There He Is - Larry Stylinson AU

When Harry met his dream guy, his idol. The last thing he expected to only get 4 words said to him. since that day he can never listen to his music, see him on tv or even hear his name mentioned without feeling cheated and broken. Unable to escape him, he goes accompanied by his bestfriend to his uncles for the summer, and finds his uncle already has a guest staying...


6. Confession

“Harry? Eh Harry?” a voice spoke into Harry’s ear drawing him out if his sleep. The side of him dipping and curving from the person’s weight.

“What?” I grumbled back, trying to sneak back into my covers.

“Did you happen to, eh speak to Louis last night?”

“Y-yeah?” Harry sat up. Liam’s voice was too soft, too hesitant. Looking straight into the big brown eyes, while still having the slight blur from sleep in his he saw Liam’s eyebrows raise.

“What? Wait? Why are you looking at me like that? Li, Wh- what the fuck happened to our room?”

The room looked like someone gave it swimming lessons, but instead of water they used rose petals instead. Confused and flabbergasted, Harry saw that even the covers still on him had petals and that in Liam’s hand he held a note, a note that had a small, thin red ribbon tied around it. 

Wordlessly Liam handed Harry the note, and averted his eyes to assess the surrounding’s he had woken up to.

Grasping the note in his hands, Harry carefully removed the ribbon and lifted up the flap revealing the words encased inside. Slipping out the piece of paper Harry forced his hazy mind to focus on the words.

Harry, nothing delighted me more than seeing you sleep. I don’t care if that’s creepy because I now have the image in my mind that I want to wake up to forever. It has angelic features, chestnut curls and a presence that makes me warm inside. Hope you don’t hate roses. I’ll see you at breakfast, love Louis.

“I can’t decide if I'm worried he’s psychotic or if I’m slightly touched”

“Be both, he’s a tad crazy but you like the sentiment”

“But, Liam! I can’t like this, I can’t like him” Harry frustratingly yelled at his best friend before burying his face into his pillow leaving Liam to rub his back soothingly. 

“You won’t, not can’t. Hazza” he let out a small sigh “I understand you wanting to hate Louis, but you can’t hate him if you like him. I'm sorry”

Harry groaned into his pillow knowing he should listen to Liam. Liam always knows what’s right; he’d be lost without him. He’s going to have to suck up and let go of his grudge.  Thinking of Louis Harry felt a sliver of excitement go through him, like back at that signing when he had first saw him in person. It wasn’t as big as it was then, but it was enough.

Sitting up and willingly going into Liam’s open arms he nodded into his shoulder.

“Yeah, thanks Li” Harry gently said to Liam, a fond smile forming on both faces and a feeling of love for Liam was at the pool of Harry’s stomach.

They both got changed rather calmly, not rushing just chatting and stepping on petals. When they did eventually leave the bedroom after a lazy 20 minutes they realized the petals weren’t confined to their room. But the petals weren’t the only thing. All along the corridors were balloons saying ‘I'm Sorry’ ‘Forgive me’ and ‘Be mine’. Liam even found a personalised one that said ‘I can do subtle’. Liar.

As they reached the stairs, Harry felt like he should have stayed in bed. The whole lobby looked like cupid had been in charge of decorating it. Confetti, ribbons dangling from the ceiling, love heart balloons, love hearts stuck to the walls, love hearts on the door. Too many love hearts. He saw four envelopes identical to the one earlier; blue tacked and spaced out onto the wall that the stairs went down. Going down the first three steps, he picked up the first one and opened it.

I don’t know you Harry, but I will do everything I can in order too. Let me see the light in those green eyes of yours and know what it means, love Louis.

Wow. Harry was defiantly touched; He grabbed the second note, more eager than ever.

I cannot express enough just how good looking you are. But I don’t want you to think this is all because of how you look. Give me a chance? Love Louis.

Getting the third was a blur to Harry, in a rush to open it.  

