Love Down the Street

Harry moves in next door and protects his best friend and neighbor but will his friendship turn into something more and will she let them become more than friends?


1. New neighbor

  It was a hot summer when one of my neighbors moved out of their house. I was so happy they did because they were mean old people. They lived straight across the street from me. Sometimes I swore they were staring at me through the windows.I was just happy it wasn't one of my friends who moved out. My friends and I are really close, we always hang out together and we all live on the same street. So when we heard that there was a new house for sale, we got excited. We didn't know who it was going to be. We hoped it would be this cool person but we were also scared that it was going to be an old creeper. 

  We hadn't heard of anyone buying the house until one day during the summer. We all stared out my window watching to see who it was. We saw a big moving van parked in the street and someone carrying something big. It was a boy probably my age 17 or even 18. He was clearly struggling with whatever he was carrying. 

"Should we go help him?" I asked my friend

"No he's fine" She replied

He was fine he moved into his new house and we didn't see him for the rest of the day. The next morning I heard a knock at my door. I got up from watching TV and answered the door. It was the new neighbor, and he was very cute.

"Hello?" I said in confusion

"Hi," He said back to me

"Can I help you?" I asked him

"Oh yeah, my mum told me to introduce myself to all of the new neighbors so...Hi i'm Harry" He said

"Hi i'm Loran" I said back 

"Well I better go" He said

"Yeah" I said

"Well maybe we could get together sometime?" He said

"Sure I'd like that" I said and with that he was gone.

  I called up my friends and told them to come over. Lindsey, Kennedy, Emma, and Alyssa were my best friends and they all lived on my street. 

"Did you meet the new neighbor kid Loran?" Alyssa asked me

"Yeah" I said

"DO YOU KNOW WHO HE IS!!!" Kennedy screamed at us( Kennedy is a HUGE One Direction fan, but Niall is her favorite not Harry)

"HE'S HARRY FROM ONE DIRECTION!!!" She screamed again

"Cool" I said

"I know! So I invited him to dinner tonight" Kennedy said with a little smile appearing on her face.

"Why did you do that?!" Lindsey asked Kennedy

"Cause he's HARRY from ONE DIRECTION!" Kennedy said back

"Wow Kennedy calm down" Emma said

We were going to have him over for dinner at Kennedy's house that night. When he came over it was really awkward and Kennedy couldn't stop having a HUGE smile on her face the whole time. When it was all over we were all good friends.

  A few months later we were best friends. Harry and all of us went to the same school too. That was the only good thing about school. School was horrible, our school still had whips that you would use to whip a kid if you got out of line. Harry always got in trouble but sometimes he dragged me down with him. We walked into class and Harry wouldn't stop talking to me. I told him to shut up and apparently the teacher heard me.

"Loran did you say something?" The teacher said angrily at me and just my luck it was the worst teacher of them all too. She was old and always mean. She always wore old tacky clothes that never matched and she used the whip everyday on a kid. ( the whips' a belt) 

"N,n,no I said looking at my desk.

"Yes you did now go in the hallway, you too Harry" She said

When we walked out the door I looked at Harry with shear terror in my eyes. Harry could since it too. He was used to the pain now, he had bruises up and down his back. She made us go into the gym and had us stand by a wall. She then began with Harry. She whipped him hard 5 times. Harry had his eyes shut and back turned to me. It was my turn.

"TURN AROUND!" The teacher said

"Ok" was all I could get out. I turned and looked at Harry. He grabbed my hand, but just then we both felt a sharp pain through our hands. The teacher whipped our hands.

"No holding hand!" she yelled at us

When the first whip hit, it felt like a knife went through my back. She raised her arm that was holding the whip to strike me again, but nothing touched me. I heard a large crack and I looked up and Harry was protecting me from it. He just got whipped in the face, a long red line went down his face. The teacher pulled Harry aside to a different room with no one in it and began to whip him.

"Don't come in here unless you want to get beaten more" she said to me

I didn't care about getting hurt anymore all I cared about was Harry. I barged into the room and took a whip to the throat. Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the disgusting teacher before she could hit us again. We didn't care about getting in trouble from the teacher anymore. We went to the office and when the secretary saw us she said we could go. Harry and I got into his car and drove home. In the car I began to cry, then he looked me in the eyes and said " Don't worry I'll never let anything happen to you" 

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