There He Is - Larry Stylinson AU

When Harry met his dream guy, his idol. The last thing he expected to only get 4 words said to him. since that day he can never listen to his music, see him on tv or even hear his name mentioned without feeling cheated and broken. Unable to escape him, he goes accompanied by his bestfriend to his uncles for the summer, and finds his uncle already has a guest staying...


2. Lesson


Keep in mind im half asleep and rather abnormal before reading.


It’s been a few months since that day when Louis Tomlinson ruined my life. Not much has changed at home, apart from my room. Walls now bare, shelves half empty and everything was simplified for my convenience. Mum just thought I got over my faze and never really questioned it. Gemma did though. I refused to answer most of the time, I was sick one night and her voice was so annoying so I just yelled that I hate him. She stopped asking after that.

Placing the suitcase in the truck of the land rover my mother was forcing me to drive and turned to my mate Liam who was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Hazza, are you sure 4 pairs of socks are enough, I mean its 7 weeks! I’m taking 12 and I, well.. I ain’t lending you any”

“Geez Liam. Yes I'm sure, they're just socks, if I need any I’ll buy some there” climbing in the driver’s seat I put my seatbelt on and putting the car in drive. The drive took longer than expected. Liam had to call Uncle Sam and tell him how bad the traffic actually was. When we eventually arrived it was past 10pm and I was less than amused at the 4 hour turned 6 hour drive. It wasn’t just the stupid traffic that made that one of the worst drives ever, no it just so happened that Louis bloody Tomlinson was covering every radio station. That left me listening to Liam’s stupid music and the worst thing at all his stupid jokes. I love Liam dearly. But that boy cannot tell a joke. i had to sit through various telling’s of how the chicken crossed the road. After a while i decided that the chicken didn’t cross the road. I ran over that stupid chicken before reversing and running over him again.

“Can I talk now?” Liam asked grabbing his suitcase and passing me mine.


“I stopped telling jokes though”


“But... why not?”

“No” I replied after consideration.

“Harry are you being serious?”

“Yes, shut up”

After a loud and clearly faked sigh, Liam stayed quiet. I headed up the curved and massive stairs. I knew Uncle Sam was a main business man, but this place is kind of huge. After ringing the doorbell, Liam trotted up behind me looking like a kid on Halloween who didn’t get any candy.

“Harry dear!” my aunt Cassie grabbed my shoulders and squeezed the hell out of me. “I'm so glad you guys are safe, come inside quickly” she said while shoving me and Liam in. “oh, but be quiet your uncle informed me our other guests are sleeping”
“Other guests?”

“Shhh! Yes, turned up out of the blue, one of Sam’s clients or something related to his work. Charming lads, very cute. Not as cute as you gummy bear” literally like a ninja her fingers grabbed my cheeks and squished my face. Taking hold of her hands and removing them from my face I tried not to look as embarrassed as I felt, Liam didn’t disguise his reaction and laughed.

“Shut up Liam” I said while giving him a stern look.

“Gummy bear” Liam said in the midst of his laughter, although it had died down.

“Just, show me where my room is. Please”

Grabbing my hand and pulling me to the stairs Aunt Cass took me upstairs and to the third room on the left. Liam’s light chuckled followed and soon ended up right behind me as we entered the room we’d be staying in.
“Thanks, erm, I will see you tomorrow yeah? I'm going to bed”
“Of course dear, breakfast at 10” she kissed mine and Liam’s cheek before shuffling out and from my guess, going downstairs.
Jumping on the closest bed i started stripping off. Liam, thank god, just went over to the other bed and opened his suitcase. He put on his pyjamas while I was already cosy and comfy in the bed. When he climbed under his covers and seemed to have settled I felt a bit guilty of how I was acting.


“Night Li?”

After a slight chuckle Liam responded. “Goodnight Hazza, love you”

“Love you too. Thanks for coming with”

“Always a pleasure with you Haz, how can I not?” he answered rhetorically.

I woke up to the sound of Liam swearing. Pulling my head out from the crumpled duvet I saw Liam mumbling profanities and holding his elbow. Raising my eyebrow slightly I shrugged and got up, yanking on whatever clothes I felt like. Nothing impressive obviously, a white V-neck and some black skinny’s are always a favourite.


“Haz, can you see my hairbrush? I had it a second ago, bathroom? No, then where?” he went off talking to himself. I saw the simple black hairbrush half hidden under his pillow and gave my hair a quick brush through

“it’s here you idiot” I threw the brush at him and Liam went to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

“Hurry up Li, its 10, no matter how pleasant my aunt may seem, be a minute late and you’ll get the talking to of a lifetime” I waited for a couple of seconds before deciding to leave the boy behind, let him learn for himself. Heading towards the stairs I heard voices from downstairs. I couldn’t make out the words but I could tell my uncle and aunt were there, and another guy who had to be Irish.

“Whoa there” I felt arms circle around me as I realised they had saved me from falling down several stairs. Startled I muttered ‘thank you’ and the guy released me.
“Ha, your welcome couldn’t let a guy like you fall down the stairs”
A guy like me? What? Turning to face the man I felt my eyes widen.

“You’ve got to be fricken kidding me!”

Louis Tomlinson. What the hell is he doing in my uncle’s house? Saving me from falling down several hard-looking stairs and saying weird things? Louis looked slightly surprised at my exclamation before probably linking it to his fame.

“Yeah, hi I’m Loui-”

“No” I interrupted and stormed downstairs. Landing in the kitchen I faced my uncle with my face raging.

“Why the hell is HE here?” I half yelled at my uncle. Giving me a look of disbelief my uncle stood up.

“Louis and his friends are guests here, as well as you. I have no idea why your acting like this but I will not tolerate you yelling at me or my guests. You will sit down, eat your breakfast and when I get back from work you will explain yourself, not just to me, but to everyone” with that Sam left, leather bag and coat in hand.

Behind me Louis and Liam entered with confused expressions. I huffed and sat down in a random seat. Liam sat down beside me and whispered to me asking what was wrong. Shaking my head in reply I started on the bacon in front of me. After a few moments of silence I looked up to see Louis diagonally in front of me about to say something.

“Why couldn’t you let a guy like me fall down the stairs?” I asked my voice monotone.

“Well… I” Louis paused after seeing the look I gave him “a guy like you, who is to sexy and undeniably gorgeous to be harmed in anyway”


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