Imaginary Friend

Jessie thought she was normal, well at least partly normal. She used to know Niall Horan, and she begins to have dreams about him, of him telling her to come see him. She thinks it's crazy and impossible that he could be contacting her through the dreams. Niall on the other hand is drawn to see her again. He was beginning to think she was just an imaginary friend. Is she?


3. Now That I See You Face to Face...

Jessie's POV

Niall had recognized me! I couldn't believe it!! We were getting to know the boys and they were just like in all the magazines and video diaries. They loved to laugh and make jokes non-stop. Niall was so adorable... But I missed his brown hair.

"Do you wanna hang out with us some time?" Niall asked.

"Sure, I'm guessing You're gonna want my number," I said.

"Of course! Here's my phone!" He stated, handing me his phone.

I typed it in and handed it back to him. I handed him mine and he typed his and all the boys' in as well. I hugged him when he gave it back. I looked up into his crystal-blue eyes and butterflies overwhelmed me. I still felt the same way towards him years later. I liked him so much.

Niall's POV

With Jessie in my arms, it felt so right. I felt so amazing. She was beautiful. Just like when she was little. She was just ten times bigger. And had become more--er, developed. I wished that she could stay with me and that she could join us for the rest of the tour...but management would never allow that. Not with them setting me up with that...that...thing. That stupid girl Lindsay. I shook the thought away and enjoyed the moment, for I knew it wouldn't last much longer.

Now that I saw Jessie face to face, I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to forget her beautiful face... I didn't want to think she was my imaginary friend again. I didn't want to be away from her. I'd done that for half of my life, and I didn't want it to be that long again. Ever.

"You need to leave now, girls," said Paul.

I looked down at Jessie and she was giving me the cutest pouty face ever. I burst out in laughter. She hugged me a bit tighter and then released me from her grasp. She left with her friend, who had been flirting with Haz, and they both waved as they left. Just when they were out of ear-shot, I yelled, "I love you, Jess."

--------On the Tour Bus---------

"You okay, mate?" asked Harry.

"Um.... Not really..." I replied.

"Is it that Jessie girl?" he questioned.

"Yeah.... Is it obvious that I'm stressed and longing for her?"

"It's pretty obvious..."

"Ugh!" I complained, throwing my head into my hands.

Liam walked in and sat down beside me. He started rubbing my back in circles when my phone went off. I snatched it from my back pocket and it read:

From: Jessie <3 :)


Miss me yet?? ;P

I knew the answer to that question.


To: Jessie <3 :)

YES!!!!!! Miss you more than 1 minute without my food!!!

Liam peeked at my text. He smirked.

"You like that, Jessie, don't you leprechaun?"


My phone went off and my eyes scanned the screen.

From:Jessie <3 :)


Awwww :) I feel so special Nialler!!! I miss you too!!!! Vas happenin' ;P

I grinned. She was so adorable and funny. She was so perfect.


To:Jessie <3 :)

Sitting on the tour bus... bored to death... and thinking about you :)

I was thinking about  her non-stop. Her beautiful blue eyes, her gorgeous medium-length brown hair. Her adorable laugh. Her cute sense of style. And her amazing personality.

From:Jessie <3 :)


oh. I've gotta go Nialler!! Ttyl :)

My smile flipped upside down.

From: Me

To:Jessie <3 :)

Bye :) <3 Love you

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