Imaginary Friend

Jessie thought she was normal, well at least partly normal. She used to know Niall Horan, and she begins to have dreams about him, of him telling her to come see him. She thinks it's crazy and impossible that he could be contacting her through the dreams. Niall on the other hand is drawn to see her again. He was beginning to think she was just an imaginary friend. Is she?


2. Thought You Were Just An Imaginary Friend

Niall's POV

Jessie. She seemed like just a dream. I was beginning to think she was one. I had her name in my phone, but no actual contact. I had her picture, but I'd lost it years ago. I had her name, but the memories had disappeared. Jessie? Who are you?

"You alright, mate?" Louis asked, patting me on the shoulder.

"Yeah... sort of... I hear this name in my head, but I don't know if it's a real person or not...And I've been having these dreams, about her... I think she's just an imaginary friend..."

"Oh," said Lou, "Maybe it's a sign... Like you're about to see her or something... I don't know Nialler. Just get ready for the show."

He walked away and I ran my hands through my hair. Who was this girl?


Sound-check was done and we headed backstage to get our 'business' taken care of before the show. We hurried and then rushed on stage to perform. We hit the show off with "Live While We're Young" and I looked down at the front row. And there she was. The girl from my dreams. She was staring at me, smiling. How the heck did I know her?

The concert ended so quickly and I rushed backstage to meet the VIP, which were the people on the front row. I searched for the girl, Jessie. And then I saw her braided ponytail, poking up above the crowd. I rushed to her with open arms. I hugged her, and she hugged back.

"Niall? Do you recognize me?" she asked.

"Sort of... I thought I was going crazy lately... I was dreaming about you, and I still don't know how I know you... I thought you were just an Imaginary Friend!!"

She laughed. Dang she had a cute laugh.

"I've been dreaming about you too..." she said awkwardly.

"You have?!?" I said excitedly, "What have you dreamt?"

"Umm... You asking for me... Saying that you needed me and that you didn't know if I was real or not..."

"Oh. How do we know each other?"

"Well, we were best friends back in primary school, when you moved away... I've missed you, and well, I guess fate wanted us back together."

Memories flooded back to me.


"Niall!!! Wait up!!!" Jessie yelled, chasing behind me.

I suddenly stopped and Jessie toppled onto me. We both started laughing super hard, and Jessie started snorting, which made me laugh even harder. We were about six years old and had been running to the ice cream shop. Jessie was wearing a fluffy pink skirt and a colourful t-shirt, which looked adorable on her. I was wearing a green polo and jean shorts. I still had my brown locks back then.

We got up and Jessie snatched my hand. I looked into her eyes and smiled. She had beautiful eyes. We ran to the ice cream shop and our mums were ordering us our favourites. Mine, chocolate ice cream, and Jessie's, mint chocolate chip.

We sat down at the tall counter and licked the ice cream, while listening to the old jukebox. Some Elvis Presley was playing and Jessie began to hop up and down in excitement.

"Niall? Can you dance with me?" she asked, handing the ice cream to her mum.

"Of course, Jess!" I replied, handing my mum mine.

I took her hands and we began dancing to "Jailhouse Rock". She knew all the old dances, such as the Charleston, she'd taught me too. She began dancing like they used to back in the 50s. Jessie lit up when she danced. She was amazing, and she loved it. And then everything came tumbling down. She tripped, with her hand still locked with mine, bringing me down with her. Our noses touched. I began smiling, and she blushed. I was going to kiss her, but I let her get up instead, and we went back to eating our ice cream.

--End of Flashback--

"I remember!!! Oh my gosh!! Boobear! Leeyum! DJ Malik! Haz! Come here!!!"

They rushed to my side, looking a bit scared.

"What's wrong Nialler?!?" Daddy Directioner asked.

"Meet Jessie. I knew her in primary school. Lou, this is the girl I thought was my Imaginary Friend."

She waved at the boys, and then smiled at me. I couldn't believe I thought she might've been just an imaginary friend...

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