My Melbourne Sweet Heart


Ellie and Eleanor (NOT Eleanor Calder!!!) are on a plane to pick up their cousin Sara at the airport in Darwin, Australia for her to stay with them for a while but what happens when they get on a flight that has Beau, Jai and Luke Brooks on the flight while Beau is doing a dare (Sing on a plane Dare or Dare 2)
When they land they keep seeing Luke and Beau around the town of Melbourne is it fate or is it coincidence?
Luke and Beau take an immediate interest in the sisters, but then again you can't have whats not yours.


2. Crazy Day At The Mall

-Ellie's POV-

We walked off the train and went to the mall.
"I forgot how big it was!" Sara said
"That's what she said" I said
"Oh your disgusting" she says to me
I laugh
"Lets shop!" I say as we walk towards Victoria's Secret.


We were sitting having a meal I let my eyes scan the tables when my eyes stopped at him, shock rolled through me... It was Beau and one of the twins filming he starts to rub his arms together he gets up and sticks his tongue out and the tip of his tongue touches the old man's cartlidge I cover my mouth and find myself laughing
"What?" Eleanor says
"It's Beau" I said pointing he goes back behind the old man and licks his ear again Eleanor laughs
"What's he doing?" Sara asks
"Probably another dare" Eleanor says
"Ok you guys have a lot of explaining to do" Sara says
"Oh look there's Luke" Eleanor says I see Luke turn off the camera, he's wearing a red snap back beak facing backwards a plaid button up shirt open and a grey shirt under with black supras
He gets up from the table he glances my way I quickly look away

-Sara's POV-

The guys Eleanor and Ellie had showed me at the airport were here Luke and Beau I believe, Luke stood up he glanced at Ellie who looked away his brows knitted in confusion then they walked through the tables he looked back and saw me looking at him I smiled and he turned back, I don't know why Ellie was looking away he was hot. I turned to her
"Why did you look away?" I ask
"I have a boyfriend" she says
"Who?" I ask
"Bentley" Eleanor says

-Ellie's POV-

"You mean dirt bag Bentley?" She asks
"Don't talk about him like that" I said
"Yeah Sara that's a slippery slope" Eleanor says
"Can we just go home now?" I ask
"No I have to do more shopping" El says
I sigh
"Make it quick" I say as we go into the elevator and go up into more stores I was looking at some clothes near the exit of a store when Luke and Beau came running in a security guard tailing them he went after Luke, A feeling of I don't want him to get caught went through me. Luke was deeking him behind a set up and booked it out of the store followed by Beau as they yelled going down the hall
"Can we go home now?" I asked
"Jeez fine" Eleanor says as she goes to the check out, I felt like I was betraying Bentley I quickly called him
"Hello?" The sound of his voice was amazing
"Hy Babe" I said happily
"Hey Baby whats up?" He says
"Nothing you?" I said
"Nothing just watching some shows" he says
"Cool, so I miss you let's hang out soon" I said
"I'll take a look at the schedule and see if I'm free" he says
"Ok love you" I said
"Love you too" he says, I hang up and breath out, I keep hearing Bentley and Luke's voices in my head
I didn't even know Luke and he made me feel like I was flying everytime I saw him.

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