Addicted to You

Kendra was the quiet girl at school. Zayn was the quiet boy. They were in the same math class, and Kendra crushed hard on Zayn for months. He became an addiction, and soon her dream became a nightmare.


2. Infatuation.

As soon as the bell rang at the end of class, I rushed downstairs to find Taylar. I couldn't see through the crowd of people so it took a while to find her, why did we both have to be so short?! I finally found her and I could barely get the amazing news out of my mouth. "There's an extremely cute guy in my math class!" I shouted, but quietly so that I wouldn't attract attention. He started walking towards us so I secretly pointed him out. "Holy shit Kendra, he's freaking gorgeous!" "Back off though he's mine! I saw him first" I said jokingly and we laughed. It was lunch time so we walked towards my car and drove to get something to eat. 

He was on my mind the rest of the day. I literally have never seen someone so attractive in my entire life. No celebrities were close to being as sexy as him. He had tattoos which were an extreme turn on. I guess you could call him the "bad boy" type just by his looks. I noticed he was really quiet though. I wanted to know him. I had to.

The next day in math class, I found myself staring at him the whole entire time. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. After the teacher finished her lesson, she handed us a worksheet. Shit. I wasn't paying attention, and I sure as hell didn't know anybody in this class to ask for help. Fuck. "This worksheet is going to be a quiz grade, it should be easy, everyone should get all of the questions right." Yea, okay. I got so annoyed. I got up to go to the bathroom, I needed to stall and figure out what to do. I couldn't start the semester off failing, I had to do something. After spending a few minutes in the bathroom, I still had no plan. I decided just to give up and go back to class. As I approached the door, it opened and there he was. Zayn and I's eyes met and I immediately looked away and blushed. I was beginning to become obsessed with him. I felt such a strong attraction to him.

A few weeks went by, and I began to notice that Zayn was really smart. He was getting the highest grades in the class. Whenever the teacher would call on him for an answer to a problem, he would answer correctly right away. Sexy, and smart? He couldn't be any more perfect. My infatuation only grew.


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