Call It Love?

Camila was just an average 18 year old girl who had the amaZAYN passion for music. She just finished high school in London, so regular life, regular day right? Not for her, when she stumbles upon a cheeky British boy from a world famous boy band called One Direction. Harry Styles, yes I know it's every girls dream to just bump into him at Starbucks, but not for Camila. She could care less about him and his little band friends. But what will happen when girl meets world, or in other words, when girl meets love?


3. You Probably Don't Want To Go Back There

Harry's POV: When she came in she looked beautiful in my shirt and shorts. Her deep brown eyes just almost made me hypnotized, her perfectly loose curled brown hair bounced up and down. Then she walked closer...closer....and closer until I realized she was speaking to me. "Are you alright Harry?" "Uh yes yes I'm sorry, I just got a little lost in...umm... what were we talking about?" "Never mind that, so when do you think i could go back home?" She questioned. I couldn't just have her leave, I wanted to get to know her. She seemed so....different. Not like the other girls that always scream in my face. So I had to make up an excuse. " Well the paparazzi will be staying there all day waiting for you to come back, so I suggest you stay here for the night." I smiled, but she just stayed there with a questioning look. "Fine, I mean, I guess, but I get to go home tomorrow morning 9:00 am sharp!" She smiled after that which made me smile. So I lead her to the living room downstairs where the boys were. "Ok everyone! Camila will be staying here for the night!" "Yayyyyy!" all the boys said. "So what shall we do now Camila?" Zayn asked. "Watching movies are good, if you guys want..." "Perfect we will have a movie night!" I said.

Camila's POV: So I guess we were having a movie night! The boys weren't at all what they seemed to be. They were just normal boys who were like brothers to each other, it was cute. The first movie we watched was Toy Story, it was mainly for Liam's sake cause he wouldn't stop complaining about watching it! I sat all the way on the right side of the couch next to Harry. then next to him was Louis, then Zayn. On the individual couch was Niall, and Liam was on the floor sitting crisscross applesauce like a little kid. We all started laughing as we looked at his excited face to see Toy Story. Before the movie started Zayn went to the kitchen to make lots of popcorn. So we were on our third movie when I started to feel my eyes get heavy. It felt like it was around 10:00 and before I knew it, I was sound asleep. I felt some movement and someone kiss my forehead, but I was too tired to check who it was. I was woken up by someone slightly shaking me. I fluttered my eyes open to see Harry smiling "Good morning beautiful." I felt me cheeks get a bit red as I blushed and looked down. I saw that I wasn't in the couch where I remember being there last. "I carried you to the guest room after you went to sleep" Harry said. "Oh, thank you then, that's really sweet." I said as Harry smiled showing his dimples and blushing a little bit. I stretched my arms out, "There's some pancakes being made so you can have some breakfast downstairs." Harry then left the room and I readjusted to everything. I washed my face and mouth with some water just to freshen up a bit. Then I headed downstairs.       

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