Imaginary Friend

Jessie thought she was normal, well at least partly normal. She used to know Niall Horan, and she begins to have dreams about him, of him telling her to come see him. She thinks it's crazy and impossible that he could be contacting her through the dreams. Niall on the other hand is drawn to see her again. He was beginning to think she was just an imaginary friend. Is she?


1. The Dreams

Jessie's POV

"I need you. You're still there, right? You're more than just an Imaginary Friend, right?" Niall said.

Why would I be dreaming about him? And why would he need me? He's famous. He couldn't possibly need me. He doesn't think about me. He probably doesn't even remember me. I was a nothing. I was nobody. He only cared about his next album and his so-called 'girlfriend' that he's put with for publicity reasons.


I sat up real quick and took deep breaths. It was all a dream. I got out of bed and threw on a sleeveless blue blouse and short-shorts. I also slipped on my favourite pair of sandals, tossing my hair into a messy bun as I left the house to go over to my friend's house.

She lived right across the street and I quickly ran over to her house. I rushed to her room, which was right inside the hallway. It was the first door to the right. She was sitting at her desk on omegle, probably talking to some random guy that asked if she was single, and she said yes, which she wasn't.

"I had another dream, Lauren. About Niall."

"What was it about?!?!?" she asked excitedly.

"He was telling me he needed me. That he wasn't sure if I was still real anymore. He asked if I was just his imaginary friend," I explained.

"It means something, Jessie!! You need to see him!! He needs you!!" she proclaimed.

"He couldn't possibly need me, Lauren. He's famous! He doesn't need Jessie the nobody!!"

She gave me her evil stare. She was going to make me see him, even if I didn't want to. She then began digging through her stuff, until she found what she was looking for. She handed me tickets to the concert tonight and my mouth collapsed.

"How'd you--Lauren, I LOVE YOU!!!"

I jumped on her neck when I realized that we had to get ready for the concert. IMMEDIATELY. I jumped off of her and began pacing back and forth. What am I going to wear?!? How am I going to do my hair?!? How should I do my nails?!? What kind of poster should we make?!?

"Stop freaking out, Jess!! I have everything ready!! Here's your outfit," she said, handing me the most adorable Niall-like outfit ever.

It was a red polo and khaki skirt. It was perfect. Niall's been obsessed with polos since he was little... I remember him coming over to my house in his polos and me giggling, telling him that he was dressed so fancy to play with me. He would laugh with me and say that he didn't care because they were so comfortable.

I shook off the memories and got ready as quickly as possible, thinking about what the dreams possibly meant...

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