Call It Love?

Camila was just an average 18 year old girl who had the amaZAYN passion for music. She just finished high school in London, so regular life, regular day right? Not for her, when she stumbles upon a cheeky British boy from a world famous boy band called One Direction. Harry Styles, yes I know it's every girls dream to just bump into him at Starbucks, but not for Camila. She could care less about him and his little band friends. But what will happen when girl meets world, or in other words, when girl meets love?


2. Getting to Know the Boys

     So we walk into the huge house, and I practically almost dropped down  on my knees. I had walked in to a beautiful white marble floor and a clean off white wall that had small marble detail on the brim. When you first walk in, you see a huge most marvelous crystal chandelier! So Harry leads me to the, I guess would be the living room when I see four boys all gathered on the couch watching a movie. Immediately, a boy with screams out "GIRL!!" and all of the boys shoot up from the couch and run towards me! Harry goes in front of me trying to protect me from the boys that acted like they have never seen a female before. "Guys guys! Calm yourselves you'll scare her away" Harry said with a smirk on his face. "Ok everyone this is....I actually wasn't able to get your name." "Oh, my name in Camila, Camila Fields." I replied. " Ok then Camila, this is Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn! We together are One Direct" "I already know who you are, my little sister has a complete obsession over you guys." They all smiled then greeted me. One of them which I guess was Liam said "Do I smell coffee?" "Oh yes, I accidentally spilled some coffee    allover here, so that's why I brought her here!" "Oh suuurrreee!" Louis said doing a little nodding circular thing with his head. He seemed to have special bromance with Harry, oh what a special child. I laughed to myself thinking of the thought. "Camila is everything alright?" Harry asked. "Oh umm yes I just am a little cold that's all.." "Oh right, umm lets go to the loo, this way please." Harry smiled at himself. So we get inside the loo and he grabs some napkins and soap to trying to get rid of the coffe, but it was no use. "Here come with me." Harry lead me to seemed to be his room, it was quite messy. He gave me one of his t-shirts, and some basket ball shorts to change in. "Thank you." I said as i closed the bathroom door behind me to change. My skin actually didn't smell like coffee but my clothes reeked of it! So i walked out of the bathroom and headed towards Harrys room. I heard him talking with I think Louis. "I feel bad about spilling all that coffee, on her." "Ah don't worry mate." "But I really do like her. She has the most beautiful deep brown hazel eyes." "OOOOO HARRY HAS A CRUSH!!!" Louis yelled. "Shhh She should be coming out of the bathroom any minute." I knocked on the door slightly and then I saw Harry opened the door. "Oh hi Camila!" "Well I guess I will just leave you two lovebirds alone!" Louis overly exaggerated sighed with a smirk on his face and walked out of the room, leaving me and Harry together alone.   

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