I think you have gotten the message I'm sending, but just in case I want you to know I'm asking if you will let me take you on a date, it can be a movie, dinner or even a night on fifa. As long as your there it will be the most magical night of my life, love, a very-hopeful-Louis.  P.s can your fingers fall off from writing? They are killing me.

Harry laughed, happiness bubbling inside him. Reaching the final note, Harry opened it with a gleaming smile that he couldn’t force away.

Hey Harry! Zayn here! Louis doesn’t know we wrote this, but we thought why not? So Lou really likes you, we can tell from all the notes if his talking about you isn’t enough. I don’t think he even wrote this much in school. Oh, and can you tell Liam that he doesn’t have to avoid me? I was rather flattered and his attempted explanation was the cutest thing I’ve ever heard, thanks J

Not exactly as heart-warming and ego boosting but nice anyway.

“Harry! Let me read them! Please!” Liam begged his arms held out trying to grab them from Harry’s hands. He was basically on Harry, begging like a child fighting for the letters. When Harry managed to shove Liam off, he handed him the last note and placed the others in his jeans pocket and headed slowly to the kitchen. Liam followed a few seconds after, with a smile of his own and pink cheeks to match.

Aunt Cassie was sitting at the table, eating her English breakfast of sausages, bacon and baked beans. Beside her to the left was Zayn and the right was Niall.  The other seats were empty. To say Harry was disappointed was an understatement. He didn’t question anyone at the table, but he sat down next to Niall, and tucked in to his own breakfast that was waiting for him. Liam sat down next to Zayn, with his cheeks darkening and his smile grew. Zayn gave Liam a big smile and continued eating. Harry finished quickly, after mostly fiddling around with his food than eating. He placed the plate at the sink and headed out of the kitchen.

He didn’t feel like seeing anyone, he let his hope build and die. All the love hearts that made him smile because of the ridiculousness now made him want to bawl his eyes out and punch the door.  He ran up to his and Liam’s room, slamming the door and heading to flop pathetically onto his bed. Only Louis was laying a note with a red ribbon onto his pillow, and beside it was a single red rose.

“Harry?! You’re meant to be at breakfast” Louis pouted, with that accusing tone of a child.

“So are you!”

“Oh, well I was about to be, and I would have been a lot quicker if your bathroom wasn’t so slippery” Louis replied, a hand caressing his own elbow in remembrance. Harry felt exhausted. But happy, Louis didn’t trick him. Harry plonked himself down next to Louis.

“Well, since you’re here, you should open that envelope” Louis said gesturing toward his pillow. Harry picked up his fifth one of the morning and opened it. Instead of the simple paper, with black ink squirreled on it, He found two printed tickets, two tickets for Ed Sheeran’s gig tomorrow.

“I-I well, Ed’s a mate of mine and he invited me, Niall and Zayn to the show Niall told him we were in town, I phoned him up yesterday and asked for tickets for you and Liam” 

Louis hair was swooping down, his eyes were plain blue, his smile was slight but sweet and Harry couldn’t take it.

“Thank you, so much, for all of this. It’s stupid, outrageous and so damn brilliant and you made this morning a million times better and I still really don’t know why you’re putting in so much effort to get to know me”

“Do you need another note Styles? Because it will be typed my fingers are cramped”

They both laughed and smiled at each other. Felling silence creeping in Harry let his eyes connect with Louis. “Louis, I would love to go out with you” 

Louis filled with excitement that burst to the surface, his smile was massive and he stood up unable to stay still.

“YES! YES! Thank you so much Harry! You won’t regret this, I’m going to go put my plan into action, see you soon” Louis rushed out, practically bouncing out of the room, not before grabbing Harry’s cheeks and placing a kiss on his forehead.

Harry let out a stuttered laugh before lying back on his bed, feeling happier than ever. He stayed that way, content for a few minutes before his fingers were itching to read Louis’ notes over and over again.








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