louis in any way possible.

“I didn’t want to say anything at first and then eventually, I just forgot about it I suppose. Like, I just didn’t see the point in telling anyone why I hate Louis Tomlinson”

“Hey, cheer up styles, I don’t care. Were still going to have a good summer alright?” Liam said rubbing my shoulder in a comforting way only Liam can provide. Nodding my head with a smile rising on my lips I leaned forward and grabbed Liam into a hug.

I went for a shower while Liam waited for me, we were going to go out into the woods I used to know so well and see if the tree swing was still useable.
When I entered the room with a towel round my head but fully clothed, Liam was texting. Shaking my head with a slight laugh I dropped the towel and went over to Liam.

Daffy duck
Mr Noble (our horrid P.E teacher)


“Ok, I get the rest, but why the hate on daffy duck?” I questioned while noticing Liam had scored his own name off the list.

“He terrified me as a child”

I burst out in fits of laughter as I realised Liam was serious. He playfully hit me a few times to shut me up before standing up to head outside.
As we bantered our way down the stairs we entered the living room to use the slide doors that led to the pool and the path that led to the woods.
Sitting on the sofa, was all of one direction. After being startled for a few minutes I decided just to walk through and continue on. Liam never thought of that. He seemed, star struck. I have never, ever seen Liam star struck. I found lots of amusement out of this.

“Zayn Malik is here”

“Not that far-fetched since Niall and Louis are here”

“But-but Zayn, Zayn is HERE”

This is the moment all three turned to us. Louis seemed to eye me up still clueless to why I acted so harsh towards him, Niall had this little put on his features like he didn’t even know he was doing it while Zayn. Zayn was just looking concerned at Liam.

“Eh? You ok?”

Liam turned into mush the moment Zayn spoke those words. Confusion on all the boys faces as I tried to control my laughter and Liam, poor Liam couldn’t seem to get words out.

“Aww, he looks like a puppy” Niall commented cheerily.

“A PUPPY!” I laughed in agreement. I cannot explain to you how funny Liam’s face is. Seriously I can’t breathe. Liam turned those puppy eyes to me and basically said ‘help me’ in every way but in actual words. Calming down I put my arm around Liam’s shoulders.

“So, you never told me you liked Zayn?” the teasing tone in my voice couldn’t be helped as I whispered in the boy’s ear.

“Shut up and move”

Liam stuttered to the side doors and walked through them. Trailing behind I laughed as Liam turned and scowled at me. i oculdnt see louis eyes follwing me, or hear the hushed whispers being said.

For the first time, I get to be the one teasing Liam about a crush. Challenge accepted.


Possible side romance?


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